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  1. Klipsch turntable?

    You should take a look at U-turn tables.....i thought pro-ject was good but now not so sure.
  2. need suggestion stereo receiver for rf82

    Well really need a little more information. What you want to spend ...what are your goals stay 2channel or go avr?? But you cant go wrong with HK430.730.930.........Emotiva has good separates.....I got a Integra AVR from accessories4less comes with 2 year warranty. If you get receiver with pre-outs you can add more power with a better amp later. A lot of choices depending on what you want to end up with.
  3. Maybe apples and oranges but it still affects people when they are treated like they don't matter. If that was a work conference that's a little different. But I have seen it in all the jobs I have worked and it affects production and quality. I guarantee a factory where everyone is treated fairly will have better production and quality. Your right executive management couldn't do the real [factory] work where I worked. One even tried it after I pointed out undercover boss show to him. He lasted about 4 hours of a 12 hour shift....then went to sit down in his office. The only ones in the office that could do the production work were the ones who started out on the production floor. They had a lot more respect for the production workers also. I often wonder when a company fails what part was managements fault of not treating employees right.
  4. Well recently I saw a picture where management took sales and office people on a get away . Maybe they should have spent that money on some raises or on the factory people huh. I worked in factory all my life and believe me, we [workers] find out about the special trips and bonuses. Does nothing but cause problems so why do it? I would demand a refund and go find a better deal if the dealer does not work with you. I think you could get a better deal from a different dealer. Message me if you want more information. Don't get me wrong I love the brand own several products but if I bought those and paid that price I would be made as hell. Not a good way to keep customers. Hey management......If you cant do something for everyone don't do it.
  5. RF 7 II/RF 7 III/Forte III

    If going to be 2 channel only I would say Fortes. But I think they are pretty high priced you could always buy Forte ll that would save some money for better electronics. But if you really want the loud part you have to go LaScalas...lol
  6. In desperate need of help.

    Accessories 4 less is good place to look.
  7. Cleaning metal horns

    What color are going to go with??
  8. Cleaning metal horns

    I cleaned my Scala horns and used emery cloth to smooth the seams. The used rustoleum black enamel to paint them and they look awesome. For the throat I used a dowel rod to sand it.
  9. DIY La Scala Idea

    I think Andy already posted about this . But if you use 1 inch on the dog house it will throw everything out of spec. On my 1980 Scalas when I added cherry veneer to the out side they got considerably stiffer than they were. If someone could make video of them flexing a stock side wall I can make a video of mine so we could compare them. I wished I had documented this before I veneered them. I do remember it did not take much effort to make the side wall flex. But now if flexes very little with great effort so it is better.
  10. Crackling coming from the tweeter

    Sounds more like the jumpers are loose to me. I have seen to many to count that were loose. But since your bi-amping I guess it could be tweeter. Switch the wires r to l and see if it stays with same speaker. In my opinion your not gaining one thing with bi-amp but making it more prone to problems.
  11. Birch LaScala's

    I agree with Moray those are not raw birch. But no sticker on the back points to refinished at least.
  12. They got them in the wrong corners...lol
  13. You will need a AVR with phono and that is rare. I got a refurbished integra from accessories 4 less at awesome price. Not sure why you bought 3 unless its a large room. But for that serious stereo listening your turntable is going to be critical purchase also. I thought they only made Forte iii in matched pairs???
  14. New to Forum

    I will bet they are out of spec. if original they have oil caps in them.
  15. New to Forum

    Hey welcome....you will need to re-cap them. I also re-enforced the back panel on mine from the inside and also put some foam seal tape around it to seal it better. Also loosen and retighten all the crossover connections. I made some new grills for mine to change the color to what AR and Advent use to use. I like the look I plan to get some BS buttons and putting on those grills..lol That button on there now was given to me by Paul himself.... l