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  1. @richieb , hope you sell these soon. Kathy says, “We are not buying a new house to fit these speakers”, me? anything is possible. If, you are interested in buying these speakers, you will never find a nicer person to deal with. I have purchased more equipment than I remember from Richie and have never regretted doing it. Truly one of the best on this forum. Best of luck with selling these truly magnificent speakers. I've heard them. They are spectacular. Mark
  2. From Goggle, Are Bosch dishwashers made in the USA? Where Are Bosch Dishwashers Made? With the exception of some Benchmark models which are manufactured in Germany, Bosch dishwashers are made in the U.S.
  3. Pretty sure that’s the high maintenance Bosch model..
  4. Looking forward to placing an order with Paducah Home Theater for a set of these new La Scalas. Mrs. Cincymat would like having La Scalas in her living room again.
  5. Don’t know a thing about First Watt amps. However, I respect @richieb opinions as he's a FW man through and through. I’m really pleased he's found the wonder of Decware amps. I've been enjoying a Rachel for a few years now using speakers richieb was kind enough to sell to me. Welcome to the Decware clan! Not sure what he knows about golf though…. mark
  6. Best answer, ever… Love my Khorns!
  7. Yes, my Harley Roadglide was transported with even more care! Kathy and I are doing well. I retired at the end of 2019 and have rediscovered my passion for golf. Play 4 times a week. Kathy retires at the end of this year. Looking forward to traveling a lot after she calls it quits. How are you doing these days? Mark
  8. I have moved my Klipschorns twice. First time was a long drive to Kansas City from Cincinnati. Rented a Chrysler minivan for the trip. @richieb and I hauled them from his basement after removing the tops and side grills. Do to space limitations the bass bins were placed on their sides. Everything went well, no damage. I was able to unload them and move them into the house by myself using a four wheeled hand cart. The second time I rented a 27 ft box truck from Penske and moved them along with the rest of our furniture from Cincinnati to southeast North Carolina. About a 10 hour drive. Again I disassembled them. This time I wrapped the four pieces with green plastic wrap and fabricated corner guards from heavy cardboard boxes. The guards ran along the full length of every edge. I also used a rectangular piece of cardboard for the front panel. I secured all that with more plastic wrap and taped moving blankets over them. Placed the bass bins upright in the truck. We hired local muscle to move everything inside the house. Everything arrived without a scratch. Plan ahead, use lots of moving blankets ( Uhaul will rent them to you), protect the edges and front panel, AND do not let them get wet! Enjoy your new speakers! Congrats!
  9. Not me. I like old school, down to earth applied science…. cincy
  10. It's been upper sixties lower seventies all week here in beautiful Sunset Beach, NC. Might rain Thursday. Next week back into the usual fifties for this time of year. Still fine for golf. Y'all can keep all the snow. cincy
  11. Thanks for staying with us and sharing your knowledge. I too find the music threads the most enjoyable. I might not post as much as I did before retiring but I still like to see what’s happening here. Best wishes to you and yours. Mark
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