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  1. I kind of figured that someone had been here before, Its been almost 45 years since I had a pair of JBL L19 speakers in the back seat of 1969 Fury and they did sound good back in the day.
  2. Just trying them for size - need to hook them up and listen they just seem to disappear
  3. For now I am going to rig a cardboard flap to cover the display, hopefully I can get the rest to work to my standards Thanks it all for the suggestions.
  4. So - the salt and sand are off the road and the RMV opened on Wednesday after a 2 day shutdown due to the corona thing. I got my NEW to me 1996 F350 extended cab on the road now. I started to play with the radio (Dual BT) and seems to be missing the LF channel and the faceplate display is a blinding blue at night, Its very distracting, especially the rolling billboard display that wont stop. When I put the clock feature on the screen it cycles between time and rolling display. What a piece of trash. I was thinking of replacing the unit with something, but being clueless and old I just thought I would ask what new radio units folks here liked. I did a search and found a "10 best", from this I have figured that I have a 1 DIN unit but I really don't understand much else of what was written. All of the units seem to have a volume knob and a bunch of small buttons (with even smaller letters) that may or may not do what you think they might. The nail in the coffin was set when I tried out the blue tooth phone hook up (we got a new hands free law at the beginning of March). The ring volume nearly blew me away and when I answered my brother in law couldn't hear me so I had to pull over and shut the truck off to talk. Maybe some have been through this and have a bit to offer on this subject. Thanks Gary
  5. Hi Dave I like the BB plywood, I use it when it make sense to do so. I happed to buy this sheet to help a friend with rebuilding of an English sports car. I cut the patterns he gave me and I had most of the sheet left over. The recite is what I bought 3 years ago, the picture is what it left now. Gary
  6. I am not sure about country of origin, but I cut up the sheet pretty well and it was the only issue with that particular sheet.
  7. Well, no one has mentioned voids. I had not seen them before in Baltic birch plywood until January when I was making a cover for the Bogen DB20 and there it was. This is the only void in the sheet that I saw, but I guess stuff happens Gary
  8. The amp cover ended up with a very good color. another New cab mounts to the chassis
  9. Not done yet! There are some problems with the tape residue, Oh well - I'll have to check for that next time. Its does have a nice color after a few coats of lacquer
  10. There are a few of those "that's not what I meant to do" moments but I think it will work. Needs finish...
  11. I got to thinking about a cover and this is what the results are after a day of procrastinating and another cutting, fitting, more cutting and fitting with some measuring and drilling tossed in. At about 4 pm I finally got myself out of clamps
  12. A couple more Got to fill the hole with the speaker jack
  13. I did a bit more cleaning, lots of small changes, tone circuit disabled (for the moment), holds filled, more changes under, cleaner, more voltage, need to get some speaker jacks, I have been enjoying it since yesterday.
  14. Got some 22uf electrolytic caps yesterday for the amp yesterday and spent a bit more time cleaning up the unused parts that I didn't need or some that were grossly out of spec. The cathode resistor for the two 6V6's measured 170 ohm where it was supposed to be 220 ohm so out it came. A 33k measured 37k in the voltage divider section and was borderline but it came out too. Once I got the electrolytic caps installed I plugged in the 8 ohm woofer and turned on the switch, wonder of wonders - no smoke and the voltage peak on startup was right around 395 vdc and quickly settled down to 328 volts. Plate voltage on the 6V6's was 320v and the screens were 325v with the cathode right at 19.5 volts DC. There was a bit of noise at times through the speaker (pops and other extraneous sounds) but there was nothing connected to the amp and I just had the power on with the volume all the way down. I had it powered on for about 20 minutes and every thing seemed quite stable. I guess its time to finish the preamp section. I am quite happy with this street find, it's going to make a nice amp... Gary 2-28-2020 07:30 I got to play with the amp for a bit and it still needs work, the preamp section seems too noisy so I'll spend some more time with it. I had built a pair of cabs out of an old set of draws that my friend had tossed out (the carcass didn't survive the 12 foot drop so well but the draws were mostly ok) , the draws themselves were a very nice white clear poplar and bottoms were good mahogany plywood. All I had to do was find the grill cloth (in the attic out of an old Magnavox hifi) and bolt in the speaker out of the Silvertone to have something to test the amp with.
  15. To install a new novell nine pin socket I had to enlarge one of the original holes. Its a pain to do sometimes but this time I was able to remove the plate and clamp a backing piece, mark the location, drill a pilot hole for the 7/8 inch holesaw and make the hole so I could use the original holes that the rivets were installed in. much of the rest was removed and the heater wires re-routed to the new socket. more later when I know more - like if the power transformer is any good Gary
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