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  1. I have found that pool noodles work better than pipe foam for sealing into corners. Pipe foam eventually compresses and leaves a gap. I also use the type A network with Bobs can type or parts express capacitors. You might look into the ones recommended by Klipsch from JEM also. Check all connections on crossover...make sure all are correct polarity also. Welcome to forum.
  2. Buy the AK-6 and run home with them. I have heard both and make sure you still seal them into the corners no matter what some people say. Dont do what youtuber audio police did he is and idiot. He still has his in a bad set up and still complaining. You just cant fix stupid huh???
  3. I have tested those CAN type caps. before with my cheap meter. The UF were off on all of them. If the UF is off the sound will be off ,,,right???
  4. I used woodworker supply.......They have the regular contact cement kind and also the iron on type. I have used both and both work good. Im buying hickory veneer from amazon currently for my kitchen cabs. im veneering. To trim excess i have found that using razor blade knife and scoring it from back side works best. Sometimes if you try to cut it it follows the grain and takes to much off. Get a package of those wooden skewers from grocery store to lay down. So you can lay the veneer on them and pull one out at time to use roller to press veneer down.
  5. Something is wrong....phase.....woofer....room.....amp. I would get a 70s reciever and hook up see if it is still the same.
  6. I dont think they were stained. Looks factory stain just like mine did. I would just put some screws in the side panels and counter sink them then veneer them. That will stop the flex of the side panels I know cause I did it.
  7. The only thing is the port in the back so need to have breathing room. Contrary to putting into corners as Paul would say I guess. I got series 1 and they sound awesome cant imagine them being better but I would hope they are. I just cant get past the price though...lol Welcome though glad you got some.
  8. ricktate

    New to forum

    Welcome.....what you got in your system?
  9. If those were close they would be mine......Always wanted a pair of these or the same ones with the metal corners.
  10. That slot looks to big to me and you dont have to worry about the woofer hitting the panel. I made a plexiglass cover for my K Horns to show someone that the woofer hardly moves. Even at pretty loud volumes it was moving maybe 1/8 of an inch...lol In fact the plexiglass Khorn in hope has little ruler mounted on it just to show that very thing.
  11. You should contact Andy he has built many of these.. I also dont agree with bracing since when i put screws and veneer on the side of mine you cant budge the side panels at all. Before i did that i could flex them easily. You might be to far along to contact Andy now. I cant believe he didn't chime in here and give you some tips. He can probably build LaScalas with out plans at all...lol.
  12. I think the K77 will not go that low, You will have to get the tweeter from Bob.
  13. You can get that transformer from Bob. Autotransformers | Critesspeakers.com
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