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  1. Simply wonderful. Thank you so much. Welcome to the forum. What a delightful first post. cincy
  2. Congrats on a well done project. Really like the removable grill on the tops cincy
  3. RIP Dave. Always liked to read his comments here. cincy
  4. Looks to me like this law has been in effect since around 2009? cincy
  5. It's been widely reported that immunity provided by exposure to Covid-19 doesn’t provide protection levels near as effective as the mRNA vaccines. Last response to this. This thread needs to be removed from this web site. It’s a disservice to mankind.
  6. Seriously? Listen, stop with the anti vaccine horse hockey. Everyone needs to get the Phizer or Moderna mRNA ASAP. So tired of this crap. Be an adult.
  7. Isn't the posted PDF from 10 years ago? How is the system performing now? I am wondering why Klipsch is allowing this thread to continue. Seems very far from the audio world to me. To remain on topic, I've had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine in February and early March. I've experienced no side effects. Cincy
  8. I received my first jab about two weeks ago scheduled for the second on 3/9. Here in Brunswick county, NC about 26,000 first doses and 14,000 second doses have been given. Our population of 65 and older is about 25,000. Informal polling of the golf groups I'm in have better than 90% with their first shot and about 40% with their second. Cincy
  9. Ready for pre orders at Audio Advice. Got an email a few minutes ago.
  10. Per Bloomberg, 1.35 million per day in the USA last few days https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-global-distribution/ cincy
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Too many ways for the current system to break. cincy
  12. WOW!!! And my wife thinks I have a problem.... very nice! cincy
  13. I like the Butcherblock racks. Been lusting after one myself! Had to wait for furniture this year too. It's a pandemic issue. We're all home wanting to feather our nests. cincy
  14. I think, once finished, it will be spectacular. Best of luck, cincy
  15. @wuzzzer, take care, winter can be the worst time for anxiety and depression disorders. I've battled depression for years and understand how this time of year sux. We're all here for you! Play some tunes. cincy
  16. Drifting away from the OP's original post? This thread did that a hundred posts ago. Frankly, posting three photos of other speaker brands is a breath of fresh air. Cincy
  17. I use a Marantz CD6006 with my Yamaha A-S2200. Sounds very good through either my Heresy III or Khorns. Cincy
  18. Try turning off Bluetooth on your PC then connect to the AUX input with the 3.5mm cable. Set the input select to AUX on the speaker. Welcome to the forum! cincy
  19. Best of luck! Even though my Buckeyes have never beat Clemson, I think we'd like another chance. GO Bucks!!! cincy
  20. I’m totally relaxed. Glad you feel better. GO Bucks!!!! cincy
  21. WoW! You throw a two year old article at the Bucks ask some sort of, boy do I feel better moment? Maybe it's due to the large number of juniors leaving the program to earn millions playing pro football? GO BUCKS, cincy
  22. Caught me there. My Chief Bonehead signature Heresy's demand some Bonnie every now and then. Oh, just because I'm younger than you doesn’t mean I don’t feel your pain! cincy
  23. Well, it's still Tuesday, near as I can tell... Bonnie Riatt knows how to shake a little for me baby.. cincy
  24. NC is nice. Bourbon on the beach is real fun. Find your way here. oh, had to change my shirt before going out for dinner tonight due to bourbon being on me instead of in me. Sh1t happens. We learn to deal with such things. cincy
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