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  1. Well I think the 1s were better I had both. But I rebuilt crossover and reinforced access panel and sealed it on my 1s so that may have helped. They were original drivers also.
  2. ricktate

    U-turn Orbit turntable w/upgrades!

    I looked at them before but always wondered how they do anti-skate on them ? Is there one even on it ?
  3. ricktate

    Prices on the site gone ??

    https://www.klipsch.com/products/rf-7-iii-floorstanding-speaker No price on RF7 ??
  4. ricktate

    Prices on the site gone ??

    https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-floorstanding-speaker Dont see any on heritage but since they raised the prices if you have to ask you cant afford them now.
  5. I just looked and saw that all the prices have been removed. I dont think you should have to ask what price is for something. Thats one reason I hate going to car lots or anyplace where you have to ask. Anyone know why they removed the prices ?
  6. I just looked on the site they no longer list prices why ? How do you know what prices are then ??
  7. ricktate

    La Scala I updates

    I with all do respect disagree,,,,after I added a few screws and veneer on the outside of mine the sides a a lot stiffer than they were. I use to be able to flex the sides just with my hands,,,now even with my knee on one side and both hands on other side it barley even moves. I wished I had documented this but I forgot to.
  8. ricktate

    LaScala woes

    Yes do replace crossover.....check washer on mid driver that mid driver has had noise problems from loose plastic back cover also. That should do it unless the tweeter is blown or bad. I would have went with the type A crossover but thats just me.
  9. ricktate

    La Scala I updates

    I veneered my original ones with cherry on the out sides and just stained the dog house. Then I made lambs wool grills.
  10. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/shawnee-mission-klipsch-cornwall-ii/6815596471.html I would go with these...it says Cornwall II but the back comes off so they are really Cornwall Is
  11. What ever you decide call Cory for price quote ……… In your size room I would go with cornwalls....or LaScalas.....
  12. Not sure which ones your talking about. The auction I went to was in KCMO close to me. I dont even think there was anyone on the phone. I think the guy running the show just trying to run up the price.
  13. Well if you go to the Klipsch Pilgrimage you can go inside a very special one. It has a several ton rotating door made to test not only speakers but the Klipschorn also.
  14. If they were installed correctly they are not even touching the brick. Should be foam or some kind of seal to the corner. The last auction I went to they were C quality and they were run up to a A quality price. There were only 3 of us there and guy on the ''phone'' lol. We all left and they still had entire house of stuff to sell. We figured it was all going to be run up by guy on ''Phone'' I bet these go up to more than 4000 actions are a joke if you ask me. Because they look at the new prices and figure they can get close to that. I bet that pair I went to are still owned by the auctioneer...lol.
  15. ricktate

    Wire connectors quality

    https://smile.amazon.com/GLS-Audio-Locking-Generation-Connector/dp/B000O8AHLA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1548323624&sr=8-3&keywords=GLS+banana+plugs These and https://smile.amazon.com/Seismic-Audio-SAPT515-4-Connectors-Adapters/dp/B07GBJNPBH/ref=sr_1_30_sspa?s=audio-video-accessories&ie=UTF8&qid=1548323714&sr=1-30-spons&keywords=banana+plugs&psc=1 These if you have old style screws on amp or speakers.