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  1. Just in case anyone is looking for some Epics locally. I already have 3 pair and I like living at home, so I'll be passing on these. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/rosemount-klipsch-epic-cf3/7205398700.html
  2. Not surprised really...but I still wonder who the other Klipsch fan is, living in such a small town
  3. KLF-30 for $1100, includes original boxes. I live down the steet from this seller, so if any of you want me to have a look or assist with the purchase please let me know. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/ele/d/saint-michael-klipsch-klf-30/7191298610.html
  4. I love the feet, I may need to do the same thing since a few have "walked off" my CF's
  5. I'll call Bob, but last time he yelled at me so I'll tread lightly :). I thought I saw Dean posting recently, so I'll at least ask him if he's available before I make a decision. What are these DaveA tweeters you speak of?
  6. I've been lucky enough to keep them around, even after picking up many more speakers since then. Time to start shopping for crossovers I think. What my options these days? Crites, Deang, and DIY I guess? Oh, this I didn't know about. You sold them once after they were rebuilt, and then I was the second buyer?
  7. Yep, that was me...as evidenced here: I've never put them up for sale though, they're still here in my basement waiting to go into my office once the construction is done. I think they need a crossover refresh and maybe some new diaphragms, because (and don't hate me) I've never liked the way they sound. I've tried all kinds of amps but they haven't measured up to my CF-3's and CF-4's. I'm not giving up though, they look amazing thanks to the work that you and MookieStl put into them. The build for them is documented here, if anyone is interested:
  8. Interesting...I haven't run into any clipping or protection issues and I've used 4-5 different amps now. I also have an Optonica SA-5206 here but I've never hooked it up to my CF's, might have to give that a shot this weekend.
  9. hit 78 here yesterday, pretty nice. we were out on the front porch until 2am, enjoying the mild weather before the skeeters come out.
  10. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out!
  11. Exactly...25 feels lovely after the last few months up here, and come November, 25 will feel frigid for a few days until we adjust. Meanwhile in the summer, we'll still have 90+ days with high humidity and lots of thunderstorms. Actually looking forward to that adjustment
  12. 25F here and my office window is open.
  13. Funny, a few of my wife's coworkers are in SC and all they could talk about today was the snow. She was tempted to show them the 3-4" we got this morning but figured that this was a novelty down there, no reason to rain (or snow) on their parade.
  14. but it's going down to -8 tonight but it's going to be 36 this weekend! I am so confused by Dec 2019 weather
  15. I love visiting my inlaws on their lakefront cabin up in MB, but you can keep the beer :D. OK, I do admit I'll have a Labatt Blue when it's 32 and we're out on the boat, but I always end up bring a case of my own beer up with me. And Go Bombers! We watched the Grey Cup down here in MN and the whole family was ecstatic.
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