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  1. This really was not the plan when I started to make the filler plugs but out came the tape measure and then the cardboard template went down on the floor and the next thing I know its 5pm and its getting close... three quarters of an inch shorter than the bell with the port. I was thinking of a grill but lost ambition.
  2. So it goes that the new handle plugs needed paint, the rest of the cabs did too. I was not excited about sanding off all of the duratex but did what I could with what I felt a reasonable effort to remove the exterior and left the interior of the mouth alone. One stripped of duratex and the other striped and 3 coats of 7777 Rustolium satin black. One heavy coat of 7777 over the duratex on the mouth interior.
  3. The Duratex is thick and it didn't flush up as well as I had hoped but that can be dealt with.
  4. Glued cover installed and waiting for me to put the screws to secure it in place.
  5. I was looking at the FH-1 bass bins on Saturday and was trying to think of what to do with them. I ported them years ago and they ended up in a space that does not help them perform. The K33 woofers ended up in another pair of speakers and the original black widows are back in. I had thought of selling but If anything has to go it would be the extra [air of Khorns. The more I looked at the FH-1's I thought the handles could go and that's what I did to see if I could get them back into use. I cut four 3/4 inch filler plugs and four 1/8 pieces of plywood. All of the 3/4 was cut a hair large and sanded to fit, It took several light taps with a good size hammer to install and remove. The 1/8 inch panels were drilled to the same pattern as the handles and screwed on to the fh-1 cabs after the 3/4 plugs were installed and 4 pilot holes drilled to secure the 2 panels together. once the screwed together they were removed, disassembled and glued. Plug fitted to cab.
  6. The FH-1 bass cabs are in the back of the garage and not meant for critical listening. I had a pair of Cornwalls for support and they were replaced by a pair of Klipsch KP201. I used a single Khorn top for the upper frequencies on top of the FH-1's. Mostly, I am outside doing something and the system is running in mono as I just want some outside music.
  7. or - I raised the hatch on these with 10 inch sides installed a pair of 4 inch ports. pretty much DJK's mod Gary
  8. Anyone want to make some tubes? maybe belongs in alerts but may be more interesting to those that frequent this section of the forum. It kind of sounds like a total commitment to me. Oh yea not my ad or stuff, I have problems installing novel tubes at times --------------------------------------------------------------- https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/d/boston-rca-vacum-tube-manufacturing/7142204127.html RCA VACUM TUBE MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT (boston) RCA Vacum Tube Manufacturing Equipment for sale - RCA Grids Winders, Sealex Machines, Complete Trolley Assemblies with control panel, Mica Dies, Grid Mandrels, Complete Sealex Line with Control Panel, RCA Electron Tube Manufacturing Drawings from Harrison NJ, RCA Cathode mixture and formula, ect… IF you want to manufacture vacum tubes for the guitar amplifier industry or the audio industry here is your chance. Leave contact info for response….phone or email only (dont let anyone tell you it can't be done)
  9. No one has mentioned that the tweeters and mids are higher and I see a lot of folks recommending raising up there Heresy speakers to move the tweeters up closer to ear level. The tangent has a lot going for it, if its not what you want, move them along to someone that does and either build or by what you really do want.
  10. I got some Klipschorn parts used locally from someone that had upgraded there Khorns. There were some newer grills, I got 3 total so that is why one is now black. The original grill was a dark brown and I still have it but it has some road rash on it. The only rounding is from me rocking the flat sanding block when I was sanding the filled areas of the missing veneer.
  11. Lets see, nearly summer and this project needs to be suspended till more suitable weather arrives. I guess there have been nine coats of boiled linseed oil applied and they look great. April 30 seems more distant than it is. This morning I got one of the cabs stood up right and slid it back into one of the TSCM like enclosure to make enough floor space so I disassemble the other enclosure. I hope to have them both playing soon. The Khorn bass bin is just sitting in the enclosure, I didn't put back the 9 screws that previously held them in place. The other bass bin will go into the corner by itself. This is the one on the left in the photo above, Not to shabby
  12. Two weeks have passed so not a lot has happened, just 2 coats of oil have been applied. Yesterday I flooded the fronts and left for a while, the BLO sat soakingfrom 11:30 to 5:00. wiped them down and gave them a light polish with a cotton rag.
  13. Yesterday I got the back installed (glued and screwed) on one Khorn, it was the tailboard with the rebuilt the bottom 2 inches. Another coat of BLO this morning (the fifth one), its been soaking since 6:15, so at around 9:30 I'll remove the excess.
  14. Sorry to confuse, the question was read and possibly answered in another topic that REXXIS started on his own Heresy speakers. From topic: My 150 grit is very well used.' More of a real world 180-220 and I don't let the DA rest, I probably move the sander quite fast with the grain at a speed of a foot or more per second. The sander is only sanding for 5 to 10 seconds for a Heresy top before stopping to inspect Much of this sanding is to give the surface a uniform, free from old finish surface. Lite scratches I try to lessen the visual impact (some even come out), deeper digs I leave. Every defect needs to be looked at to decide if its to be fixed or hidden. As far as the boiled linseed oil goes, be very very careful with rags soaked in it, I heard today that a house 3 towns north of me had a "spontaneous combustion" fire that caused $75k in damages. I got the last quart at HD, before that I was using what my father had gotten at the transfer station "take it or leave it" area.
  15. These fronts were blacked out with Spray can black lacquer, I papered off the sides and taped the front edge and in 5 minutes they were black and dry. I think it was a cold December day when I did them.
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