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  1. Just call me a heathen, Monday was a nice day so I thought I would take advantage of it. I was driving down by the beach and I spotted the FREE sign on iron mongers wine cart, all ornamental scrolls and it designed to hold over a case of wine. I stopped and had a look and it seems like the poor thing had drown in the ocean a couple years ago during one of the winter storms of 2016 or possibly 2018. It was a bit on the rusty side and the wheels no longer would turn but I tossed it in the back of the truck to "show Mum", well she was thrilled . The picture below is very similar to what I found except the top was a glue up of 5/4 boards painted a nice light blue. So if you have read along this far in this post you must be wondering "what on earth" is he going on about, boozed out at 9:30am? , smoking big fatties?, or just lost it. Well none of those really (lost it? possibly) The wine cart looked pretty tatty with all the rust so I brought it home for a quickie satin black paint job. I was low on rustoleum satin black 7777, so a quick trip to pick up a couple quarts and home by 11:30 No prep work involved here as there was still a bit of salt water leaking out of one of the wheels and I figured it would last a few years outside with some plants placed on the top. Seeing I was going to have the spray gun out I figured I would take the opportunity to spark up the appearance of the La Scala' Industrials. I pulled the components out of the top and the rest of the trim and dragged them out onto the deck for a little satin black too. I didn't bother with a lot of prep work but all of the holes that the previous owners had drilled were plugged with dowels and cut flush, not much other prep work was done other than a damp cloth wipe down and I went right over the Duratex with the satin black. This morning after 36 hours of drying I reinstalled all of the components. One of them still needs a pair of KLIPSCH handles but the pair from the KP201 is newer and don't match the 1985 handles so I need to do something else, I have 4 EV handles that may work but that may be sacrilegious. I know topics without pictures are lame, but I guess that's life. For the money and time invested I think they will be just fine and sound even better! Thanks again Gary
  2. The braided wire from the speaker terminal to the cone
  3. Not a lot of progress on these but I thought I would update the topic. The problem with the K43-E was diagnosed by a local outfit called Pro Sound Service in Weymouth Landing. I walked in off the street and the tech did a sweep and maybe some other tests and all looked good while I stood there and waited. The only issue that he was able to spot was that the tinsel was striking the spider so he tweaked it a bit and said that might be what I was hearing and sent me on my way (no charge, big thanks to the tech). I left and took the K43-E home and reinstalled into the good LSI cabinet after removing the non-problem K43-E (just swapped woofers) and played both LSI. brought both of them up to the volume where I was having the problem before (one at a time) and the resonance was gone. I was pretty happy that they are both playing nicely now with all of the original components. I think that I will leave the cabinets as they are and just touch up some of the paint issues. They don't look that bad and if do any more than that I would be afraid to move them about and just use them. This purchase has got me thinking about building a pair of the trapezoidal split tops (drawn, measured. and figured out the cut plan) for the spare pair of K400 horns. Thanks to all that have offered advise, I really do appreciate the experience of others that have been there before. Gary
  4. I got the rest of the components installed and hooked the repaired LSI in mono, turned on the Advent 300 (free on the side of the road) and the B & K AV2500 (also free with a closet of other B & K power amps ) put on the first album I saw (Hot Tuna - Burgers) and played "Keep on truckin mama", Jack Cassidy was kind enough to put enough bass into the song for a fairly good test. It sounded good enough at low to moderate volume so a gave it a bit of throttle to high noon and was still ok but nothing great. as soon as I hit 12:30 all hell broke loose and the LSI sounded like it was feeding back on itself. It was really testing the glue job. I wasn't sure if it was the glued cabinet or the woofer. I didn't even finish the song and shut it down, hooked up the "good" LSI and repeated the test and got it up to about 3 o'clock on the loud dial and finished the song at a more moderate noon to 1 o'clock. shut it down and left the