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  1. ricktate

    Order from Crutchfield NOT Klipsch

    Your profile says you joined 2002.....just wondering where have you been.....lol. Just asking ????
  2. Check the washer on the driver between it and the horn. Then check the screws that hold the horn to the motor board. It can also be the bug screen on the driver.
  3. ricktate

    Order from Crutchfield NOT Klipsch

    Cory is registered dealer.....plus he sells other stuff also.
  4. ricktate

    Order from Crutchfield NOT Klipsch

    Should always check with Cory first anyway. But some places charge tax on orders even though my town does not charge online taxes. Belton tried to add online tax but defeated bad...lol
  5. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    Cory has sold many on the Klipsch FB page. He can get a better price for it also. Its above my pay grade also but worth saving up for I think. Being on disability cant afford one.
  6. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    You wont be sorry if you get this...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harman-Kardon-430-Twin-Powered-Stereo-Receiver-Made-in-Japan-AMAZING-CONDITION/132626993896?hash=item1ee12f52e8:g:6tYAAOSw3uFa~itx There are places to get it refurbished if you want that also....But with a good cleaning it will work awesome.
  7. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    Cory can hook you up on one of these....looks awesome and good reviews from all who bought one. http://parasound.com/hint.php
  8. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    This one looks good also https://emotiva.com/collections/basx-series/products/ta-100
  9. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onka9050/onkyo-a-9050-integrated-stereo-amplifier/1.html This is good deal and has Phono input....But you need to contact Bob Crites about kit to rebuild crossovers also.
  10. ricktate

    Klipsch Gear

    What happened to all the Klipsch gear on the site. No buttons....No pens...No posters.....??????
  11. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    Well that helps it will need a pre amp or a phono input. I would call Cory....accesories4less.....Emotiva......1000 wil probably mean a integrated amp. I would also look at HK430 or old 70s receivers they all had phono inputs . Not sure where you live but maybe you can borrow a few and see which ones you like. Not sure of your audio experience but you are about to get over loaded with reading this forum....lol.
  12. ricktate

    Need help on KlipschHorn

    I think you do need it on the horizontal because when you put it on the tail board it pushes it away from the corner. But you do what you feel is best. RalphN what is your budget that's the most telling part of your question and any recommendations.
  13. ricktate

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    You can order Lambs wool and ask them to roll it up I have done that. They did send one order folded. I got it to smooth out by hot gluing it on the spraying it with water then use a hot air gun on it sparingly.. But it gets real tight and bows the Heresy grill a bit. Then I got an Iron and just heated the glue up while stretching it holding it till the hot glue set up. Hard on fingers but turned out pretty good I think.
  14. ricktate

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.