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  1. Well, sorry for the wait, but just decided to hang the plaque at home. The music room in the new house will just have to wait it's turn. Mark
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. Just measured my Fastrac horns with K55v installed. Looks like 16" from the inside of the front baffle. Not totally out of the question should i decide to build some FrankenWalls.. Mark
  3. Very nice, you do some darn fine work. How deep is the interior of the enclosure, front to back? Wondering if a pair of Fastrac La Scala horns with K55 drivers might fit. Thanks, Mark
  4. F S - George Wright 2a3 monos / SOLD

    That's great news! Richieb is a great guy to buy from. The new owner will be very happy. Mark
  5. RF-7 III amp pairing

    I like nCore based amps with my Khorns. Here's a link http://www.ati-amp.com/ for a US mfg. These are built in the UK, https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/ . They are also available as a kit if you want to build your own, here, https://www.hypexshop.com/ HTH, good luck. Mark
  6. Could you provide a link to that thread? I’d love to read it. Mark
  7. Amps make no sense

    Then you get to spin the wheel and take your chances. Sometimes that works. Mark
  8. Amps make no sense

    Ok, it’s not the parts that make good amps expensive. It’s the know how, infrastructure, and reputation of the manufacturer. Mark
  9. My plan was to move them there in mid May. But, I’ve learned the pilgrimage is scheduled for then and I want to attend. So, I’ll have to rethink things. We'll set up a time for you and your better half to come visit us in NC. Just spent two weeks there for the holidays. It was colder than heck. 14 degrees the day we came back. It’s a balmy 17 here in SW Ohio now. Come on spring time! Mark
  10. Guilty as charged. Cold as heck here. Staying warm. Letting the Khorns warm the family room. Dreaming of how I’m moving them to North Carolina sometime this year.
  11. Especially with the A55G drivers. I do like my Khorns. Listening to them now instead of shoveling the driveway. Seems like a better idea. Mark
  12. No one reads your PM's... khorn bandit
  13. I put the Ti mids and tweets in a set of Forte IIs I owned before getting La Scalas. I put new Forte II crossovers from Bob Crites to complete the changes. All I can say is bone stock 30 year old La Scalas sounded better, by a whole bunch. Mark
  14. The ones I updated are the pair I bought from you a few years ago. It did make them sound better. I was guessing the age was around 35 years so I thought what could it hurt? Mark
  15. I still like my A55G drivers. Using them in Khorns with Fastrac horns. Sound very smooth, open, and natural. I’m using dual phase plug K55 drivers, with new diaphragms, and Fastrac horns in my La Scalas and they sound good too. I find it hard to hear any difference. YMMV, Mark