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  1. You got some serious gear in that video. Very nice stuff!
  2. Will you ship these to Wisconsin?
  3. You must have got a knock off because my RP500SAs look amazing. In no way do they look cheap.
  4. I would rather have 75s than RC7s. It's hard enough to find one RC7 but two matching? Good luck!
  5. I've been in contact with the seller. I got a few more detailed pics. There is a few scratches but nothing major. They are pretty clean for the most part. I'm really trying hard not to go get them. Only 75 miles away. I told my wife about these and she blasted me saying I TOLD YOU NOT TO SELL THEM!
  6. Best bookshelves I've ever owned. I was shocked when I first cranked mine up. I have to agree they are worth every bit of 750.00.
  7. Hmm I sold my cherry 75s to a lad in Minneapolis last year. Really wish I hadn't but I had my fun with them and really wasn't using them much after that.
  8. LOL! I got 775 for them which surprised me. The guy who bought them was a few hrs away so I met him halfway. He also owns the RF7's, RC7, and RSW15 all in cherry veneer so he was ecstatic that he found these and said his collection is complete now. I had my fun with them but they were just sitting around doing nothing and figured someone else should be enjoying these as much as I did. I'm just happy they went to a good home.
  9. 600.00 for forum members. This is the absolute lowest I will go.
  10. I bought these from forum member mattSER about a yr and a half ago. This is his original post with pics. There is a couple of very light scratches on the sides. There is no new scratches that I can see. I've babied these and still am contemplating of just keeping them. Somebody buy them before I change my mind!
  11. At work right now. I'll try to post them tomorrow.
  12. Lots of interest but no buyers as of yet. Plenty of low ballers though but that's expected.
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