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  1. $400 is cheap for what you get.. Unfortuntuately the average consumer may not appreciate the sound quality or the set-up hassle.
  2. thanks for the review. Have you tried hooking up the iFi to the RSX-5's? They have higher sensitivity than the RSX-3's (93 vs 89)
  3. For those who want 4.1 but with the new upgraded 5.1 speakers. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1328060877
  4. ok I finally got 4 Quintet sattelites from uBid for $39/ea. I hooked them up to my V.2-400 and CP-1 pre-amp.. To compare them I hooked up only the front Quintets and left the rears in place. At first I was disappointed. The ProMedia sats were noticeably louder. (this is probably due to the quinets being rated at twice the ohm of the promedias) So I adjusted the surround volume to match the Quintets. By doing this I noticed the increased detail in the mids and highs from the quintets that were simply missing from the Promedias. I could hear nuances in voices and instruments and the the highs were smoother and sweeter. in comparison the increased volume from the promedias seemed to be in the form of extra harshness Later I switched all 4 speakers to the quinetets.. it sounded great! the quintets sound is overall smoother and they play lower to integrat with the sub more. midrange is good, with voices fuller and more realistic.. their mid-bass is also impressive.. i actully turned down my sub setting to almost minimum. heres a tip: the included wall mounts/stands dont allow much swiveling, but if you turn them upside-down, they can swivel alot! in conclusion i am very happy with the swap!
  5. (sorry for the spam =) eBay auction
  6. i had this problem before. it was because of distortion from my input.. I had the volume on my input too high. try turning it down and turning the Klipsch pre-amp up.
  7. Wow! Everything sounds better with the new pre-amp. The sound is clearer and the imaging is cleaner. The sub also seems more refined. The input wires are longer and the pots are alot firmer to turn. The only bad this is that the AUX input works for the front stereo speakers only (no rear) and is always on. Anyhow,I'm selling my old pre-amp with a custom BLUE led on eBay =) http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1218148807
  8. it should sound significantly better.. Compared to the Promedias, the Quintets are 1) bass-reflex ported enclosure 2) speaker made out of black stone mineral compund (twice as hard as ABS plastic) 3) neodymium magnet for tweeter 4) soft dome pressure tweeter 5) better material woofer 6) bigger woofer (by .5") 7) binding posts connections BTW, they are selling on uBid.com for $39/ea
  9. I plan to replace my ProMedia sattelite speakers with 4 Quintet speakers. 1) Will this work? Are the power ratings/cross-overs compatible? 2) any other comments on this swap? thanks in advance
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