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  1. Originally posted by DLUngurait:

    "As most of us on this BB are interested in quality audio, it stands to resason that we might in many cases (NOT ALL!) prefer DTS over DD. DTS uses less compression than DD."

    Not at all sure about this. I understand that DTS uses different compression but in fact it was more efficient and therefore more compressed rather than less compressed. The only evidence for this is anecdotal and as follows.

    My Denon 3000 DVD does not support DTS. The DVD on my computer (sony with a hollywood MPEG 2 decoder card) does. To connect the computer with the stereo I used a 10 metre (yard) RCA cable from the digital out to the Yamaha Receiver I had at the time, and a second RCA of similar length for the video.

    I put in a Roy Orbison DVD that had both DTS and DD5.1.

    When the DD5.1 track played it hopped and skiped about all over the place (as did the video) implying a bandwidth problem. When the DTS track played it didnt - it just played fine. I assumed that the DTS was more compressed than the DD5.1.

    I tested the DVD on the Denon with the dd5.1 track and it played fine - so there was nothing wrong with the DVD.

    Not exactly cast iron evidence I know but I havent tested further.

  2. Oh great! I bought the DD version and now I learn there is a DTS one that is better - not my day. On the other hand I sold my surround sound so I dont care. Back on the first hand - I watched the film with my wife on the surround sound system when we had it and spent the first half hour under the coffee table dodging mortar fire - how much better can it get?

    Half the viewers hit by shrapnel?

    Your settee blows up?

    The smell of burning napalm?

    Not sure I could handle more realism for this particular movie.

  3. Excellent suggestions all

    I have hunted on the net and there is a fridge with a serial port(?) Methinks it is internet ready. My food can browse on-line it seems, maybe pick up some recipe ideas - who knows.

    In the meantime a separate room for surround sound huh.....would SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) go for it?

    Well - its something to aim for I suppose.

  4. My system:

    Heresy 11 speakers

    Accuphase E211 Amplifier

    Marrantz CD6000

    Mogami interconnects

    Synergistic silver speaker cables.


    Over the years I have undergone innumerable upgrades and changes to my system. I have travelled through Surround sound (with 12 speakers at one point - 2 of them subs), through Aiwa, Sony, Yamaha amps. I have traversed DVD, staggered through monster cables and flirted with Denon DVD players.

    Finally I have sold my entire surround sound setup and, after much experimenting and several system and component auditions got to the system above.

    My Problem:

    I love my sound. I mean I ADORE it. This is sound that soothes the nerves, heightens the emotions, blinds you with intensity and relaxes better than Prozac. I spend spellbound hours in rapture each evening and rouse myself each morning to sound quality immeasureable to man.

    This is a bad thing? Yes, my search for a sound I want is over. My all consuming stereo lust is gone. I have no more left to buy, no more tweaks I WANT to try.

    Oh, there are many things I could do. Many ways to take that little step forward, maybe. Other formats to try (SACD, DVDa), but the will isnt there.

    I do not pine for this CD player, that amp, or those speakers. I do not dream of a different cabling solution, no longer play with accoustic fixes and 1/4 inch adjustments to speaker angles. It is perfect where it is.

    Now my wife tells me we need a new refridgerator. How can I get excited about that??

    Where to now my wanton lust for sonic Nir Vanna? What brave new world awaits my satisfied ear?

  5. Just to follow up on what Boomer said:

    "the 2 speaker selectors you have (A & B)are for front speakers(back panel hook up for 4). The difference is under "A" you can listen to surround mode or select multi-channel input, but under "B" you can't use surround mode"

    I am not sure if this is a specific "feature" of this receiver. It certainly did not apply to the old Yamaha 595a that I used to have. I ran that system with the quintets, the ksw 10 and an extra pair of KSF 3.1 monitors. The KSF monitors were on Speaker A and a pair of the Qunitets were on Speaker B (they complemented each other remarkably well).

    Running this setup allowed all the speakers to play simultaneously under Dolby 5.1/DTS and both fronts played under stereo with the sub.

    Actually I did hit a problem with the centre channel being drowned out so as a quick fix I took the RCA output for the centre and ran that through the TV speakers to boost the Quintets centre. That gave me 11 speakers in all (3 on the TV) with everything on!

  6. Kind of depends. What dont you like on your current setup? Where do you want to go? How much do you want to spend?

    Are the Forte's standard? - there are many tweaks out there if you are into that sort of thing.


    Do you like your current sound - Afterall if it works - dont fix it.

  7. Now then - lets see. Sounds like the HK unit is built with DVDa in mind and that the Denon isn't but that doesnt mean that the Denon wont support DVDa. THe HK is probably newer ad I doubt it will be the desciding factor for your current setup. BTW - I had Quintets for a few years with the KSW 10 and loved it.

    THD means Total Harmonic Distortion and yes less is better.

    For your sub I would recommend the KSW 12. The 10 will suffice for your current setup but as and when you move on it is unlikely to be sufficient (I sold mine).

