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  1. Hey Coleman on my post selling my RC52II someone was looking for this speaker, I sent them your direction, I have a link to the post in my signature, you may want to reach out to them - good luck!
  2. What I do with keyboards would be defined as playing but not in the sense you were implying. My wife is far better at tickling the ivories. I'm more of a bang on a drum or tinker with a harmonica sort of guy.
  3. Just saw this one pop on yesterday https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149318-fs-rc62ii-center-black/
  4. Whew, I was getting scared I was here all by myself! Good luck finding your RC62II!
  5. tmtacq


    I too received one - glad it's being taken care of!
  6. Hello, I have a pair of RF52ii's for sale, they are in like new condition, I'm the original owner, they lived in a smoke free environment and have no blemishes or marks of any sort. I have the original boxes and packing materials so shipping is no problem! I just moved and they are still boxed, so I don't have images right now, but can unbox them if images are requested. They are currently located in Lexington, KY and could be picked up or easily shipped directly to you. They are about 40lbs each in their boxes and will ship from 40515. Asking price is $375, these speakers are like new condition. I also have a RC-52II Center channel speaker for sale for $225
  7. I have a RC 52II center channel speaker for sale, asking price is $225, it is located in Lexington, KY however I can ship if needed, I do not have the original box and packing materials, I did just move so I have no shortage of packing materials and boxes so I'm sure it will arrive safely. It's in excellent condition, the only reason I don't say like new is because on the bottom of the speaker it acquired some paint from the mantel it was sitting on. I suspect it would rub off, however it is the bottom of the speaker and I didn't want to risk damaging the finish to clear a little bit of white paint on the bottom of the speaker. The images show the imperfections well. Please let me know if anyone has any questions - thanks! I also have a set of RF-52II's for sale for $375!
  8. I believe there are a few of the larger Bourbon distilleries to the SW as well - not that Bikes and Booze mix :-) Lexington is not the horse capital of the USA, it's actually the Horse Capital of the World - a bold claim they made, not me. The Crown Prince of Dubai has his equestrian estate in Versailles, directly west of Lexington (about 10 minutes out) along with a lot of others. Interesting history as to how this area became the horse capital, or at least that I've been told and it makes sense. It is due to the civil war, KY sided with the north ultimately and as the dust from the war settled the restitution paid to the north from the south came in the form of their horses, the north had no place to board them so they went to the closest place that could, KY. Factor in the grass and calcium rich water (the same reason Bourbon is so big in KY) the horses flourished. I've never verified this, however it makes logical sense so I've never researched it further. Totally unrelated, I previously lived in Lexington, NC, which was the BBQ capital of the World - Weird how Lexington's make all of these bold claims! Anyone want to buy some speakers? :-)
  9. Thanks! So far it's great, we're in Hartland, where are you? Everyone is very inviting, friendly and welcoming!
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