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    Living Room: Onkyo TX-RZ620, RF3-II, RC3-II, Dayton 12" Sub
    Basement Theater (WIP): Marantz AV-7005, Outlaw amps, Epic CF-3 (x4), KLF-C7, SVS PC-2000
    Kids Gaming: Onkyo TX-SR806, KG 4.5, SVS CS-Ultra w/Dayton SA-1000
    His Office: Macbook Pro, Teac NP-H750, Chorus I (à la Matthews), Crites CS-1 (eventually)
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  1. rear-ported then...thanks
  2. Only 60 miles away from me, but timing just isn't right for me unless I sell my RF3-II right away Yeah, finding even one would be tough. I also like the front ports on the RB7, while it looks like the RC7 is sealed? Haven't seen a pic of the rear so I can't be sure.
  3. Actually...does anyone know where I could get matching RC-7's? Asking for a friend...
  4. I really wish I could justify them myself, but I just bought a new TV and I'm trying to get my home theater up and running. On the other hand, how often do you see these come up for sale?
  5. Not sure what the market is like for these now, but you don't see them very often: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/shafer-klipsch-reference-bookshelf/6887539158.html
  6. and I almost put away the snow blower and put on the summer tires this weekend...good thing I was lazy
  7. we used to call those the Nuclear Boobies every time we drove past
  8. Wow, sounds like you guys got hit much harder than we did down here. I think we got maybe 5-6", and the freezing rain didn't last long either.
  9. that reminds me, I need to do some roof raking ASAP
  10. hah, what a funny coincidence...I guess you really are a shady guy cool pics, I wonder if my dad's company ever uses some of your stuff when he's designing outdoor spaces.
  11. nice pic sputnik, are you in Western Montana?
  12. I still have the Oregon plates, they are on the garage wall. Have the old plates from my wife's last car in OR too, but nobody gets the RESURI joke.
  13. hah, thanks! we had that plate in Oregon too, it always gets a thumbs up
  14. Easily hip-deep here as well, but I'd rather be in Montana if I have to deal with this Had about 6" come down yesterday, so the mailbox is steadily disappearing. Parked the truck out there for a bit of scale. We've also been letting the snow pile up on our backyard table, we just call it "the cake" now.
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