    THe sub will play with stereo sound - if you set it on the amp. My old Yamaha had the option of bass sub only, both and main only. With the KSW 12 you will definitely hear a huge difference!!

    You can play with the crossover point on the sub too. I would start around 80Mz and go from there - up and down till you like what you hear.

  8. As the bottom line seems to be that this may not be such a great idea I think I will leave it there. Just had dreams of making a KHorn out of 2 sets of Heresys - should have known I couldnt - silly me!

  9. Love that posting. Couldn't have expressed it better.

    For me same effect - different music / different system.


    Klipsch Heresy 2's

    Accuphase E211 amp

    Marantz CD6000

    Mogami interconnects

    Synergistic silver speaker cables


    JVCXR-9001 FAMOUS SOUNDS OF TBM SAMPLER 1. The Brdige Over Troubled Water/Ayako Hosokawa track is just beyond words.


    THe whole thing is just a transport to another plane.

    Other than those exemplary recordings there are those that move me beyond the limitations of their reproduction:

    Dvorak New World Symphony (9th): Herbert Von Karajan conducting: Deutsche Gramaphon 439 009-2

    Dire Straits, Money for Nothing : Phonogram 836 419-2

    Al Green, Greatest Hits : The Right Stuff T2-30800

    Marvin Gaye, I Heard it Through the Grapevine : Motown 530 258-2

    Suzanne Vega, The Best Of, Tried and True : A&M Records 540-945-2

    Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells 2 : Warner Music 4509-90618-2

    Sade, The Best Of : Sony Music 01-477793-10

    Les Miserables In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall : MCPS 88561-1559-2


    1. Only works when wife and dogs are asleep and with lights off (maybe a candle or 2).

    2. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine or a single malt whiskey.

    3. Disconnect telephone.

    4. Leather recliner a must.

    5. Disconnect refridgerator.

    6. Air con off.

    7. Good cigar.

    If I am very lucky I can get to this heavenly state about once a week. Makes life worth living....

  10. At least 2 of the postings on the Heresy 2 page of audioreview are mine.

    Since last posting I have upgraded my amp to an Accuphase E211 and have not looked back. Just gets more breathtaking by the day.

    The perfect speaker for those of us without the room/budget for the KHorn, La Scala et al.

  11. Something funny going on here. I have a friend with a pair of 50th anniversary KHorns but they do not look like your pictures posted here. He swears he has the paperwork to prove they are what they are, but, they look exactly like the standard issue speakers - just slightly larger I think.

  12. If you take a look at the Audioreview site most people with Heresy's are matching them to the KSW 12 and are perfectly happy with the results.

    Having said that I have a friend with Heresy's and 2 KSW 15's - but he is barking mad!!

    Gotta love that Heresy though! Personally I do not feel the need for extra bass but each to their own...

  13. I am afraid you brought this on yourselves. This is an original post to audioreview.com that I thought I would share here as a brief history of my system. It covers everything but not in exact chronological order. Descriptions in brackets are not part of the poem - just explanations. As follows:

    My Stereo sounded good to me

    Then a friend suggested DVD

    In came denon and Yamaha

    Out went my Sony and Aiwa

    Speakers were the next to go

    Wharfdale made room for Klipsch you know

    Five little speakers to replace just two (Quintet series)

    and a sub-woofer - there's base for you. (KSW 10)

    DVD disks arrived en-mass

    Film and music in a different class

    CDs confined to a bedroom drawer

    Dolby digital surrounds my floor.

    But the sound it was too small it seems

    More KLipsch were summoned to boost my dreams

    KSB monitors they were (3.1's)

    and oh so lovely on the ear.

    A year then passed and my friends evolved

    My system's junk, they then resolved

    So down to Klipsch one more time

    And Heresy 2's were the next in line

    But Yamaha just failed the task

    Rotel was needed, this fault to mask

    And bliss returned as did CD

    Stereo now sounded so good you see

    And slowly DVD got less and less

    and CD took over - oh what a mess

    This Yammy as pre-amp is not so good

    It doesnt sound quite as it should

    So we'll do away with 5.1

    and DTS - that's it my son

    Stereo is the thing for me

    and Accuphase the place to be.

    Out go the rears and the centre channel

    Gone is the Rotel and all that flannel

    But these cables are a waste my friend

    So on some mogamis we did spend

    And then the Heresy's needed more

    So synergistic performed that chore (Synergistic silver cables)

    But this Denon DVD

    Cannot play a good CD

    Marantz will fulfil this role (CD 6000)

    Consign your denon to either pole (Denon 3000 - 1st gen DVD player)

    And now I have a sound so clear

    I wished it wasnt so terribly dear

    I could save saved a bomb you see

    If I hadnt ventured into DVD

    And now they've got new toys it seems

    SACD arrived to haunt my dreams

    But DVDa is also here

    SACD's pitch to queer

    and I am at a loss my friend

    no more money I have to spend

    Patience of my wife at last ran out

    As will she without a doubt

    If one more dollar I do spend

    On systems that just never end

    So this is the end of my little tale

    Of expenditure beyond the pail

    Of DVD and all that stuff

    Of music and this audio buff

    If you made it to here - well done!

