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  1. I'm replacing the diaphragms in my tweeters and noticed the wiring looked reversed on one of them. On one, I have a white wire and one with a red stripe. The other speaker, white and one with a black stripe. Is the striped wire positive or neg? One of them had to have been wrong. And help on this one? Thanks!!!
  2. Finally got a few minutes to install the Crites titanium tweets in my KG4s and took the x-overs out to take a peek as that's my next job. I was a bit suprised to find what I did. Did not look like a picture I had seen of a KG4 stock crossover on another thread. I'm assuming that these have been "massaged" sometime in their past. Do any of these components look familiar. I have Bob's Sonicaps ready to go in, just wanted to make sure I'm doing the right thing. BTW, the titanium dias sound AMAZING![Y]
  3. Thanks to everyone who shared their valuable opinions on this question, it looks like a landslide for the Fortes (no suprise). It's amazing that a speaker that's over 20 years old still has such a fanatical following and rates a 4.93 out of 5 at audioreview.com. The more I read, the more I like and I pulled the trigger last night. A mint pair of oiled oak orig Fortes. In A/Bing my KG4s vs my Polk 10Bs, I have to give top end and detail to the Polks yet the KG4s have much more bottom end and a very "lush" sound to them. With a dedicated mid and a powered woofer, I can only imagine how nice the Fortes will sound. I love the retro look of these speakers as opposed to the dull, black home theater look speakers of today. I'll be picking them up next week and I'll give my listening impressions then. Thanks again to all!
  4. Recently picked-up a pair of KG4s which I'm planning on upgrading with BC crossover upgrade and titanium dias (going to the PO to pick them up today). However, I am thinking of grabbing a pair of mint Fortes that recently came avail. I've always wanted a true 3-way design as I believe that will give the best sound reproduction (two-ways have to sacrifice something) but I'm debating if the Fortes ($450) would be a significant upgrade over the modded KG4s ($250). I have a rather small listening room (12 x 14) and not sure if it worth spending the extra cash for the Fortes would be worth it. I know this may be an impossible question to answer, but I'm hoping to get some feedback as to help me make my mind up. I'm at 50/50 and cannot make a decision. Help!
  5. Just recently picked-up my first ever pair of Klipsch speakers, beautiful walnut veneered KG4s. In listening to them last evening I was suprised by how "flat" they sounded, given I have read that they are a rather "bright" sounding speaker. You can hear cymbals and other high freq but the sound rather muted. Putting my ear up to the horn, you can hear sounds coming from it but you really have to listen carefully. Does that sound normal? The date on the speaker terminal decal is 1984. If that's accurate, then maybe the x-over caps are the culprit. Do the tweeters degrade over time as well or are they all or nothing. These speakers are in such beautiful cosmetic condition, I'd like to make them sound as good as they look. Any suggestions, feedback would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I'm powering them with an Onkyo M504 amp and an Adcom pre which make my Polk SDA 1-Cs sing. Thanks from a new Klipsch addict! Mitch
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