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  1. I feel like I should be sending Klipsch speakers over the border every time my inlaws come to visit from Winnipeg. I could make a killing
  2. Would have uploaded more of the pics but there's an awfully small file size limit here. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/glenwood-city-klipsch-legend-series-klf/6989195409.html Klipsch Legend Series KLF-20 three-way floorstanding loudspeaker, Black Satin Finish. Overall very nice shape, not 100% perfect, but close; Excellent condition overall. There are a few very minor imperfections on the wood, such as a few fine scuffs & scratches... but you have to get up very close to see it. The woofers are perfect, the grills are in very nice shape, one however is missing the Klipsch emblem & was that way when I acquired them. Ready for you to try before you buy, bring your music to try them out, or I have a large library to listen to. They sound phenomenal, from a smoke free home, I babied them as did the previous owner. They are clean and ready to go for your listening pleasure. I hate to let them go but the wife wants them gone as they are just to darn big according to her. Specifications Was first introduced in 1996 and manufactured until 2001. Nominal Output Power 200 Watts, Max (RMS) Output Power 800 Watts, Frequency Response 34 - 20000 Hz, Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm, Sensitivity 100 dB, Crossover Frequency 7000Hz, 750Hz, Dimensions & Weight Width 12 in Depth 17.1 in Height 42.1 in Weight 83.11 lbs
  3. I don't know what they go for either, but they will probably sell for somewhere near the asking price, I'd guess.
  4. this ad? https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/anoka-klipsch-quarted-forte/6935938639.html
  5. They look to be in good shape https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/for/d/saint-paul-klipsch-floor-speakers-oak/6934803435.html
  6. Watching the rain evaporate halfway down while at the top of South Mountain was always fascinating to me. I miss living in AZ sometimes.
  7. I'm about 30m from this place. I don't need any more speakers but would be willing to help others with pickup, shipping, etc. It would be nice if they had actual shots of the speakers; I wonder if you can go and look at them if you're local?
  8. Still love the ones I got from you, Lyle. Great speaker especially at this price.
  9. I'm pretty sure others deserve to be president more than I do This is my 4th pair now. First pair were some CF-2 I bought in 2013, actually my first Klipsch speakers. I sold those after moving out here to MN and regret it, but I've since moved on and now have 2 pairs of CF-3 along with the CF-4's I picked up last week. I just hope my wife doesn't notice when she gets home this weekend...
  10. I really need to stop buying these things
  11. Wow nice. I was looking at the 5x200 model but this is an even better deal
  12. I heard it was actually snowing up in Duluth this weekend 😐
  13. rear-ported then...thanks
  14. Only 60 miles away from me, but timing just isn't right for me unless I sell my RF3-II right away Yeah, finding even one would be tough. I also like the front ports on the RB7, while it looks like the RC7 is sealed? Haven't seen a pic of the rear so I can't be sure.
  15. Actually...does anyone know where I could get matching RC-7's? Asking for a friend...
  16. I really wish I could justify them myself, but I just bought a new TV and I'm trying to get my home theater up and running. On the other hand, how often do you see these come up for sale?
  17. Not sure what the market is like for these now, but you don't see them very often: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/shafer-klipsch-reference-bookshelf/6887539158.html
  18. and I almost put away the snow blower and put on the summer tires this weekend...good thing I was lazy
  19. we used to call those the Nuclear Boobies every time we drove past
  20. Wow, sounds like you guys got hit much harder than we did down here. I think we got maybe 5-6", and the freezing rain didn't last long either.
  21. that reminds me, I need to do some roof raking ASAP
  22. hah, what a funny coincidence...I guess you really are a shady guy cool pics, I wonder if my dad's company ever uses some of your stuff when he's designing outdoor spaces.
  23. nice pic sputnik, are you in Western Montana?
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