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  1. I would think about adding a layer of plywood on inside of panel 1/2 smaller so uses same sealing area. I did this to my pair of Heresy's and panel is definitely stiffer than before. But it is a sealed speaker so probably more needed. But im sure Cornwalls rear panel flexes even with a port on it. Thats a pretty large panel without any kind of support. Or you could add X bracing to back panel to stiffen it. You could also make an extra one for experimenting with that way you could A-B them without ruining the original one.
  2. Its not that hard to do ...practice on some wood first. You will be even more proud if you do t yourself. The new iron on stuff works well from woodworker supply.
  3. I would just get better tweeters from Crites and call it done. I dnt think you can get new diaphragms for those anymore...unless Crites has found a supplier. I would not buy them off ebay. Seal the back board with some thin door foam that will help all around the sound also.
  4. No I did not veneer the inside of dog house. Just sanded and stained cherry like the veneer I put on out side. Here is pick with the grills I made I put magnets under veneer to hold the trim on.
  5. I think veneering is worth the extra work and cost. You may have to learn stuff but that's g good. You just get iorn on veneer from woodwrights shop. works darn good.
  6. Almost forgot.....If you veneer even if you don't I recomend countersinking some screws into side bass bin panels at upper and lower joints. I did mine when I veneered the outside and now you cant even move the panels with my knee and both hands. Before you could see flex just by grabbing the panels by hand. I wished I had made video of it no one believes me but its true. I'm sure the veneer helps some also.
  7. Those are worth fixing up. I would sand then use bondo on dents,,,square corners....fill stapel holes and such. Then veneer with some good wood of choice. Then probably make sure all drivers working. Rebuild the crossovers. Then sit back in enjoy. May want to get a 70s receiver I recomend HK 630 or 630 or a Pioneer.
  8. Those look awesome....buy buy buy. Rebuild crossover......check tweeters and mid range......then order new washers for mid horn seal.
  9. Part of it is the Yamaha but speaker position may have an effect. Make sure jumpers are tight on the back. I would try toeing in aim in front of head or behind your head. I bet you used the mic with auto set up that will sound bad in my experience. Try using it to set levels then adjust tone manually.
  10. I got whole bunch if you want one...lol. If your speakers are on hard smooth surface get the grippers though.
  11. Just get HK 430.630,730 receiver or old pioneer receiver, Or tube ST70 dynaco rebuilt of course. The bad sound your getting could be the old preamp. Remember poop in Klipsch you get poop out..lol
  12. Samantha Fish | "Highway's Holding Me Now" Live at Telluride Blues & Brews Festival - Bing video Samantha Fish from KC MO.
  13. When I was around 16 long haired punk ...lol. Got my mom to take me to stereo bug audio store. Just so happened Paul was there. He talked to me as an adult gave me a hand full of Bullshit buttons. We listened to K horns,,,Belles. Decided then I was buying Klipsch, Later in the 80s I wrote a letter to Klipsch asking about a Klipsch group or club. They sent back they didnt have a club and a price list of T shirts.
  14. Just get you some rubber door stops to raise the front. I would also put a seal on back panel to seal it. You could also reenforce it with a smaller layer of ply on the inside. I would just repair the bad part on the front. But veneering is not that hard. The badges probably fell off long ago.
  15. If buying new might as well go to TESLA and get the benefit of 2/3 saving on fuel. But I would wait till the Austin plant gets going so you can get new battery and one-piece front and rear castings. The gas-powered yard machines are also getting phased out soon. If you want to learn more about electric cars there are several youtube shows you could watch. Now you know channel is good. Best in Tesla Channel is good..Thats just 2 of many. If she is looking for used 4 runner i would look for a 2 wheel drive less to go wrong with it.
  16. If it had gotten wet, it would show more damage than that. Thats a good buy but would still need to look at in person.
  17. (20+) Marketplace - KLIPSCH CORNWALL SPEAKERS- 1980 - MINTY - SEQUENTIAL PAIR | Facebook
  18. There is a pair of older Cornwalls for sale in KC area. 2000 and a pair. And a pair of heresy but she wants to much, I think.
  19. Not to cut your dealer out but you might call Cory first before you buy.
  20. cherry veneer with wipe on poly No veneer inside dog house just stain. .
  21. I recommend a Amazon.com: Ortofon 2M Red Moving Magnet Cartridge : Musical Instruments. What serial number are they? We can tell you how old they are then. Some of those with that mid driver have noise from that plastic cover on them. Easy to fix though. Check the washer and tightness of the mid driver to horn. But they look great worth the money also. Not sure what you have for amp but 70s receivers seem to sound better on these. Welcome to the club.
  22. FORTE II PAIR of TYPE FORTE II CROSSOVERS INCLUDING NEW INTERNAL WIRING: (Series 1, Sonicap) $495.00 (Series 2, Dayton) $385.00 Not cheap but looks like they need new ones.
  23. Just get new crossovers from Crites. Easy to do or get the kit and build it yourself.
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