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  1. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/overland-park-klipsch-cornwall-ii/7345448964.html Very old ones but good price.
  2. I would call Cory at Paducah home theater to buy new. Find a beat up pair of La Scalas and fix them up. Hard to beat full horn loaded Heritage. But Fortes would be good any year I think for space and sound.
  3. I just used cherry veneer on the outside.....by the way that will also stiffen up the side panels all by itself. No need to add 1/4 inch stuff. But the dog house I just stained and it matched pretty well. I also veneered the motor board and put magnets behind the veneer to hold on the grills. In this pic only mootr board and edges are veneered.Also the sides are so stiff now you cant even move them but i did put a few screws into the sides under the veneer.
  4. I have owned a DTR-50.2 for a few years. It is used everyday the only problem i had is my AVR is 50 feet away from the TV so had signal problems. But then I got better cables from partsexspress or monoprice i forget. Been working fine ever since. It was much easier to set up than any other one I have set up. I think they are going to stop making them though not sure. I think VOXX bought them not sure on that. I have worked the hell out of mine and still going strong. I even bought it refurbished from Accessories 4 less for like half price...lol
  5. Nishiki is a product of the USA. A lot of rice comes from USA Missouri in particular.
  6. I think he is at least honest and nothing wrong with it that a good cleaning would not fix. Best price also.
  7. Vintage Harman/Kardon 430 Twin Powered AM/FM Stereo Receiver 25W per Channel | eBay Looks like it just needs a deoxit cleaning you should do it twice to get the gunk out all of it.
  8. I run mine with HK 430 reciever with 24 watts but have had a Carver 140 watt amp on them. I also have ran them with battery powered boom box when power was out and we were rock'n in the ice storm. Everyone could hear them in the neighbor hood...lol. Conclusion you can run them with almost anything. If you want vintage I would go for HK 430...630..730. Basically those have 2 separate amps in them. They sound awesome.
  9. Im interested in the old front motor boards. I want to make some new grills with lambs wool cloth. Would be interested in selling those???
  10. if you want it protected and shiny I would go with wipe on poly. I like it cause its easy to use no runs and you can put thin coats on.
  11. I could be wrong its been awhile since i talked to Andy. But im sure the boards and parts were on pallets next to him. He only built the cabinet the other parts were put in down the line. Maybe he will chime in a tell us the low down...lol
  12. I think once you fasten the woofer and mid range HORN on there it will be stiff enough. With out the Heresy Klipsch would not be here it basically saved the company. I think Andy said he built 300 a day. If anyone has the correct production numbers please let us know. I know they didn't build Heresy's everyday So lets say 100 days x 300 a day thats 30,000.
  13. Some thing else is going on here I think. Borrow a 70s reciever and try that. A friend of mine bought a new high priced Yamaha amp and my HK430 kicked its butt...lol. So you may need to check wiring again to make sire everything is right. Jumpers...polarity...etc. Much like that guy on youtube found out....''Soundpolice'' ,,,,he found out he doesn't know a everything. He has even still got the K-horns he bought to close and some crap behind them instead of a solid wall. Yes he i still complaining about them also. So dont give up yet....where you located maybe a forum member could come by help you out.
  14. Amazon.com: eHemco Hardwood Footstool in Natural-12: Furniture & Decor better one....just like the one I got.
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