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  1. cant believe no one in the market for a set of ................. you know, speakers.
  2. The riser just raises it up 3/4 of an inch. I like it personally.
  3. I don't have all the sound equipment I used to. All my cool measuring equipment is gone now. So all I could do is give my opinion of what I think my ear is hearing which doesn't mean much these days.
  4. I have them but I also have a woofer that someone sent me that I am putting as I type this and fixing to listen in about 10 minutes. I think they are gonna be awesome. Then i'll ask him if he wants me to post that thread...."Replacement heavy hitter for Jubilee"
  5. plus I like to road trip it so im up for a drive.
  6. Added 3/4 riser. Also the new woofers arrived and getting ready to try them out!!!
  7. Grill covers or not? both look good
  8. Cant wait till forum member's woofers arrive and I can install them and see how they sound in these "heavy items"
  9. is it just the pic or did he really paint the veneer? I emailed him for a pic of the sticker so we can see what they are.
  10. If I don't sell them I might just build a top hat for them and make it a complete 2 or 3 way speaker
  11. These "speakers" were built by me on a set of plans from another member. They are built properly and are solid. As you can see they are veneered zebrawood. They are available with or without grill covers. I am located in Oklahoma and will drive up to 400 miles ish.... just buy my fuel. I might drive further, just ask. They are 1600 without drivers or 2000 with Crites' woofer. A "friend" is sending me some woofers to try as they may be home run hitters.
  12. serial number 75073383 It seems that they didn't keep up with the filings for the continued use claims, but it at least was there. It was at one point you are correct.
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