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  1. I know how much effort and passion Matt puts into his projects. I have a nice example of his handiwork in my living room. I'm sure his new system is one to be proud of. Mark
  2. Yeah, that didn't read like I meant. I meant it looks great and I hope it sounds better than great. I'm sure it does. Mark
  3. Very nice! Hope it sounds better than it looks.
  4. Hey Matt, your tag line needs a "s" after amplifier.... I think I can hear your set up from my front yard. Keep it cranking. Mark
  5. One thing to remember is Uhaul rents furniture pads at a very low price. I moved La Scalas from Matthews place back to Cincinnati in a Honda CRV with zero issues. Wrapped them up in rented furniture pads and off I went. Recently I rented a minivan to haul Klipschorns back from Kansas City, Kansas. That was a tight squeeze, but the Uhaul furniture pads did the job again. Make sure the speakers are packed tight so they can't shift and pad any potential rub points. Road trips to buy speakers are fun. I really like meeting forum members and think I've made some new friends. Even brought my better half on the last trip. We both had a good time. Have fun! Mark
  6. Check tweeter rebuilding at this link for more information.
  7. Enjoy the Yamaha, Matt. Looks sweet. Mark
  8. Good luck finding what you want my friend. Mark
  9. There are a couple of Nakamichi PA-7's on fleabay right now. Might be a nice match with your pre-amp. Mark
  10. And never ever do it at a charity auction with your wife and twin daughters pleading with you to bid more.
  11. Wow, that plaque is killer.
  12. And Matthew would have never seen them again! Those are are just sweet.
  13. Okay, a pile of wood slowly turning into a subwoofer
  14. That's not nice, at all.. funny maybe, I'll give you that.
  15. All in due time, all in due time.. all you you get is a small dog photo. Which is one more photo than from either of you..