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  1. I believe that would eliminate most of the frequencies above 600 hertz. That said, I am thinking of selling the mahogany ported big box speakers, I made 4 and am only using 2 at this time. The box volume and port shelf are quite similar to the Cornwall and there are K33 woofers installed.
  2. I don't know. I priced my k-horns so that I would be happy, the buyer would be happy. I am guessing that my prices are low as the response has been pretty good. That said no one local has come to even look so I must be too high for the folks in Massachusetts. Both pairs that have sold have gone to Brooklyn so they must think that their dollars are smaller than the local people. Your dads 1980 khorns are worth what makes folks happy, I don't know where they are located, what they look like (what is a img.heic ) I did not pay a lot for any of these Khorns at the time in dollars, that said two pairs were on craigslist and one pair from ebay. All were located within 50 miles and the pair I got the least money for, cost the most in terms of dollars. All needed work, some a lot of work and all still need some work but all sounded great. This pic was taken yesterday, the first time these corners have not had khorns in them for over 10 years. I love a good rats nest
  3. Yesterday, Max came by and bought the birch front KD-FR Klipschorns. That leaves the "wet walnut" veneered K-horns for the time being. Gil has called and stated that he is all in on those and will be by next Saturday to get them. If that changes I will post a further update. I wish that I had a few more pair as it make me feel good to know that some others will enjoy them and not have to give their first born to listen to some of the best reproducers of sound ever made. Thanks to all that have read and responded. Gary
  4. Back on craigslist https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/ele/d/scituate-klipsch-klipschorn/7336924682.html
  5. How funny is that... I would guess that the buyer didn't even hear them in good corners. I guess my sales pitch needs a tune up.
  6. I saw this and thought that some folks may be interested, it was posted 14 hours ago https://providence.craigslist.org/ele/d/pawtucket-klipsch-horns/7336225156.html Sellers email 392fd3977d4530c6b33be7e00853a12c@sale.craigslist.org I guess if you are in the market, Pawtucket is about an hour away from me so you can see what else is available that is local. For both pairs that I have available for sale, I was quoting prices 10 to 25 percent less. These K-horns in Pawtucket, R.I. look pretty nice but there are some closer pictures which show a bit of veneer chipping. I don't care if you buy the ones in Pawtucket or mine, just trying to help anyone looking for K-horns. I have enjoyed mine for more than ten years and I hope that if someone is looking that they will do the same. I don't know and have not talked to the seller of these K-horns. I have in the past found Lotus Elan cars for those that are looking, I don't sell much but do know a bit and many folks that have Lotus Elans, I just like to help people to have fun doing what I enjoy doing. I don't take money but I do get satisfaction knowing that I have put a smile on some folks faces. Best of luck and above all else "enjoy yourself" Gary I guess this is my idea of a BUMP
  7. As you say, a few dollars. I think a 1/4 sheet of 18 mm Baltic birch "30 x 30" will do so $54 https://www.boulterplywood.com/MultiLayerPlywood_4.htm prices have gone up, (like double in the last couple years) but so have Heresies and all other heritage speakers. I like building so its not a big thing to do.
  8. I plan on bracing a pair of Heresy speakers, but I plan on cutting new half inch plywood backs to brace and leave the originals as they were made so that I don't change/destroy what Klipsch designed. Plywood is still relatively cheap, you can also use a piece of 3/4 and let it stick out the back to stiffen the back too, then use a 1/4 inch round over bit so soften the edges and then use the original backs for transfer the holes for the screws (use longer screws or counter bore for the original ones). just a thought... Gary
  9. I've been away on and off for a week, It has been tough to give folks a window to come and listen. I should be around starting this upcoming Sunday and I hope to show the two pair that are left then. I will then decide if the last pair is available or not (if a pair is sold) at that time. I took a couple pictures this morning of the lacquered birch front k-horns (KD-FR on the tag label). Gary
  10. This topic has the gist of what I did but is a more recent build. The risers are made of Brazilian cherry (left over flooring from a friends new house). I have never used stain, I use wood that I like the color of, its tough to scrape through the stain if its not there to show the scrape, dig or gouge. The risers are not (NOT) the ones in the picture I posted here but they are built in the same manor. I tried to use the same taper cutting jig but it was damaged beyond use so I built another.
  11. After I finished sanding and spraying a couple coats of urethane I papered and taped off the exterior of both cabinets so that the only thing exposed was the motorboard ( there was already overspray on the interior of the cab from the factory) and used a can of spray black lacquer.
  12. I spent some time on Sunday afternoon setting up the birch front K-horns (the ones on the moving dollies in the above photo) so that they can be auditioned. I still need to do some work but the sound wont change.
  13. Laurie called this morning and we had a nice chat. From our conversation, these speakers were his late brothers. It seems that when his brother found something that he liked, he made sure that he had a spare or two, maybe more. I can relate to that line of reasoning. From his description of these speakers, it is something that if you want some nice unmolested original Klipsch products get in touch with him. Laurie sounded genuine and not a trash-talker. This observation is from a 10 minute phone call, I may not get it all right but I rarely get it all wrong. Call him yourself if you don't believe me. I have his number...
  14. The pair of fir raw (photo above) left yesterday. So one gone and one or two to go. I have given prices over the phone, I think they are fair and the first buyer did too. The other folks I have spoken with seem to think that my prices are reasonable. If any of you want a price call me and I'll give you them, I kind of think, it keeps the tire kickers out of the air. In the last year and a half, I have not seen many K-horns on the market, I look mostly in the New England, New York, New Jersey area. There seems to be a pent up demand and inflation also seems to be on the rise. It is likely that I'll be selling the Corn Clone bass bin cabinets and heresy's but for now I need some space back. My tinnitus seems to be worse and the way I listen to music does not help it. Gary
  15. So far have had 3 calls and Chris is coming up from NYC to look at the Raw fir KC-FR Khorns (the picture posted above). Adam was also interested but has issues with size and placement. John called at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and said he would like to take a look but didn't like todays weather so may be able to make it next Sunday. The third pair may have to go too if there is enough interest.
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