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  1. I built y cornscalas 3 years ago but did not get around to finish them cosmetically until now. Finally it is all dressed up in Veneer, grill cloths, etc. Here are some pics. Once again my sincere Thanks to Bob Crites, James Cullison and Klipsch forum members. Cornscala Parts - K77-F, K55- V (Solder Terminals) / K400, Crites CS1526CW Woofer, AL-4 Network.
  2. Mark: I have sent you a prviate msg in this regard. Thanks
  3. I am back in the East Coast again. I will be here till Feb 3rd. The Tweeters are still available if anyone is interested.
  4. Lee: What OS are you running? While it works like a charm on XP, I cannot get it to work on W7 (and yes I followed all the procedures religiously).
  5. It is also interesting that the K77F is labelled as a 8 Ohm nominal Imp tweeter. From the plot the average Imp is only around 6 Ohms.
  6. This is K77F as measured by WT3. I am wondering what effect there maybe from what I see around 3.5KHz.
  7. Here is what WT3 says about K53/K701 combo. The impedence peaks in the midrange ain't so pretty! Also interesting is Le is repordted as 2.2mH higher than a Woofer???
  8. Al: The plot I have posted so far are for BEC's CS1526 Woofers (in my Cornscala cabinet) which are as per Bob close to specs as early K33's. I will be posting the K53 measurement next.
  9. Bob: Have you done Le measurements on the CS1526 at various frequencies with something like a B&K precision meter?
  10. Here is the measurement of CS1526C (mounted in cabinet) by WT3. I did more than 10 runs at different times and the results were quite consistent without much variation. Re is right on (my Fluke Meter measures 3.8). The WT3 impedence curve pretty much matches with my crude method above with a few minor exceptions at a few frequencies. Also, the min impedence between the double peaks is at 40Hz suggesting tuning to 40Hz. Interesting things are as follows: 1. Le is reported as 1.7mH (do not know at which frequency) 2. Qts, Qes and Qms are substanially different from free air specs (cabinet loading cause??) which are Qts = 0.2, Qes = 0.27, Qms = 9.93.
  11. After getting the WT3 tester under Windows XP (it does not work under W7), I measured the impedence and T/S parameters of Crites CS1526C Woofer mounted in a Cornscala Bass Cabinet. My Cornscala Bass bin has almost same volume of Cornwall but with different shape. It is rectangular the first 9 inches of depth and then tapers like a trapezoid towards the rear. The port shelf is same dimension and postion as of cornwall. First I will post the impedence I measured earlier with my crude simple method using a known series resistor ans measuring voltage. Here it is.
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