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  1. Cory has some you can listen to he is in Kentucky area. Klipsch page on FB. He also did a review on them. I think all the prices are to high but it raises my old stuff up in price. There is a pair of Ks on craigs now he wants 12,000 lol he did have them at 18,000.lol. . Probably wont get that but he can try. I bet sales are down since price hike so not sure if that was good idea. The parent company is losing money on everything but Klipsch so they trying to make more money. Cornwall 4 I would wait till used ones pop up and then buy them if I was looking.
  2. Pipe foam for seal into corner.....vertical and horizontal. Mid range washer....I used an O-ring on mine. I changed caps and woofer inductor made a type A with crites 4500 hz mod and his tweeter. Probably should check bass bin air tightness....not easy but it can be done . I found leaks in my 1972s due to old glue cracking probably. Since you got hard smooth floor you should get furniture grippers also.....learned that one from HDBR [ Andy].
  3. Well I veneered the outside of mine and before I put the veneer on I put some screws in the joints also. That eliminated all fluctuation of side walls. Before I cloud make side walls move with just my hands. Now I can put knee and both hands on other side and not hardly make them move. Wished I had video it but I didn't. I can video the way they are now if someone wants video a stock pair flexing. I know before they flexed pretty easily mine are from 1980.
  4. Just order parts from Bob Crites and rebuild them yourself pretty easy to do. Bob has some videos on his page also.
  5. Did you get it working right yet ??? Pictures would help us help you better I think.
  6. You should still plan to refresh the caps in the crossovers if not already done. Can you post pic of crossovers?
  7. Just loosen and retighten all the connections on the crossover. Check that the mid driver is screwed tight to horn. Might even get some new gaskets for them from Bob or you can use O-rings like did. Then if you still have a sound problem switch the right- left cables to make sure its not the source material thats causing it. Next would be changing out the caps on the crossover before you do anything to the driver. Those mid drivers are tough I still use the ones from my 1972 K-horns.
  8. Well when I re-veneered mine I put a few screws in the side panels and then veneered. Before I could move side walls very easily with just my hands. Where now I can put my knee on one side and both hands on the other and cant even budge it. So if he added material on top of the old panels and the underlayment ones were not tight it would vibrate would it not? Another idea I think it could be is the mid range horn is loose have you tightened up all screws? Also the woofer access panel could be leaking making noise also. Also have you tried a new woofer inductor such as this one ? https://www.parts-express.com/erse-super-q-25mh-16-awg-500w-inductor-crossover-coil--266-908 I replaced mine on my K-horns cause they were from 1972. Its hard diagnose a sound with out actually hearing it but I cant think of any others that weren't already mentioned.
  9. Those look awesome.....Make sure you take out that screw in the round inductor and put in new caps. If going to be home use I would just make them into type A crossovers but thats up to you. I would also change the woofer inductor to this https://www.parts-express.com/erse-super-q-25mh-16-awg-500w-inductor-crossover-coil--266-908
  10. I think caps should be changed. There is no way the originals are even close to spec. its not that hard to do. You can keep the originals if you think you might want to put them back in but I bet you wont after you hear how much better they sound. Do one then do a mono comparison test then just turn the balance knob back forth to hear each one.
  11. Cory sells Parasound maybe he can get you a deal.
  12. Oh yea it just unscrews from the horn so easy to service.
  13. If mid driver needs repair....pretty easy to do but you can send it to Bob Crites and he can fix it for you. You can also get parts and more info from him on the phone he is a great guy.
  14. Sorry tried to fix my post would not let me. You can get the right values wit 2 capacitors hooked together if you cant find right ones.
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