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  1. ILI Buy some deoxit and clean all the pots ...clean them twice once then operate the controls back and forth. Then next day clean them again junk loosens up and causes problems. Then get some furniture grippers for those sweet Heresy's i see they are on hard wood floor. Oh and get that turntable off the speaker,,,lol. I had a HK630 that didnt work right I cleaned all pots still didnt work right. Guy bought it from me called me said it works great....I asked him what did he do to it.....he said I sprayed the hell out of whole thing with a can of deoxit. The board and everything lol. I told him if he ever wanted to get rid of it call me back. Funny I had thought about doing just that but didnt have a can of deoxit at the time. Dam it...lol
  2. Last time I looked you could ask anything you wanted for your own stuff. The new prices are crazy so sooner or later the used ones will follow that trend. Use to be able to get HK 430 receivers for 80 to 140 now your gonna pay 300 for a good one. He can always come down if he wishes to but he cant go up if he gets a lot of people all of a sudden. If you dont like the price dont buy them... simple right???
  3. Loosen and retighten all the connections on the buss bar. If they are sitting on smooth hard surface use furniture gripers on the bottom. I would recommend Crites kit for update on crossovers. I dont think Cornwall 1s had removable grills so that may have been updated. The woofers may not match but are ok. Make sure all drivers work by putting towel in mid horn to hear tweeters and cover tweeters to make sure mid driver works. Replace gasket on back panel if it looks bad.
  4. Did you order from Cory??? I dont think your sub will keep up with K-horns dont need it anyway.
  6. Well Eon is working on getting there. His brother has been working on a food supply system that seems like it will work. I forget what his brother calls it but it looks promising for earth also. With battery day the other day the big 3 are dead they just dont know it. Kind of like when Elon and Kimbal went to yellow pages office to help them get online in the 90s i think. The guy there threw down a yellow pages and said. '' your going to replace this???'' Kimbal told the guy your already dead you just dont know it. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=elons+musks+brother&docid=608043468125964614&mid=BA0AF332710D2C69775BBA0AF332710D2C69775B&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  7. Mathews.....Always loved the Belle look on Scalas. How you been have not seen you on much ...but I dont get on here as much as I use to eithier.
  8. I think fair price considering how much new ones are. With ALKs and original crossovers included more than fair. I would never sell mine but if I did I would have to have more than 3000 for them.
  9. Call Cory he carries Parasound and AVRs in addition to Klipsch speakers.
  10. I would wait till you can just make 2 separate systems. But to get much difference you have to spend a lot more money cause I think your current system is pretty good. I guess your AVR now wont let you run just 2 channel for music???? My Integra is set up to switch to stereo on all my music like turntable...radio...CD..etc.
  11. I would just build new type As with caps from BOB. Take them diodes OUT ........More simple more better...lol
  12. I think he has to special order those not sure just call him.
  13. Tighten the screws holding horn to motor board......go back to 8 ohm setting on amp.....check polarity again.....seal into corners.....check washer on mid horn I used an O-ring on mine..... get different amp if it still sounds wrong to you. If your close to one of us im sure we could bring over a HK430 ...dynaco st70 or something to try. Im from KCMO area.
  14. I would recommend going to 4500hz crites mod with crites tweets......or just going with type A crossovers if you want to keep it cheaper and simple. I have done the 4500HZ mod on my K-horns and just went with type A on my Scalas. You going to do the mods yourself??? Or have Crites build them for you??? Type A crossover is simple to build. My Type A is not pretty but works perfect. I did change the Inductor on my Khorns on the 4500HZ mod.
  15. Did Klipsch use fluid in tweeters ever??? Never seen one. I think you need rebuild kit for crossovers from Crites. Then put dyna mat on the mid horn. Make sure all screws on horn are tight.
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