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  1. It's a standard image format for iOs devices. Been around since 2017. Nothing nefarious going on here. to the OP's question. Are those motor starter style caps available? I think I read Bob C will rebuild using them. I had them in AA xovers in the La Scalas I bought from Matthews. Cincy
  2. Here’s the file. Wasn’t that hard to figure out how to open.... I'd call Bob Crites. Cincy
  3. It’s good you’re taking your time. I wish taken the opportunity to listen to various Klipsch speakers before buying my first pair. The La Scalas and Kilpschorns, imho, look as good as they sound. Both will fill a large room with sound while using very modest amounts of amplification. If you don’t have good corners, then the La Scalas with a sub woofer will make a fine system. I've gone both routes and went with Khorns as my permanent speakers. But I had to remove a gas fireplace from my family room to have two corners. La Scala room Khorns I’m sure someone near you would offer you an opportunity to listen to their systems. Cincy
  4. Well that's a different kind of issue. Just how high are you projecting the water to get? I hope you have flood insurance in addition to your named storm coverage. As long as whatever you are using for risers is solid and connected to the floor That will be fine. Good luck.
  5. Sump pump, install one. Too much cash invested to have water intrusion issues.
  6. You guys lost me at the flux capacitor! These babies must be Gigi-Watt rated.. Cincy
  7. Bob makes very good replica cross overs. You won’t be disappointed.
  8. Yeah, looking at them isn’t the point anyway.. IT'S HOW THEY SOUND! Listen, closely, to the advice you are receiving. Best of luck. Cincy
  9. Congrats on the new Khorns! Just put them directly on the floor and listen for a while. Then decide if raising them makes sense. Have fun! Cincy
  10. WTH? GLWS. and, no I’m not interested. Rich is a great guy to do business with. Insist on garage delivery. It's a steep climb up the stairs from his listening room! I am interested in what you’re doing next! Cincy
  11. Wow, don’t play it if you don’t love it!!! Cincy
  12. My wonderful wife got me this for Valentine's Day. First time out of it’s wrapper, tonight. sounding properly bluesy... cincy
  13. @Full Range BTW, my lovely wife and 3 of her friends arrived yesterday in Sydney on a cruise. Magnificent county you have!
  14. Dire Straights sounds so very engaging. Norah seems to be in the room. Nice... Finishing all 4 sides of Brothers in Arms just now. What a piece of art. Cincy
  15. Earlier, What a sweet sounding album. Makes my Khorns gently weep. Cincy
  16. Dire Straights, Brothers in Arms cincy
  17. Don’t forget the soybeans! They’re a sight, don’t ya know.
  18. Did you add on to your house? Where is this? Looks like an audiophile's wet dream. cincy
  19. We bought a house in Sunset Beach, NC a couple of years ago to be near my wife's sister. It's a great location, near the beach. We've made lots of friends there already. The house we live in now was going to be the retirement home until we decided it’s just too far out in the sticks of south eastern Ohio. Hopefully, it won’t be to hard to sell. Having medical services close by and no or little snow is a very good thing. Cincy
  20. I agree with 12 as well. If my memory serves, pretty sure 12 was the stock wire size. And, as much as I hate to admit it, jimjimbo is right.. 🤣 cincy
  21. Congrats! I’m hoping to join the ranks of the retired later this year. Need to sell our house here in Cincinnati and move to the coast of North Carolina. Best of luck to you and your family. Cincy
  22. Just do it. My bride was won over by Stairway to Heaven playing on some really beat up old La Scalas. Cincy
  23. Cold, forecasted to get colder and snowy. I just love this time of year... Cincy
  24. What version Fortes do you have? I found Forte 2s to sound better with less toe in and about 12” from the back wall. La Scalas and H3s sound best with more toe in. iMHO, of course, YMMV as they say. Cincy
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