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  1. With that curved grill moldings I do not think from 70s ....80s or later.....you got pic of serial # that will tell for sure. But they do look nice.....you will love them. The reason I'm pretty sure of the year I got mine in 1980 and then they came out with the better looking trim and I was kinda mad about it...lol The earlier ones just had screen door type trim but the owner could have redone those like I did mine.
  2. That's them thanks....never crossed my mind to just look on ebay..lol...Probably order those.
  3. Derrick my son has some Forte I and one of the little rubber grommets that holds the grill on is missing. Has anyone had any luck finding these ?? I have not looked yet but thought I would throw this out to see. They look like something I have seen somewhere before but cant figure it out. I will see if he can post picture of it. Thanks for any help.
  4. I saw a pair of Klipsch Forte's I think on Ask This Old House Show . The segment was about zone control registers in a house. COOL
  5. Well my vote is for a cornwall new or older model . Since in a game room and might get rough treatment I would opt for used older one. They are both over my head new in price.
  6. That info is on forum somewhere.....but make sure you unhook the wires from crossover. Just put pillow n front of mid horn and listen to tweeter if its working its probably good. Just looked on Bob Crites it says around 6 ohms.
  7. The seal on woofer door is bad or seal on woofer is bad I bet. I would also loosen and re-tighten all the connections on the crossover and update the caps. Also check the terminal connection going into the dog house. I replaced mine with better ones. Could be wrong woofer in them also easy to check.
  8. Well thanks for the information. I'm not real sure on what to try now. When I first got that thick monoprice cable I thought wow they got this stuff covered. Not so sure now.... I guess I could use it for tow rope if I have to...lol I did order some of those flexible elbow joints and with them on the cable nothing works at all. That was another waste of money. Going to have to do some research on cables or try dvd player next to avr. Seems kind of silly to me if you cant have the avr in another room what's the point of ''home theater''. Just glad I didn't spend 1200 bucks on the avr I would really be pissed.
  9. No there the regular about 1/2 inch thick ones. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10240&cs_id=1024017&p_id=15646&seq=1&format=2 Will try https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=102&cp_id=10255&cs_id=1025507&p_id=9171&seq=1&format=2 next has anyone used these?
  10. I got an Integra avr and its 40 feet from TV and DVD player. It has been working fine till last week. Now it gets glitches in video. Tech guy from Onkyo says cables to long. Has anyone been able to solve this problem or have any ideas. He said 40 to Avr and back is 80 feet and signal is weak. Why did it work for a month? The cables are from Monoprice heavy duty cable. I got one new cable and still no luck. Don't really want to move AVR to living room....might try to move DVD player next to AVR next. Thanks for any ideas.
  11. Looks like you don't need those stinking wings....lol.
  12. Is it just the pic or is the right speaker grill cloth loose? I still don't think Bi-wiring from just one amp does anything. But I do LOVE your set up sweeeeeeet.
  13. Under replacement cost insurance shouldn't you get new ones????
  14. If original there is no seal but I think there should be . I have sealed mine as others here have. I also reinforced the back panel on the inside by adding a layer of ply wood to it. Just a little smaller so it still fits into the cabinet. Probably should refresh the capacitors also. I wish I could find a pair at goodwill...how much did you get these babies for?