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  1. ricktate

    Value of Lascalas / Belles?

    If you A- B a Belle and a LaScala they dont sound the same. Especially on female voices it shows up very well. Hence the reason I bought LaScalas new in 1980.
  2. ricktate

    Beatles Sound Terrible on My Fortes

    If they are Forte I s you may need to tighten all the horn screws. Rebuild the crossover caps. Check all the connections on the crossover. If they have screw on horn drivers there is a gasket on the mid range and the driver could be loose. But it could also just be bad recording poorly set up turntable if thats what your using. I think toed in crossing over just behind the ears s a preferred position. If the speakers are on a hard smooth surface I would also recommend furniture grippers on them.
  3. I dont think LaScalas will fit your room with that big screen.....toeing them in will make it sound much better but they do not need a lot of toe in. LaScala Is are 24wide and 25 deep is your model that size??? They take up a lot of floor space for sure. I have mine currently toed in very little but its a small room.
  4. I think Forte's will get you what you want but dont forget there are other ones that can also.....Klf 20-30....Chorus....RF7 I-II-II....But if you want same speakers LCR probably have to get new. 3 Fortes would be around 5400 but less from Cory probably. Your room looks like it will need Forte type speakers I dont see K-horns fitting there easy ...no corners...Let us know what you decide.
  5. https://www.parts-express.com/cat/non-polarized-electrolytic-capacitors/1385 They got 6.8 and 12 should work??? Looks like a pretty cheap crossover just cut the wires to caps and pry off...probably hot glue....solder new caps in. Or just take al components off and make whole new board such as this.
  6. Garyrc….I dont think the new Khorns have enclosed backs as of yet...only the anniversary models. But the brand new ones will at a higher cost not worth it to me. https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-floorstanding-speaker 6000 going to 7500 or 8000 each for enclosed.
  7. I use to have LaScalas in same position as the K-Horns. My wife loved the extra room for Christmas decorations...lol. Not ugly at all I dont think,,,,I have always loved the look. Im sure you could find used Ks or Fortes or Heresy for a fraction of new....true they may need some upgrading like new Caps and diaphragm's. But do call Cory and get new prices from him before you decide.
  8. I would set them to large myself.....then run AVR cutoff at 80....but there are others here more into AVR stuff than me. Have to ask this in home theater section.
  9. Not to worry about the low end being wasted the 2 subs should be fine.
  10. If your buying new call Cory first believe me you will want to. He is a forum member and dealer. I dont see anything wrong with your electronics. we all have different stuff. I got K-Horns in smaller room than yours but only 5.0 system. I think you will be impressed with any of the Heritage. Here is Corys forum name metropolislakeoutfitters. We heard all the new Heritage at Hope this spring and I love the look and sound of the new Forte and Heresy, We also heard new K-Horn is coming out. Heres old pic of my living room set up I have a center channel now and Integra AVR for the living room setup.
  11. ricktate

    Help finding a fuse mount for Heresy speakers?

    Love those type of Heresy's wish I could find a set.....shouldn't be to hard to get the end of fuse out....but I have had easy 30 min. jobs turn into a days work also...LOL
  12. ricktate

    RV Brake issue

    I heard of this type of problem before on my JH car club site. Has been traced to rubber inside brake lines going to the wheels has deteriorated. So it allows the fluid to stretch the line on first push. We also had problems of dragging brakes do to this also, the rubber would expand then shrink down and not let the fluid go back. The above ideas are good ones also just have to figure it out.
  13. Since your new member I think if your buying new you should call Cory he is a dealer and a forum member here. If your looking for new AVR I would also look at Accessories4less. Dont worry about the limits posted on the speakers Klipsch are so efficient you will be okay for normal listening. Cory's forum sign.
  14. ricktate

    Receiver Settings and a Recommendation

    Im long way from expert.....but I set my fronts to large. I didn't like the auto set up on my Integra so I let it set up the basic then I fine tuned it to my liking. The Integra will let you set each source to different settings. I dont run a sub so maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in. I got my AVR from accesories4less looked brand new with 2 year warranty. You might call Cory if your in market for new stuff also.
  15. ricktate

    bass poping

    Probably needs a repair but you could turn speaker switch off first.