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  1. Thanks for the input. The seller will be getting back to me with "test results" (push the woofer to see if there is a scratching sound, etc.). I don't want to deal with replacing woofers, that gets expensive in a hurry. Is there anything else I should look for (common problems) when I go to look at them?
  2. Hi guys, I found a pair of Cornwall Is that will likely need to be refinished (possibly new veneer) and do not have the grills. Assuming all of the moving parts are in working order, what do you think is a fair price for these? Is $350 too much. I've been looking for a project pair for a while, these might be perfect. I just don't want to pay too much for them. ' Thanks in advance!
  3. I believe the voice coil is cooked. Even laying with the cone facing the ceiling, pushing in the cone creates a mild scratching sound.
  4. Woofer (he only had 1) is installed and it sounds great. Thanks for the help, Noah.
  5. Noah did have two K-25s, and I purchased them both It will be nice to hear these without a slight buzz from a bad voice coil in one of the speakers, and I'll have an extra one just in case. Thanks for the help and recommendations, everyone!
  6. That's funny you should mention Bob Crites. I emailed a seller on eBay regarding a pair of woofers he had for sale before I made this posting this morning, and it happened to be him. The woofers certainly sound nice, and I'll contact him further. Another user also PMed me and mentioned that he may have a K-25. That would certainly be a great option. Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it!
  7. Hi Everyone, new to the forum. I have a pair of Forte IIs, one of which has a blown woofer. I'm looking for a direct drop-in replacement as I am not interested in messing with the cabinets or the crossovers. I'm planning on replacing the woofer in both speakers so they match. So far, I have only found a few options: K-28 - I've read mixed reviews on these, and at $128 I'm not 100% sold. Eminence Delta-12LFA - I've read that these are used in Heresy Is, but the impedance in for these are 8ohm while the K-25-K is 4ohm. Will this make a big difference. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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