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  1. I'm not having the luck I expected on ebay finding something for the rear channels, so I want to see what I can gin up myself. I was thinking about a K-33 firing into a J-shaped horn about 5 feet tall and the mid and tweeter on top. Maybe the horn would need to be a "C" to get it long enough. To find out, I need the design equations and a drafting board.

    I just noticed the new star.


  2. This is a picture of the group of Klipsch speakers I mentioned in another section. I recognize the K-horn , Belle, La Scala and Cornwall. One of the two in the front is a Heresy; what's the other one?


    This is an old group picture.


  3. The discussion, "Modernize the Klipschorn ....", brought out a point that the K-400 throat and driver may be mismatched. It got me thinking about my own La Scalas. I bought them used and I am probably the 3rd owner. If I remove the K-55-V I have a red rubber washer in the throat and its i.d. is less than the i.d. of the horn and less than the o.d. of the screen protecting the phase plug of the -V. I'm pretty sure my speakers were monkeyed with before I got them, I just don't know how much. What size washer is correct? Shouldn't its i.d. be a smooth fit with the i.d. of the throat?


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