house to have a think. I got home mid afternoon and popped the hatch off the bottom and removed the K43. I had some trouble with the 10-24 Phillips screws and went to the hardware store to find some replacements and took Marvel's (DJK's) advice and got some button head Allen screws that were 1 1/2 long to replace the 1 1/4 (that's what they had and got home and used a couple of 1/8 inch spacers under each and installed the spare K33 (it was all I had) and repeated the test with the same cut. The repairs LSI played nicely up to about 1:30 to 2 so I guess I now know why the hatch screws were out of the one cabinet. I'm not sure what I'll do now, I don't see anything visibly wrong with the K43, the cone looks fine. I really don't have the expertise to know if a re-cone will fix it or if its junk. I may just steel another K33 from one of the Cornwall clones and swap out the other. Need to think about it a while... Gary
  5. Hi Mookie Very nice work - looks like more than I want to do at this time. I have been listening to the single in mono in the kitchen since I picked the pair up and I need to find a place for it to reside. I am out of corners so the best place I can think of at the moment is on top of the birch lacquered MWM bass bin that I made 4 years ago. I have been using it as a center between a pair of Klipschorns that have Belle Klipsch speakers in front of them. The Belle's are hiding the buggered raw fir (they were dragged across a parking lot). The Picture below ( from the link above) shows the basic setup but the Belle's have replaced the Cornwall's All of the current speakers have K33 with square mud magnets, K55-V, K77 round magnets with AA networks so I may do a component swap and use all of the components from the LSI's in the Khorn tops which have bottoms elsewhere with AK3 networks. Not sure if I'll use the K43's yet I need to get both LSI working and sounding good before I do anything more, I installed the original K43 back into the busted up LSI this morning and stopped at the hardware to get screws for the woofer hatch (they were missing). Hopefully, I have it playing this afternoon and then be able to make a decision on what to do next. This all reads a little bit disjointed but I guess that's just the way I am ----
  6. Islander - Not my photo, Just some ones reply to the build topic, All of my pictures were on "photobucket" and the forum software chose that one... Marvel - 10-24 is the thread size used so they will stay as Kipsch built them Diz - only 19 screws hold the top on the build from 9 years ago - my bad memory Back to the $400 LSI topic I was hesitant to remove the clamps last night and move the LSI inside so I put a large plastic bag over it and weighted the base down with some lead and left it out all night, I kind of felt a bit guilty. Anyway I removed the clamps and nailed all of the glue joints that I did yesterday and I think it is back to being rock solid again. All of the joints ended up flush and smooth to the touch except the bottom of the cabinet and that was only sticking out less than 1/64" in between the three clamps. I'll live with that, I am pleased that everywhere else things flushed up nicely. I need to fill all of the countersunk nails that I put in this morning and a few extraneous holes that were there and re-paint both cabs. we are supposed to have showers today so I'll move the cabinet inside soon so not much more will be done till better weather arrives. thanks to all for the interest shown Gary
  7. I looked at the screws and I thought they were 10-24 although they may be a 10-32, I'll check and see when I get home (no internet at home now). I doubt I'll be adding any more than the original 4 as I just finished gluing it all back together. I did the one arm paper hanger thing, spread glue, position the two haves, hold the block, set the clamp (repeat 11 more times), wet towel to wipe glue, check for gaps and flush fit, double check everything, move a couple clamps with the blocks, check it all again, wipe off more glue that I missed, chisel the semi-hardened glue that that I missed, and finally walk away before I screw it up. I didn't nail anything yet as there really was no time when gluing two halves together. I do that in the morning. I did this all on the south side deck and it is nice and toasty, its been a miserable spring here and this is about the 3rd nice day where it has been close to 70 degrees. No rain is expected but I will drag it back in the house tonight about 8 pm so the glue will have had at least 5 hours to set. I will need to take off the clamps ( 7 Jorgenson 3 foot I-bar clamps plus the other 5) as the clamps are nearly as heavy as the empty cabinet.
