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  1. I love road trips! 👍🏼 ...Seriously, I thought there’d be more interest. We’ll see.
  2. Hey all - I posted about these last Fall when I was trying to get them to perform their best. They were a birthday present to myself. I thought they’d be a fun little project since everything was in such great shape. I assumed they wouldn’t need much to bring ‘em around. Well, they did not sound great in my listening room. I came here for help, and received it. Yay! Crites Type A crossovers were recommended among other things, and those have been the only mods I’ve pursued. The cabinets are original, and I have all the original paperwork from the initial sale in 1982. They sound amazing, even with a very modest sub. Cosmetically, well, I’ll show ya... And here’s an anomaly: Notice the grain of the strip under the glass top? (Yeah, they have glass tops). Now check out the LOWER strip on the other speaker... Someone should have picked up on that! It’s either a charming result of the fact that these were largely handmade and therefore imperfect, or it’s a fatal flaw for the purists. I think it’s kinda cool. (I digitally exaggerated the resolution of these two areas so you could see them more clearly.) Here’s one of the old crossovers... 😕 NOTE: I did not save these after installing the Crites Type A crossovers - I’m not curating a museum; I wanted good sound. 😉 And the dual phase plug driver... I can can provide more pics, but it’s getting late. $1,800 OBO. **3/20/19: $1,500 OBO** The catch: I’m not willing to ship them. Or move them at all, frankly. My old body is not up to it. So, someone with a truck or van, a strong friend or two, and a willingness to come to northern Colorado, will be getting some extraordinary Belles! They need a better home than I’m providing. I’ve not posted in Garage Sale before, so let me know what else I can do to ensure that you have all the info you need. Thx, and happy listening! Dan O.
  3. I’ve got two Elekit TU-H82 snap together kit amps that sound remarkable (6 watts). Rolling the 12AU7s is great fun! It’s a toy really, and for $300 it’ll turn your head. Or, The NuForce DDA-120 sounds fantastic with Belles + subwoofer. It can be found for $250. Your Fortes will likely be fine with any well thought out device upstream.
  4. While everything is indeed for sale, I’m going to enjoy them for a while. I’ve been working myself sick lately and just chilling with tunes is about as close to heaven as I get these days.
  5. I added the sub (nothing fancy: BIC Formula12). Combined with the Crites Type A crossover, the result is very listenable. The works is being driven by a Nuforce DDA-120. You can still find these on the net with minimal effort, and at a great price. For solid state, it gets most things right. So, I guess I’ll settle in for the winter with this set up, and I think I’ll be quite happy. Thanks again for the helpful tips, and the backstory about the dual phase plug midrange drivers - they’re rare birds and I plan to enjoy them. You’ll be the first to know if they become available in the future.
  6. I’ve been in FoCo for 34 years. Originally from MN. There’ve been many changes here in that time, but the heart and soul have persevered.
  7. They are indeed a fine example, for the time, of an audio idea made nearly perfect.
  8. I’m open to selling the Belles, yes. They’re certainly better with the Crites Type A xovers, and whether some might feel that this fundamental upgrade was sonically a lateral move or not, the xovers simply needed to be done. I have a subwoofer, still in the box, that I’d hoped to add to the mix, but I’ve not had time. I think the right sub would bring these into full bloom, sonically. As Belles go, these are quite exceptional. I understand that from my research. I appreciate them, in the broad sense, but I’m not attached to them. I’m not collector, nor am I trying to make a profit. I’m not that savvy re: this forum and the nuances of utilizing it, but if anyone wants to contact me directly, I’m happy to discuss them further. I’m in Fort Collins, CO.
  9. Just a quick “thanks” to all who have offered tips and tricks to get these Belles up to their potential.
  10. The Crites Type A crossovers are now installed, and there is certainly a difference! This difference seems less tonal in nature as it is about phase consistency between left and right channels. Images are much more focused, with phantom center being much more precise. A sub will be next, as I can live with the sonic signature I’m getting now. I’d like to keep things as original as possible. Thx for the good advice!
  11. I debated about doing anything. But, as with most things, tiny initial changes can be very revealing. It’s no risk.
  12. Hey all, I elected to start with Bob’s Crites’ Type A crossover. (The placement of the speakers will have to be as shown in the original pic.) I don’t think I’ll upgrade any drivers or horns at this time, as I’d like to stay with the original tonal quality. I think a good sub will be next, then that’s it for this project. My hunch is this will be just fine. And if not, I’ll have nice ‘82 Belles available for sale in a month or less. I appreciate everyone’s help here. Thanks!
  13. ...I answered my own question (it was a supply thing, with EV being the supplier, if I’m getting it right). So, “now what”, he asked himself... It would seem I’ve stumbled on a true jem. They’re cosmetically great; they’re equipped with rare K-55s; they have the glass tops. Now I feel silly thinking about selling them as opposed to bringing them to “spec” with new crossovers. Hmm...
  14. Interesting. Was this k55 abandoned due to performance concerns? Costs? While it’s rare, that might not necessarily mean its “good” (though I’ve no doubt it is). And thanks for unearthing this bit of detail; I had no idea.
  15. And here’s a shot of the crossover.
  16. Here’s a shot of the k55. It doesn’t look like a spring clip. Thoughts?
  17. Thanks guys. I was lucky to find them. I’m a recording engineer and audiologist (hence the artwork), and I had high hopes. Frankly, my room is the problem, and I can’t change it. If they don’t find a home in a while, I’ll go ahead with mods/sub. However, to paraphrase Peter Egan, we’re only caretakers of the things we cherish. I’m not the only one who can provide a good home for them. There’s another home out there.
  18. 1982 Klipsch Belles, with documentation (original receipt, etc). Northern Colorado. All original, including AA crossovers. Glass tops for top hats. Excellent shape. More pics to come. $1,700 (which is what I have in them).
  19. Hey again. I’ve truly tried to enjoy my experience with the Belles. It’s not happening for me, and it’s not like I’m a newby to all (or any) things audio. Dynamics are amazing. But that mysterious “it” factor is being elusive. I find them thin, with vague imaging, and a harsh top end. I’ve moved them as much as is practical in my place. I’ve spoken with Bob Crites about upgrades, etc. I’ve looked into subs. (Inhale/exhale.) I’m ready to let them go. I’m too tied up in other things to take on another project. Pass the word around - they’re available.
  20. Wow. Placement and crossovers are certainly doable. I’ll need to get creative with the layout of the room, but that can be fun. Thx!
  21. Thanks guys. I spent time on Crites site, and it looks like one can essentially “re-voice” these speakers. Without breaking the bank. I appreciate everyone’s comments - thx again!
  22. Gotcha. I might try a little PNC (Pinot Noir Calibration) also. Just to listen a little less critically. 😉
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