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    Working Man's Heresy

    Very good deal.....I would put a seal on back panel...put in new caps.....I re-enforced the access panel on the inside by adding a layer of ply I could feel it move before not now though. Its even better since Andy built them is there an A on the edge on the back I think thats his mark.
  2. ricktate


    I thought I had pic of ST-70with cover off I will try to get one for you.
  3. ricktate


    I got one that was rebuilt and works great. Get it checked out or refreshed by a tech to be on safe side. I dont think you need to worry about the house voltage but one of these would be good idea....https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002YDZWO/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_7?smid=A284PRV19Y1MTF&psc=1 I got mine using a 1970s hk 630 reciever as pre amp. works fine running LaScalas.
  4. ricktate

    New speakers

    Call Cory for price before you buy.
  5. ricktate

    Heresy troubleshooting

    Those capacitors look like crappy ones and the coils = '''transformers''' never go bad. Heres the schematic for it. Notice the polarity on tweet and squawker.
  6. ricktate

    Heresy troubleshooting

    Sounds like the source is causing it.....are you using separates source pre-amp .amp??? If they sounded fine at sellers house only thing that changed was the source material right ?
  7. ricktate

    life alert or alert1

    Sorry to hear that....I had gout in my wrist I would not wish that on anyone well almost anyone..lol. It hurts so bad made my transplant look like a walk in the park. Doc asked on a scale 1-10 I said your scale does not go high enough I said 18 or hit your hand with a hammer if he wants a reference. Hope your dad is better soon.
  8. Take them back then call Cory and order a new set. What is the source of the sound ? Could be the source causing it.
  9. ricktate

    Stereo, Amp suggestions for KLF30

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harman-Kardon-HK-505-Twin-Powered-Integrated-Amplifier-60-WPC-1979/153371757911?hash=item23b5ab4d57:g:170AAOSwAE9cXvLu This might be good one to look at also....
  10. ricktate

    Stereo, Amp suggestions for KLF30

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harman-Kardon-430-twin-powered-stereo-receiver/323710825539?hash=item4b5eab3443:g:zlIAAOSwS0JcdHAp Get some Deoxit clean all controls buttons and switches. Check all fuses on back and inside. I got 2 of these and they sound awesome.
  11. ricktate

    Stereo, Amp suggestions for KLF30

    I would look for a 1970s HK 430 or HK 630 they sound awesome. If you want new look at Accessories 4less ….you can get AVR and just run 2 channels. I would recommend this one it has phono and pre outs for future power amp if you do that. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdtr404/integra-dtr-40.4-7.2-ch-x-110-watts-thx-a/v-receiver/1.html
  12. ricktate

    Worried about RP-600m port

    Newer is not always better take it from most of us with older Klipsch. I got 1972 k-horns ..1980 LaScalas.....I bought my son a pair of RB-35s and I would put them up against almost any new Klipsch bookshelf they have now. They should have kept the RB 35 and RB 81s I think. If you dont think RB35s are good just try and find a pair for sale.
  13. ricktate


    I got an Akia GX F-71 3 head deck from Crutchfield and it still kicks butt.
  14. I just looked on the site they no longer list prices why ? How do you know what prices are then ??
  15. I just looked and saw that all the prices have been removed. I dont think you should have to ask what price is for something. Thats one reason I hate going to car lots or anyplace where you have to ask. Anyone know why they removed the prices ?
  16. ricktate

    khorn woofer help please

    Looks like you found it out. Just get Crites stock woofers and move on I would say. Try and sell the other ones I'm pretty sure you can sell the k-33 easy not sure about other one. I would always replace in pairs unless you want to get a square magnet K-33 one off ebay or from a forum member.
  17. ricktate

    khorn woofer help please

    The round magnet is just newer one....I sold my original square magnet 1972 woofers for around 150 I think. I put in Crites cast frame woofers the good ones and never looked back. I knew some forum guys wanted originals and I wanted new ones. If you got new crossovers in yours its almost positive something is wrong with the woofer. Also check all connections on crossover if they are using screws for the wires.
  18. ricktate

    khorn woofer help please

    Just get foam gasket material for the access doo like above...lol. Sounds like one woofer is bad or wiring to it is bad check with OHM meter for sure. Never heard of one of those going bad unless a lot of power or amp went bad going to it.
  19. Well I think the 1s were better I had both. But I rebuilt crossover and reinforced access panel and sealed it on my 1s so that may have helped. They were original drivers also.
  20. ricktate

    U-turn Orbit turntable w/upgrades SOLD

    I looked at them before but always wondered how they do anti-skate on them ? Is there one even on it ?
  21. ricktate

    Prices on the site gone ??

    https://www.klipsch.com/products/rf-7-iii-floorstanding-speaker No price on RF7 ??
  22. ricktate

    Prices on the site gone ??

    https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-floorstanding-speaker Dont see any on heritage but since they raised the prices if you have to ask you cant afford them now.
  23. ricktate

    La Scala I updates

    I with all do respect disagree,,,,after I added a few screws and veneer on the outside of mine the sides a a lot stiffer than they were. I use to be able to flex the sides just with my hands,,,now even with my knee on one side and both hands on other side it barley even moves. I wished I had documented this but I forgot to.
  24. ricktate

    LaScala woes

    Yes do replace crossover.....check washer on mid driver that mid driver has had noise problems from loose plastic back cover also. That should do it unless the tweeter is blown or bad. I would have went with the type A crossover but thats just me.