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  1. Best of luck to all. College football is my favorite season. GO BUCKS! Cincy
  2. The Bulleit bourbon frontier whiskey isn't near that full here in North Carolina.. light weights, geez Cincy
  3. Those aren’t solder joints. Those are silver boogers from a huge sneeze.. Cincy
  4. I'll join you later with some Bullitt Frontier Whiskey. For now, what benefits do steep slope x-overs bring to Heritage La Scalas or Khorns? Cincy
  5. Pictures or this thread is worthless. What kind? Cincy
  6. So, you did do the brown acid? 😷 like this thread very much! I was just 12 that summer. Made a huge impact on my perception of reality. Cincy
  7. Thanks Deang, that’s exactly what I wanted to say. Cincy
  8. To paraphrase PWK, your new ideas don't make a dime's worth of difference. Cincy
  9. I'm sure the 18 gauge wire is there simply to save weight.... Cincy
  10. But, I think some vintage Titleist Balata 90 compression wound with liquid centers would be the best to mount mid-range horns. Nice and soft! Just don't use red zip ties to hold them in place.... Cincy
  11. What about the golf balls? Solid or liquid center? How many dimples? Balata or urethane cover? 100 or 90 compression? Would a green or orange color matter? What if I used a black marker to put my initials on them?? Cincy
  12. Ya, think? best thread to read in quite awhile....
  13. Very nice well thought out set up. I'm going to "borrow" some or your ideas for my upstairs music room. It's almost a copy of yours. Enjoy, cincy
  14. CSN, back when they liked each other.. cincy
  15. Glad to have you. Take care of that bong. It’s almost as old as you are! Cincy
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