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  1. Safe purchase indeed!!! I will keep a special eye out for these in the for sale section. Any opinions on Yaqin products? I ran across them surfing through products on ebay. They seem to have some favorable reviews here and on other forums.
  2. Thanks for all the great advice! I will turn my research efforts towards an integrated tube amp and see what I can find. I saw quite a few recognizable brands in the last few posts. Any specific models I should be trying to look for or find deals for? I appreciate all the help! []
  3. Will be listening to everything in the living room of my new apartment. The floor is carpet and there will be a couch and a loveseat in a fabric material. Couch will be on 10.5' wall, media center and speakers opposite, loveseat on the window wall. The other thing to note is that the ceiling slants up to a somewhat open loft area that is on what would be the right of the couch if you were sitting on it. Will be listening to all sorts of music (pop, movies, movie soundtracks, musicals, etc) at whatever volume doesn't get us in trouble with the neighbors. [Y] But seriously, I don't think it will be super loud. On the seperate vs integrated issue, most of my research has been about seperates, but I am open to suggestions for either! In terms of budget, I am probably looking for bang for your buck starter equipment. If I like tube sound, would be nice to enjoy the system without getting an upgrade bug for a little while. I'm sorry this is a somewhat vague answer. I will be actually starting my new job soon and will know more as my finances and expenses settle out. Thanks for all the responses so far!!!
  4. Hello everyone! I have been happily enjoying my Heresy IIs for about 2 years now. I just got a fulltime job and decided it might be time to try looking into tube amplification. I have been trying to read up on it and what is available but am so far somewhat overwhelmed. I am looking for suggestions on a good tube preamp and amp that would be able to power the Heresys and potentially a set of RF-7s. So without further ado, here are a few of my questions: What are some good brand/model tube pre amps to use with these speakers? (audio source will most likely always be a computer) What kind of tube amps should I be looking for? (Vintage, New but in kit form, new, etc) Would a pair of monoblock tube amps be more advantageous than a stereo tube amp? How many watts should I be looking for when considering tube amps? From the research I have done, one of my favorites so far is the Dynaco ST-70. It seems to be a popular starter amp and has a large and knowledgeable user base that I could tap into for help if needed. Thanks in advance for your help and patience with me while I embark on this journey! []
  5. 4 by my count. [] Oddly enough, I have recently been considering trying out tube amps. Hoping to land my first fulltime job soon and will need places to spend the income! These are still the best things I have ever purchased!
  6. I am defenitely enjoying my Heresys very much! I am glad more and more people are discovering how awesome Klipsch speakers really are. Just the other day, I was walking out of a local theater and I swear they were using what looked like Klipsch Heresys on the walls. I have to email them at some point and see if that is correct or not (could read the klipsch badge, had same front grill, was approximate size and shape). That has made me want to make my home theater with Klipsch Heritage speakers even more. Anybody here know what kind of mix and match would be best for something like that? (5 Heresys and a sub, Cornwalls in front with rest Heresys, Klipschorns in front Cornwalls on the side Heresys in the back, or any other combination)
  7. Thanks all for the warm welcome! I can definetly say that I am falling more and more in love as I listen and work out the kinks in my system. Just hooked up an optical connection from my sound source to my reciever and it vastly improved the sound quality (which was already pretty amazing). Will be keeping these for a long time and expanding as funds and space allow! []
  8. In terms of stands, I also would like to eventually build some nice custom ones, but like the refinishing thats a little ways down the road. Currently, I have them proped and tilted slightly with Duplos (epic I know). Currently driving them with the Pioneer receiver model listed in my sig. I know its not the greatest but I got a good deal on it too and had some giftcards so it fit my price point. Am currently in the poor college student phase of my life still, once I finish grad school and get a nice job i will be able to get better gear. It makes me happy the way it is which means it can only get better down the road. []
  9. Just wanted to write a little note and say hello to all! I am new to this forum and have been a big fan of Klipsch ever since my buddy purchased himself a pair of RF-7s. Everytime I looked through Klipsch's product line ups, I was mysteriously drawn to the Heritage line. I just graduated from college and decided it was finally time to go find myself some decent audio products (had been listening to 2.0 computer speakers my entire life). I checked out my local Craigslist and spied a deal on what was billed as vintage Heresy IIs. I checked them out and ended up making the purchase. Pics after I cleaned them up somewhat: In a rather amazing turn of events, I emailed Klipsch Support about when this particular pair was made and it turns out they were produced in the 42nd week of 1986 which is about the week after I was born. The guy who owned them before me decided to paint them, but I am planning to eventually sand and refinish them. More pictures of placement and gear later after I finish my grad school homework! Cheers!
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