  8. Diz The tops come off with about 25 screws, it takes about 2 minutes with a cordless drill and the right bit to pop the tops, and a bit longer to reinstall. I took the (side/top/high frequency motorboard) off of the (doghouse/other side) and glued the worst of the delamination's, I hope it will be enough to quell the unwanted buzzing. I just cut some 3/4" long dowels (3/8" diameter) to plug the holes in the side and top (6 total for the two cabinets) that these cabs had to fly them at one time. I took the back off of the second cabinet and it also has an AL network, K55-M and K77M. The bottom hatch has yet to be removed so I can't yet confirm that it has a K43 but I am guessing it does. I'm off to get some more fuel and then I see if I feel like reuniting the two parts of the LSI (big smile) Gary
  9. Hi Dave Been there done that with my first build, 15 mm and 12 mm Baltic birch laminated together the panels are 1 and an eight inches thick on the sides and the doghouse is a double layer of 12 mm laminated. these are heavy (see the attached link in my first reply for details)
  10. Hi to all that have read or replied or just had a good laugh I like posting photo's as my typing sucks and it makes explaining easier. I may need to invest in a camera (smile) Last night I started to glue the cracks high frequency motorboard back together, I should replace but my thoughts are that if I start buying plywood, I might as well start a new build. If things don't work out and odd noises appear that should not be emanating from the repaired LSI cabinet I may just use the parts elsewhere. I would at this point rather save what I have though. I am using Tightbond 3 for glue on this repair The top of the high frequency was lifted slightly approximately half way across the front of the motorboard. That was glued about a half hour ago. The glue is too thick to flow into the opening that is less than a thirty-second of an inch even inserting a knife to open it, so I thinned it a bit with water, taped off the line along the split and pored it though. With the glue running though the crack I followed with a bit of un-thinned Tightbond 3. Once that was drawn into the split I used 4 clamps to close the gap and cleaned up the mess of drools. Latter today I will separate the one side that still has the high frequency motorboard and top attached from the doghouse with the other side still firmly attached and finish pulling the nails through the plywood. it is nailed from the side and bottom so it is held captive very well. at the moment it is lifted an eight to a quarter inch. I will lay it over at a 45 degree angle to pull it from the rest of the cabinet. once I get all of the nails out, the whole thing will be glued, clamped into place and nailed with 4 penny finish nails. If I am satisfied with the outcome of the repair (components re-installed and playing, I'll deal with the holes left by the missing handles. HDBR - Thank for the insight and all of the helpful posts, I do respect all of your experience and advice. Dave A - nice looking speakers
  11. The handles/holes are in the high frequency part of the cabinet, they a bit high for me to use but I wanted to fill in the holes with something that looked right. Not sure of the eventual usage, but I think that they will be indoors. I guess I did a search on "klipsch" in craigslist and did the impulse buy. They are a bit heavier than I thought, I was thinking something along the lines of 125 lbs . but I read on here someplace that they are closer to 165 bs. (that's more than me).
  12. Thanks for the info, I am not sure how much work will be involved but I guess I was looking for a "spring" project. In the past I built a pair of ported la scalla clones and well, never really finished them. I guess its been some time since I wrote about it - nearly 9 years, how did that happen? The Clones are still around and I figured at the worst I would build some tops for them. I'll have to see how it goes with these new to me La Scalla's
  13. Making my morning rounds on craigslist yesterday I spotted a pair of La Scalla industrial that were located in Rhode Island . The "Hook was set" when I read the price of $400. I emailed at 8:30 and got a call back from the seller an hour later and made the appointment to have a look. One was described as functioning and sounding "good", the other, Not So good. So I got the address which was about an hour from home and got the cash and some Fuel and set off. What I found when I saw them were a pair of Non split cabs that were from an estate where one of the cabs was brutalized for who knows why. The side was pried apart and the top lifted but the dog house was intact. The seller was firm on the price so I finally agreed. We loaded them into the back of my F250 and I was on my way and home by 1:30 . When I got home and pulled out the component's of the damaged unit to further assess the possibility to re-glue it I believe it will be possible to fix. The damaged LSI is missing both handle so I'll need a pair but otherwise it is complete. The damaged LSI (I have not gotten into the other cab yet) has a K43 steel frame, K55M with aluminum K400 horn, K77M and a AL crossover network. Cabinets have black spatter paint with rounded over tops and openings for the K77M and K400. The pair is sequential and built in the first week of 1985 . It is supposed to be a nice weekend so I'll bring it outside with all of my clamps at the ready to glue and nail it back together. Hope everyone has a great weekend... Sorry, no pictures as the camera is broke.
  14. Thanks for the complement, it sounds good too. I did the switch this morning, the first bin was moved outside and given another coat of black (rustolium satin black - 7777) and the lacquered birch brought into the house.
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