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  1. ricktate

    Heresy II Cabinet Separating

    When we were in Hope at the factory I think I saw them putting same foam in the new ones. So probably supposed to be there. I have never opened up a set of IIs so not sure. While got them apart you could replace capacitors. I would also put glue on all the blocks in both of them.
  2. Klipsch price 167.20 but the list could be wrong. 124018X KSM-12-II F.A. PHANTOM EA 411.63 124017X KP-362 F.A. PHANTOM EA 438.62 124016X KP-102 FINAL ASSY. EA 155.16 124005X KP-450 LF FINAL ASSY EA 413.91 124004X KP-301 II F.A. PHANTOM EA 645.24 121813 K-472-E EA 582.19 121812 K-47-EP2 EA 452.81 121811 K-49-EP2 EA 310.50 121561 KD-20-T EA 272.12 121560 KD-17-E EA 136.58 121538 K-1114-T EA 490.89 121537 K-1072-A WOOFER EA 176.64 121536 K-45-EP EA 323.44 121535 K-43-EP EA 276.86 121534 K-48-EP EA 323.44 121516 K-45-K EA 320.85 121501 K-33-E (#15162) EA 167.20 121264 KD-124-T EA 173.79 121261 KD-14-EP EA 78.62 121251 KD-12-K
  3. How vintage and what do you have powering them??? Before buying new ones make sure amp is OK. You could sell the other good one probably. Call Bob....Klipsch … Our CW1526 15 inch Stamped Steel Frame Woofers. Replacement for the Klipsch K-33E for Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, Cornwall and LaScala. Shipping is $25.00 by UPS in the US. Model CW1526 Pair: $240.00 120.00 each not bad.
  4. ricktate

    Veneer maintenance for my Khorns

    I think you should put them in the corners you got. The way you got them sitting blocks half of the output of the bass bin can't be good. Looks like you got corners there to use. Use pipe foam to seal vertical back and horizontal parts of bass bin you will be impressed with the sound improvement.
  5. ricktate

    Bob Crites "Prime "

    Yea I have ordered some stuff from Bob and always got it fast. I always recommend him to friends and he answers questions even if not buying stuff. 5 stars to Bob Crites. I wished I could get 50% of his type of service from other companies....NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Well I take that back I have had some companies meet Bobs standards....Delta motorsports......LMC truck.....Victoria British......Moss motors.....and a few others.
  6. ricktate

    Cornwall Original Crossover Specs?

    I also use this inductor in my K-Horns.....https://www.parts-express.com/erse-super-q-25mh-16-awg-500w-inductor-crossover-coil--266-908
  7. ricktate

    Forte II’s in the House!

    Oiled Oak seems to get bad rap but I love it. I originally wanted oak K-Horns but ended up with walnut...lol. The Forte needs to be out fromthe wall so not sure if they are more room friendly.
  8. I would call Cory or look at Accessories4less first.
  9. Love the Turntable what is the model ???
  10. ricktate

    Cornwall Audition Denver

    Try some furniture grippers on the bottom of them. Might need new caps in them also....Bob has good ones or you could replace with new crossover from him. Welcome!! If your ever in market for new call Cory from the forum...also a Klipsch page on FB.
  11. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/La-Scala-II-Spec-Sheet-v03.pdf says here 400watts ...is that not enough? I dont think the older ones were getting blown by to much power but from poor amplifiers. While to much power will blow anything and Klipsch put those diodes in to protect them from an awesome warranty plan. I think it sounds better with out the diodes in the crossover. I think the ''For Life Warranty '' was a good idea but there will always be people abusing it. I bet it sold a lot of speakers though...lol
  12. Doesn't the LaScala II have a new tweeter in it already?? But I did change mine in my K-Horns f that helps. Doesn't the owner have original tweeters for them also???
  13. ricktate

    Value of Lascalas / Belles?

    If you A- B a Belle and a LaScala they dont sound the same. Especially on female voices it shows up very well. Hence the reason I bought LaScalas new in 1980.