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  1. Getting my arse handed to me by 70 year olds playing pickle ball! Damn crafty old farts...
  2. Thanks, been watching your for sale goodies. Nice stuff. Too bad I'm retired and poor. And, live down the street from my sister in law. Who unlike her sister doesn’t like loud music. I’m buying her a Klipsch T shirt for Christmas. The one about passing off the neighbors. Cincy
  3. Looking forward to it. Now, what about those giga watt per channel monoblocks I bought from you? Those puppies would have made your Jube"s blow the walls out of your basement. Cincy
  4. Yep, turned into a bit of a lurker recently. Been too busy wrapping up my working life to concentrate on fun stuff. However, that all changes the end of this month. I’m officially retired on the 29th. Can’t wait to bust your balls on a regular basis. Cincy
  5. Just be glad she didn’t want to hear Stairway to Heaven at her usual listening volume. The Khorns sound wonderful with 6 watts per channel... cincy
  6. This is a smokin’ deal. Someone needs to jump on this. GLWS, cincy
  7. That badge in the upper corner looks like knock off badges sold on ebay. $850.00 isn't a bad price, but lower is always better! Good luck. Cincy
  8. This, 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds: cincy
  9. Getting in the groove pretty well. I’m thinking a beer delivery robot might be a good investment. Cincy
  10. I'd like an integrated amp with MM and MC phono inputs. Just to clean up my secondary system with my Heresy set up. Remote control would be nice as I'm getting lazy.... cincy
  11. cincymat

    ROON software

    Has anyone else experienced issues with ROON server software? I use a MAC mini as my ROON core and after upgrading to Catalina can no longer access USB connected external drives. I admit that I did this to myself via the upgrade, however posting about the issue on ROON's community site has resulted in my posts being deleted and now simply blocked. I’m not going to renew my subscription and wanted to share my experience with anyone considering using ROON. IMHO, ROON does not deserve your money. Thanks, rant over.
  12. cincymat


    Yeah, 10-4 on that good buddy.. cincy
  13. Here you go, in Washington, https://www.brysonline.com/by-brand/klip/Klipsch.html they list Cornwall’s as on display in their store. If I wanted to hear them before dropping 6K I'd at least spend the time. cincy
  14. Very nice! Glad you have Khorns once again. Cincy
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