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  1. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Pretty sure that restaurant burned down. There’s a new place, Oyster Rock, there now. It’s very good. Went there over Christmas. Literally 5 minutes from our place.
  2. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    About an hour south. We'll have to have an East coast Klipsch gathering. Cincy
  3. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Near the coast. Little town named Sunset Beach. House is 3 miles from the beach. Cincy
  4. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Ah, this a temporary setup. We’re selling this house and moving to North Carolina very soon. I just had to hear the Khorns sing in this room before that happens. Part of the reason for the integration is I moved my Heresy 3's to North Carolina over the holidays. Just couldn’t be without Heritage sound while we sell this place. And yes, the Khorns are heading south when the time comes. My wife just told me she’s flying through Brisbane during her upcoming vacation. She does a trip every year with her sister. Late February this year. Almost three weeks of Australia and New Zealand. I’m happy for the chance to play the Khorns non stop. Cincy
  5. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Thanks, glad I finally convinced my wife to mount the flat screen on the wall. Opened up the top of the equipment console for the Thorens. I’m using a switch to change between analog and home theater rigs. So far, so nice. Cincy
  6. cincymat

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    After a long time having a vinyl system with La Scalas and recently Heresy IIIs I decide to integrate the vinyl system with my Khorns. So, after about 4 hours of work I did. The Khorns sound very nice, Decware Rachel, CJ pv10 pre, and Thorens TD160 super. Eva has never been so sublime. The room The Music Cincy
  7. cincymat

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    Those are good deals on the Chorus and Cornwall’s. I like the Heritage sound so I’m pro Cornwall. However, that room with such nice corners really need Klipschorns. A completely level above the Cornwalls. My opinion of course. Could be influenced by the Khorns I’m listening to now. Maybe.. cincy
  8. cincymat

    College football 2018

    Ok, let the second half begin. Any magic for Tua?
  9. Entertained by you getting annoyed. 😎
  10. cincymat

    Tube amp, leave it on or turn it off and on

    I’d leave it on. The tubes need to warm up and power cycling that often introduces a lot of thermal cycling.
  11. cincymat


    Sunset Beach was great today too! Happy New Year!
  12. cincymat

    Praise for Klipsch and Horns.

    Enjoyed the interview. That piece should sell a few sets of Heresy speakers. Not mine though. The Chief Bonehead editions are staying put. Cincy
  13. cincymat


    Happy New Year everyone!!
  14. cincymat

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    WoW! Simply gorgeous.. Cincy