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  1. I hear a certain Bonehead likes Bonnie Riatt. My personal fav is Angel from Montgomery on her Road Tested album. Steve Ray Vaughn will let you know if your system is cookin’. peace, Cincy
  2. GRANT, by Ron Chernow. Good read. Cincy
  3. I have a Decware Rachael that sounds pretty good through my Khorns. However, my ears have never experienced the stereophonic nirvana achieved by attending a single RMAF. YMMV, Cincy
  4. Wow! Lots of descriptive words. Any before and after O scope test results? Glad you think it's soooooo much better. Maybe Klipsch needs your help?
  5. Not that I recall. I sold my Forte II's years ago.
  6. Yes IF. However, OSU, didn’t. Hat's off to Joe Burrow, Coach O, and the rest of the LSU team. Great game, fantastic season! In my best gravely voice, Go Tigers! OSU fan, Cincy PS. I wish Joe Burrow all the luck in the world should he end up playing for the Bungles. I pray the Brown family does the right thing and trade the draft pick.
  7. cincymat


    Here's the for sale post referenced above: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175099-cherry-rf7-iis/ Good catch!
  8. at least OSU has some whining to do. MU still has some butt hurt from another asswhoppin. Go LSU.
  9. Hang in there Buddy, things will get better! Sorry for the bad times in 2019, all you can control is now. Give it your best shot. Cincy
  10. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night... Hope each of you have the best year of your life in 2020. . Cincy
  11. Geez, you'd think Dabo was at least scheduling a top ten hardest schedule for his kick A$$ team to pound to smithereens. And everyone is pickin' on him. Poor baby... Truth is, his schedule is 35th hardest this season. He deserves the crap being flung his way. Go Bucks. We'd be happy to meet Clemson in the first round of the playoffs. OSU will be playing a good team to get that chance. Clemson has to get past Virginia. Cincy
  12. Ah yes, TTUN's glorious win streak of 1901 through 1909! Those were the days. Here's another from the way back time machine, OSU is leading the series since 1908 – OSU 51-50-5 Go Bucks! Cincy ps. The best way to stop paying attention to the Bungles is to move further south!
  13. With 10 screws, near as I can make out. Looks like the church edition to me. Cincy
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