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  1. Thanks guys. I was able to remove the old tweeters and replace them with the CT-125's without having to remove the speaker tops. My Belle's sound great with these and Bob Crite's XO's. Wb
  2. I've got some Crites CT-125 tweeters to install in my circa 1982 Belles. What is the best way to get at these? TIA, Wb
  3. Recently both 1978 and 1984 Klipschorns have come up for sale. That, and my reading somewhere, that you can't replace the crossovers as easily on mid 1980's Khorns had me thinking. Wb
  4. Are there certain years that Klipschorns are more desirable? For example: 1980 to 1984? I'm thinking with respect to construction and for replacement of parts? Wb
  5. My 2 WPC 45 Tube Amp could easily drive my 98.5dB Cornwalls to a reasonably loud, when I wanted it, level.
  6. Thanks for the offer. I suspect that it will be sometime in the 1st half of next year if I decide to go for the Volti horns. Wb
  7. I've figured out where I'm going with my Belles. Step 1 install Crites CT-125 tweeters listen and compare one Belle speaker to the other using one of my tube amps with balance controls. Step 2 install Crites A/4500 crossovers and then compare them using the process above. Step 3 save some cash to upgrade the mids and then look at upgrading these with the Volti horns per the attached link: Belle V-Trac Horns - Klipsch Upgrades by Volti Audio - Speaker Restoration. I suspect that the crossover replacement should make a big improvement over the 30 year old AB crossovers that these speakers arrived with. I'm not certain if the Volti horns will work properly with the Crites crossover though.
  8. I should add here: no external parts as anything like that would not meet with the WAF seal of approval. The Cornwalls are out and the Belles in because they are 'not as ugly' in the eyes of the three woman living here with me.
  9. I'm not one to go hog wild but prefer to incrementally change things one piece at a time. I'm thinking tweeters first, than crossovers, than maybe change out or upgrade the mids last if required.
  10. What crossovers and driver types do your Belle speakers have? Some part changes came from driver updates (old ones no longer available) IE when were they born?. chris They are currently as original from the factory (1982) with the ratty Type AB crossovers which I know have to go. I've got a pair of Type A/4500 Crites, currently not installed, as I would need to update the tweeters to run these. These speakers sound good as is with my low powered tube amps but not as good as the modified Cornwalls they replaced.
  11. Let me put it this way: Al is not big on marketing . Same case for me except I hired someone to handle that for me years ago. Wb
  12. Al told me he didn't like low power amps driving Klipsch speakers and that I should replace my amp with one with more power. Lol.
  13. I've sold my beloved Cornwalls and replaced them with Klipsch Belles. These speakers are driven, some of the time, by my 2 watt per channel Yamamoto A08-S amp which uses EML 45 tubes. My Cornwalls were upgraded with Bob Crites CT-125 tweeters and Bob's crossovers. Now I'm considering upgrading the Belles and would like recommendations from those with more Klipsch Belle or crossover experience on what would sound best with these speakers for low power tube amps (I sometimes run my 16 WPC 211 Set Amps or 16 WPC EL-84 tube amp)? TIA, Wb
  14. Some people are cap swapping on their vintage amps all the time (I have not). I have never been able to find a post where someone did a cap swap on their Crites or ALK crossovers. Will be interested to see if someone has here though. Wb
  15. Crites Crossovers and CT-125 Tweeters made for a big improvement over the original Klipsch XO's and Tweeters in my 1979 Cornwalls but it has me wondering: has anyone attemped to 'upgrade' Bob's XO's further with different caps, etc? Wb
  16. No one seems to like the original Klipsch AB crossovers. What exactly is the problem(s)? Wb
  17. Not sure what happened to the side. Discoloration is in the finish, no damage other then cosmetic. No veneer is missing just a bright flat light source. Wb
  18. Well the Belles are here sitting in the garage until I have an opportunity to clean them up, replace the tweeters and XO's later next week. One speaker is in wonderful cosmetic condition the other water damaged I believe from a leaking planter or glass of liquid being left on the speaker. There is also some surface damage on the same speakers leaft side. All damage is visible here:
  19. Thanks for both your detailed replies on this. I have owned a pair of oiled walnut 1979 Cornwalls that were pretty much in mint condition for their age when I acquired them as the 3rd owner. These speakers are nice and easy to maintain with applications of only a product called 'Terra Nova Naturoil' 3 or 4 times a year. After looking for a pair of Belles for a couple of years within a six or seven hundred mile range of my home I found a pair on the internet. They are lacquered red oak and the quality of the photos I've received from the seller who is using a low resolution camera is quite poor. These speakers are going to be here later this evening and I'm going to take some detailed photos tomorrow. I will post them here sometime tomorrow after I figure out how to post images. Wb
  20. I've got a pair of 1982 Belles coming which are serialed numbered with the finish 'BKOL' (red oak lacquer) . They are going to replaced my 1979 Cornwalls which have the oiled walnut finish. Can someone recommend a good commercial product to use for cleaning up and treating the veneer finish on these? Initially I just want to apply something that will clean the veneer but not adversely affect the finish. TIA, Wb
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