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  1. Did Klipsch use fluid in tweeters ever??? Never seen one. I think you need rebuild kit for crossovers from Crites. Then put dyna mat on the mid horn. Make sure all screws on horn are tight.
  2. For your next upgrade you should call Cory https://www.paducahhometheater.com/ and look at Accessories 4 less for your AVR.
  3. Looks like the R and L speaker will still interfere with picture to me....would have been cheaper all around just to hang a good screen up in front I think.
  4. I think off centered horn woud drive me crazy....But its his place.
  5. Due to price of new ones I think you should ask more money for them. I say do not take less than 1500 for them they sound like they are worth every penny.
  6. I think they are over priced I would buy used older ones my self.....for less money you can get used LaScala and be even better.
  7. Call Cory before you buy.....https://www.paducahhometheater.com/
  8. No I just screwed at the joints then put a veneer over the original wood. I think I put 3 screws in each joint so that was 9 per side. But it did really work. . Mine do not move at all with out a lot of force to the sides now. I think I used 1 inch dry wall screws then filled holes and veneered. It was a while ago wish I had taken pictures. Pic of veneered front panel
  9. Those seals are worn out bet on it......thats why all that lint is stuck on there. That front and rear seal wears out on top and then leaves a gap on bottom of drum you cant see. Also need to lube all those wheel bearings and the belt bearing i bet its turning slower than it should.
  10. Hey MOOKIE....I dont think you need to do all that work to stiffen sides up. I just put screws in the side panels I think it was 6 on each side then veneered the outside of the panel. Before I did this I could flex the panels easily with one hand on each side....I wish i would have video of it.... after I cant make them move even using my Knee and both hands on the other side. Seems lie a lot of work for the look of thicker sides to me but hey they do look pretty good.
  11. You never said how old this dryer is I dont think. I have rebuilt these a lot and I think your problem is drum seals. The seals go bad and the air is sucked in around the drum instead of through the heating element. The seals are pretty cheap and easy to replace, I kept one old whirlpool dryer going for over 18 years. The only reason to replace one is when motor goes out then its to costly to fix. Another reason is the bearings the drum rides on will slow the drum down so much the fan has no power to suck air. But I think you said it blows out the hose good. Which is even more reason to look at those seals. When seals go bad a lot more air pressure goes out the exhaust hose because of the air is bypassing the filter and heater.
  12. Those are a good deal....chip is easy fix wont be perfect but fixable.
  13. Or this one, https://www.paducahhometheater.com/products/parasound-a23
  14. https://www.paducahhometheater.com/products/parasound-hint6 brand new and better.
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