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  1. I put decals I got from Christy in the horn the other day....kinda cool,,,,cant see very well though.
  2. I put Lambs wool on my Heresys.....Might do scalas see how it looks also.
  3. Those are sweeeeeet.......
  4. Heresy Help

    If crossover is updated and the stock tweeter is working correctly I doubt you will need the extra tweeter on top. You could also get new and better tweeters from Bob Crites,,,,,,,the reason behind that is the replacement diaphragms for k-77 are not available anymore I don't think. But those are awesome wish I could find some just like that. I would keep them industrial looking my self.
  5. Happy Birthday AMY

    How about a birthday picture AMY.....I know you know how to use a camera....lol
  6. Newbie Klipschorn owner here...

    You might want to check air tightness of the bass bin air chamber. My 1972s had leaks....I found a pretty easy way to test it also. Those ones you got were worth about 500 each I think. I never get that lucky......I got some what lucky on mine but put a lot of work into them....My son got lucky the other day got Forte II for free....
  7. Newbie Klipschorn owner here...

    At 100 each I would be a happy camper.......make them look pretty ,,,,,easy to do...you could go full bore and make the B-style.Mine went from painted with house paint to awesome I think.....also added the spacer to make them B-style models .
  8. Happy Birthday AMY

    Happy Birthday to you ......Really miss you. Hope everything is going good for you. I also hope your proud of what all of us here have done so far here.
  10. Heresy placement

    I don't think it matters that much but you could tilt them up and test it yourself with a book easy to do.
  11. Forte II set up HELP!

    Bout as easy as it gets with out having someone come over and help you. The headphone jack will not work like you describe in your post. For the FM radio to work you will need to hook antenna up. Those are awesome speakers of your dads.....do not sell them you will regret it they are worth atleast 600 a pair these days maybe more depends on condition.
  12. Forte II set up HELP!

    Not that hard to set up.....find information on web. Its just normal stereo set up. Sounds like your not to interested in them so just sell them on the forum to ones who appreciate them. If you live close to a forum member I'm sure one would come over and hook those up for you.....what location are you at?
  13. "Fast" La Scalas

    Well I think the price is pretty good.....If I had the money I would be calling him.
  14. bought some used la scalas

    I don't think they lack bass at all......what are you listening to that you think is lacking? What have you got powering them? If original may need crossover rebuild. That audio forum you came across they obliviously lack the facts on sound reproduction and any ability to go to a real music venue to compare a speaker to real world events.
  15. Original La Scala vs. La Scala II's?

    I did notice that when I put veneer on the outside of my Scalas the side panels were much stiffer to move by hand. Before I could actually move them in and out with out much trouble. But now they seem to be much stiffer. I did not test them side by side but its safe to say just veneer on the outside does help a bit. Now that I have said that I think I might try putting some veneer on a thin piece of ply and testing it. Will be easy to do I got some extra veneer. When I was refurbishing mine I did notice the side walls seemed to move a lot with just hand pressure . I remember thinking I might try and use braces but never did .