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  1. Looks like the storm has passed through. It made landfall about five miles East of my house. Still have power. Hope everyone in the path of this storm makes it through safely. Cincy
  2. Could be lots of us under the system. I’m the blue dot near the middle. cincy
  3. Sitting here in Sunset Beach. Looks like landfall in a few hours right on top of us. So far rain and not much wind. Still have power so that’s a plus. Might see 60 mph plus winds before it’s over. cincy
  4. Almost as annoying as you! Mookie is a nice guy so he gets a pass, this time. To the OP, the Decware amp will make your La Scalas sing beautifully. Makes my Khorns sound great. After I sorted them out from being in Richieb's possession.......
  5. @Matthews You are the Lascala whisperer!! Mark
  6. Excepting the corona virus, everything is great! Weather is very nice, we’re about 10 minutes from the beach, and I’ve played almost 70 rounds of golf so far this year. Retirement is the life for me.... Mark
  7. Yes, I did buy these. I had to sell them when I moved to NC last summer. Ended up keeping the Khorns I bought from Richieb. Mark
  8. Welcome back Matt!!! Can't wait to see you work your magic on another pair of La Scalas. The hot rod looks intense. Maybe you should do a vintage pickup next? You could have something to get your next pair of speakers home fast. Mark
  9. Enough to of this stuff, we can see this all over the news. Give it a rest already.
  10. I hear a certain Bonehead likes Bonnie Riatt. My personal fav is Angel from Montgomery on her Road Tested album. Steve Ray Vaughn will let you know if your system is cookin’. peace, Cincy
  11. GRANT, by Ron Chernow. Good read. Cincy
  12. I have a Decware Rachael that sounds pretty good through my Khorns. However, my ears have never experienced the stereophonic nirvana achieved by attending a single RMAF. YMMV, Cincy
  13. Wow! Lots of descriptive words. Any before and after O scope test results? Glad you think it's soooooo much better. Maybe Klipsch needs your help?
  14. Not that I recall. I sold my Forte II's years ago.
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