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  1. Class D

    Schu, Have you've seen these amps? Been awhile since I looked but I think they use the Hypex nCore output modules: http://www.ati-amp.com/ Mark
  2. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    You're pretty slick, but just not that smooth! Frankly, I never would have never bought stock Khorns. Yours were/are perfect for me. Are they Klipsch? Don't really care. Mark
  3. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    As I'm the present owner of these modified Khorns I totally agree. Never thought they were. Frankly, based upon my experience with K400 horns, I'm very happy they're not original. I do appreciate the factory standard bass bins. Could not be happier with them. Mark
  4. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    I like going early in the week and see what deals there are. Haven't pulled the trigger but I do register as a bidder. Didn't know Mecum did a Louisville auction this late in the year. My wife got me hooked on the Barret Jackson auction from Scottsdale. We've went twice. It's fun but a little out of our league. We saw seven cars in a row sell for over a million bucks each one Friday evening. It's was a total we're in the wrong place moment. Mark
  5. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    For me classic/collector cars are like elephants. I like looking at them but wouldn't want to take care of one. And, I'm prone to tweak things to suit my taste and that trait really isn't good when collecting cars.
  6. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    If you have a chance watch a televised auto auction from Barrett Jackson, Mecum, RM Sotheby's, or Auctions America. There you can learn what the classic car world looks like. Better yet go to the Mecum auction in Indianapolis next May and I'll personally show you around. It's really fun if you like old cars. Mark
  7. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    Pretty sure in the classic car world, non original cars simply can't be called that. So the term tribute car came into play. You can build an exact replica of a 427 1968 Corvette from a combination or original parts and NOS parts but it's not that car. Didn't leave the factory that way. In a way, modifying 30 year old speakers and trying to improve them a bit is the same concept. Is your modified Corvette a Chevy? Sure it is. It's just not a factory original Chevy. So, imho modified speakers that were originally built by Klipsch are still Klipsch. But no longer original. It only really matters when it's time to sell. People need to know exactly what they're buying. Me? I like ones that are refreshed. You? Maybe you like yours as built. Mark
  8. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    Agree, I learned a great deal last night. Didn't know the history behind the French and how they literally invaded and took the place for themselves. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Mark
  9. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Listening to my apartment refrigerator sized Khorns right now. You should just give in to the urge. Mark
  10. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    And that describes a whole bunch of people using this site! Mark
  11. Acoustic Imagery nCore 500 monoblocks / SOLD

    Feedback for this transaction. RichieB shipped the next day and I received the amps yesterday. Two day shipment via Fed Ex ground. Fantastic service. They are now in my system driving Khorns I bought from RichieB last spring. The amps are the quietest I've ever heard. No hiss, period. The bottom end of the Khorns has more punch and better definition. The tweeters are significantly crisper but in no way harsh. I'm a very happy camper. Thanks Rich. Oh, and thanks Mookie for keeping me laughing while reading your posts. You guys are the best. uh oh, are we a threesome now? Mark
  12. Acoustic Imagery nCore 500 monoblocks / SOLD

    yes, I did! I had always wanted one! Ok, I don't care what you say, that there's funny.
  13. Acoustic Imagery nCore 500 monoblocks / SOLD

    You're on a roll! Did you get a sense of humor for your birthday this year?
  14. Acoustic Imagery nCore 500 monoblocks / SOLD

    I'm just glad at our age we can still be cute!
  15. Acoustic Imagery nCore 500 monoblocks / SOLD

    Thanks for the laugh! That's funny.