  14. I know its a heresy (not the speaker) round here to suggest a solid state amp but you might want to look at an Accuphase solution. Depending on your budget either an integrated E407 or go the whole hog and get one of their pre-amps with a pair of monoblocks (combos go up to around $65,000 with the power rectifiers and all that).

    I have experienced the E407 solution and frankly have never heard anything anywhere that sounded half as good.

    Just a thought...


    Originally posted by JMON:

    Ok, I am writing to get everyone's thoughts and opinions on what the best amplifier would be for K-horns. I have heard quite a bit of praise for SET amps, but have never heard one. The 2A3 SET's seem to be favored over the 300B's. I currently own an Audio Research VT-50 tube amp and love it. Of course, if there is something that would sound even better with K-horns, then I would like to look into it. For the 2A3 amps, I hear that Cary makes a top-notch amp. Are there any others out there that could be even better? Another amp that I have considered is the BAT VK-60. I just want to hear what the rest of you think. Of course I will let my own ears decide, but thought I could get some good suggestions from the rest of you Klipschaholics.

  15. There I was having just finished setting up my own system to the best sound I have ever heard in my house.

    Heresy 2's, Accuphase E211, Marantz 6000 CD player, mogami interconnects, silver speaker cables.

    This may not seem to be god's gift to music to those of you with expensive audiophile systems but to me, with a long history of cheapo systems behind my this was fantastic sound. Truely being there.

    Then, as always happens, I heard another system. A long time audiophile friend has probably the ultimate stereo.

    KlipschHorns (and not your normal ones either - the 50th anniversary specials), Accuphase E407, some Pioneer CD player and, unknown to me, cabling.

    This is music for the Gods. No mere mortal should subject his ears to this and attempt to return to the normality of any other system.

    Huge, stadium filling sound. Ella Fitzgerald with a 12 foot head. Precision in both staging and tone. Not just reality (being there) but zoomed in on reality, better than reality.

    Dvorjak's New World symphony encompassing your entire body. Kettle drums reverberating through you with a strength and clarity unmatchable in a normal Concert hall. A lone French Horn. Its refrain echoing through you via more than just your ears.

    This is truely a total body experience.

    Switch music completely. Prince, Dire Straits, Jazz, Michael Jackson, The Doors.....It makes no difference. All music is welcome here. All music soars to the stratosphere of hearing. Sit where you like - the staging won't change. Move room and you would swear there were speakers there even as the music bounces off the walls, down corridors and into your tympanic membranes and thence to your soul.

    Its worse, in that I can hear the family resemblance. These play much like the Heresey's - just so much bigger and better. This is a Ferrari 308 Vs an F50. Everything my system does is done bigger better and faster, and oh, the sweetness of the base.

    I have heard bassy systems before (and hated them - which is why I went for Heresy's in the first place). This has more bass than any of them but never at the expense of the mids and highs. Perfect Balance.

    Everything else is just pretending.

    Imagine you are listening to a full orchestral piece with place mats in your hands. On each mat is the name of an instrument, not just the instrument but the number - for example 1st Violin, 2nd Violin etc.

    This is the only system that I have ever come across where you could place each in its exact 3 dimensional space with full confidence, the only system where you hear not only the a piano's music but a pianist's hands as they move across the keys.

    My words fail me. It is Music that pulsates through my brain now as it has done for the 4 days that have past since my ears were granted vision.

    Even as I listen to my own system I hear that one (a benefit of the family resemblence I imagine).

    If I can arrange a weekly visit I may never need to upgrade....

  16. quote:

    Originally posted by djk:

    Adding a second pair inverted on top of the first will increase the volume 6dB in the bass up to about 300hz tapering off to 3dB above 600hz.Can the Accuphase drive a load that will dip down to 2.7 ohms around 250hz?

    Wow - that is a detailed answer - I do not know and will try to find out. I was told the accuphase will drive a 2nd pair with no problems but this is a specific detail I had not gone into. When I find out I will let you know.

    Thank you for the input.


  17. quote:

    Originally posted by James D McCall:


    I'm not sure, but I assume you are talking about inverting, or reversing phase on the second pair.

    Do you plan to place them in the back of your room, to use for passive surround sound? This could be effective, I think, particularly if you can pad down the level to the back pair, if needed. The back pair would need to be out of phase with each other, for this to really work, I believe.

    Sorry - my original posting was misleading. What I want to do is to buy a second pair and place them on top of the original pair but upside down. therefore I will have woofers top and bottom with horns for mids and highs in the middle. I am hoping this will dramatically increase the staging and the base proportion of the sound (without hitting sub- type levels).

  18. Textf>A quick question. I currently have a pair of heresy 11s connected to an Accuphase E211 amp. I am thinking of getting a 2nd set of Heresy's to invert - running off speaker b.

    I am not just looking for a volume increase but staging, and bass proportions (but not to the extent that a sub would do).


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