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  1. fixin' to storm a little bit cincy
  2. Pretty sure that's what my Xovers were on the La Scalas. The presence and realism will knock your socks off. I have the flat stacks with my Khorns now (thanks Schu). Sounds very nice. Cincy
  3. Need to get the subwoofer dialed in first. Then, I’ll see if I can get the COPS over for a visit. Can't wait for the first Cul-de-Sac party. Cincy
  4. You are about to be amazed. My La Scalas had the 120's as tweeters too. Dean's AA's made them sit up and sing. Cincy
  5. Cincy said, Thanks, I've put ALK steep slopes in La Scalas without having to move a thing. Pictures will help! Deang replied Ewww lol And my Dear Wife made me take them out! Dean's AA's rule! And to to be totally truthful, my Khorns went the exact same route. ALK's replaced by the man from Kettering's work.
  6. Pretty sure whenever a rabbit winks at you, he's pulling your leg.. Thor
  7. Great receiver! Bought one new many years ago to drive a pair of Bose 901s. Made those inefficient beasts sound as good as they could. GLWS Cincy
  8. Sometimes sideways works too. Cincy
  9. So, what's wrong with the right side of the enclosures? Cincy
  10. Thanks, I've put ALK steep slopes in La Scalas without having to move a thing. Pictures will help! Cincy
  11. Too late, now you have to sell it. I’m good for a hundred bucks,,,for everything. 😎 Cincy
  12. Loving some Ten Years After. I'd love to change the world too! Cincy
  13. Just arrived to ManCave south.. Pink Floyd The Wall Almost Comfortably Numb, on the album and in reality.. Cincy
  14. That’s on the opposite wall! Cincy
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