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  1. The Cornwalls will produce deeper Bass than the Heresy. I'd buy the CW4's.
  2. In think you’re asking great questions. I’m only relying on my experience with OEM manufacturers selling products to the large national rental companies. I don't think the national rental companies have large well trained service departments. That’s expensive and it’s not how they make money. My guess is the maintenance costs entering the fifth year of ownership start rising to the point it makes sense to replenish their fleet.
  3. They have a service department that may have maintained the equipment they sell or lease? Most likely trained by Genie.
  4. Here's a distributor of Genie lifts in Dallas. https://ce-dfw.com/showrooms/ I’m looking at the service manual for the model you indicated above.
  5. Before retiring, I worked as an application engineer in the hydraulic industry. Manufacturers of equipment designed for the rental market always produced products as inexpensively as possible with a very short useable design life. I'd be very careful buying a man lift being sold by a rental company. If they thought it was dependable they would be renting it. Message me if you want to talk in greater detail.
  6. What style of man lift are you looking to buy? One that lifts vertically or one the has an arm with a basket? The vertical lifts are generally safer as they don’t apply a load on a lever to the base like the bucket lifts do. Ask for the service records. If there are hydraulic components get an oil sample analyzed from the hydraulic reservoir. Replacing worn out hydraulic components is expensive. cincy
  7. cincymat

    First Watt F3

    Gosh darn it! Too slow, already sold sold sold!
  8. For sure. These are absolutely fantastic. I had to part with them when I moved last summer. Maybe not the smartest thing I've ever done Can't wait to see your next creation. I’m sure they will be spectacular. Mark
  9. Your dollar is under the big blue B. I’m sure you can find it.
  10. And I'll donate a dollar to whomever can tell where this phrase originated... please, no googling allowed.
  11. cincymat


    Glad to hear that. Getting back to see what happened is the hardest part of dealing with hurricanes. Best of luck to you and yours. cincy
  12. I still have them but they aren’t hooked up.
  13. Hello, welcome to the forum! Cornwalls or La Scalas would work in that large a room. If you have good corners Khorns would be another choice. Good Luck with your quest. cincy
  14. cincymat


    Stay safe! Getting out is never a bad idea. Just take the bourbon with you. cincy
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