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  1. Yes im looking for something about 300-500w that has very little distortion. I need a powered sub that has a good sub and amp to match.
  2. Im not really looking for anything deep, my fortes produce a nice deep bass. I really would like a nice 10 with a lot of punch too it.
  3. hows cerwin vegas pwerd subs?
  4. I saw a local ad for a sterling series ss2005. I looked it up and realized I can use the woofers in it for a speaker I'm repairing. I talked to the guy and he said he would sell just the woofers. I found a specs page on the infinity site but can someone give me some info like the origanal retail price. He wants around $120 and they are in perfect condition.
  5. I ran across an old pair of 2 way speakers in my attic but the manufacturers label and the model # is a bit smudged, by the design it looks a good 25 years old, and both the woofers are blown. However, it has a very nice walnut oil finished cabinet in very good condition. It would be a shame to throw such a nice cabinet away so I thought I might try something new and see if I couldn't replace those old parts with some newer high quality woofers, and midrange (no tweeters). Also it goes very nice on top of my Forte's which are also walnut oil finish. The woofers are 8" and the midrange is 4". I want to get a higher frequency of bass than the fortes can produce with a smaller woofer. Looking to use a klipsch woofer but will glad to hear about others so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. (ps: first time doing anything like this) :-)
  6. Saw a pair of chorus 2s on local craigslist and was wondering how the chorus compares to forte and is 650 ridiculously high for a good working pair of chorus 2s?
  7. Alright thanks alot thats answers my other question too
  8. I can't find any information on the klipsch website about forte's with 4 ohm impedance instead of 8 ohm, however on the back mine say 4 ohm on both. Did klipsch ever make a 4 ohm forte? if so are they any rarer than an 8 ohm pair, and does it affect the value?
  9. Right now I'm flat broke but I start back working next month so I think I wouldnt spend anymore than about $400-600 per sub.Could be cheaper or a little higher if theres one thats worth the money but thats the general area idea of what I'm planning to spend.
  10. I am currently trying to improve my home audio system which right now consists of a pair of Forte's and a Marantz model 2225. My goal is to make my system have deep and thorough bass from the floor shaking lows to the wall vibrating highs with minimum distortion. My current subs are an alpine sub I bought a while back (dont ask me why) and a Pyle Pro 18" sub which is a very cheap sub. I am looking for feedback in both the synergy and reference on which one would be better for the system I am trying to build. Any other recommendations for any different subs are fine too but please remember I am trying to build my system around my forte's quality and I am looking for subs that will go with my forte's sound quality. Since I am basicly a beginner any other feedback and recommendations on how I can improve my system is encouraged. Thanks.
  11. really I use mine with a marantz too. I found an old one in the attic and it works better than a lot of my recievers that cost $600+. I figure I'd keep keep them though I just wondered how much it might cost. I do want to add a sub though about the same quality as the forte's bass. Any recommendations?
  12. I came across a nearly brand new pair of Forte's a friend inherited and sold them to me for only $120. Both speakers are walnut oil finish in excellent condition with perfect sound and only 1 minor scuff on the edge that is barely noticible, and one of the woofers on the back of the speaker has the dome shaped piece in the middle missing, but does not affect sound quality at all. I was wondering what would be the approximate cost to upgrade to a pair of forte 2's in nearly the same condition as these.
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