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  1. I don't know what they go for either, but they will probably sell for somewhere near the asking price, I'd guess.
  2. this ad? https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/anoka-klipsch-quarted-forte/6935938639.html
  3. They look to be in good shape https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/for/d/saint-paul-klipsch-floor-speakers-oak/6934803435.html
  4. Watching the rain evaporate halfway down while at the top of South Mountain was always fascinating to me. I miss living in AZ sometimes.
  5. I'm about 30m from this place. I don't need any more speakers but would be willing to help others with pickup, shipping, etc. It would be nice if they had actual shots of the speakers; I wonder if you can go and look at them if you're local?
  6. Still love the ones I got from you, Lyle. Great speaker especially at this price.
  7. I'm pretty sure others deserve to be president more than I do This is my 4th pair now. First pair were some CF-2 I bought in 2013, actually my first Klipsch speakers. I sold those after moving out here to MN and regret it, but I've since moved on and now have 2 pairs of CF-3 along with the CF-4's I picked up last week. I just hope my wife doesn't notice when she gets home this weekend...
  8. I really need to stop buying these things
  9. Wow nice. I was looking at the 5x200 model but this is an even better deal
  10. I heard it was actually snowing up in Duluth this weekend 😐
  11. rear-ported then...thanks
  12. Only 60 miles away from me, but timing just isn't right for me unless I sell my RF3-II right away Yeah, finding even one would be tough. I also like the front ports on the RB7, while it looks like the RC7 is sealed? Haven't seen a pic of the rear so I can't be sure.
  13. Actually...does anyone know where I could get matching RC-7's? Asking for a friend...
  14. I really wish I could justify them myself, but I just bought a new TV and I'm trying to get my home theater up and running. On the other hand, how often do you see these come up for sale?
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