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  1. Well some mix of palladium mid and high horns with the cerametallic drivers could be an bright idea.
  2. Why? Every one seems to love RF7IIs instead of the RF83. But any way just really curious to see what they will do .
  3. Hi Am i the only one who is wondering how a future real flagship in the new Premiere Reference line would look and sound.? Does anyone know if there is a new one on the drawing board.
  4. YES.! Already tried that solution with a Vincent hybrid amp for the fronts. Did not do much for the sound and i blame the Preamp in my AVR. I only noticed a slightly better woofer control but not that much i could justify the cost of the Vincent. That is the reason i seek another preamp with matching amps.
  5. Then i'm gonna miss 3 amplificated channels or have to buy the XPA-3 and then the price will rise a lot. Anyone has the XMC-1? Maybe that would be overkill to use in a semi hometheater which im the only to enjoy most of the time.
  6. Hi, How is a combination with Emotiva UMC-1/XMC-1 and XPA-5 to a Stereo setup.? It's because will not cut away my hometheater oppotunity to enjoy a well sounding Stereo setup. Just wonder if a REAL surroundprocessor with a powerfull amp will perform a acceptble stereostage compared with my Onkyo- SR875 receiver which is not pretty good. Give me your 5 cents Thx from denmark
  7. Power rating is 230V/50hz. Maybe I just should try a H/K 990 as PA. Before my Onkyo I had an H/K integrated stereo amp running JamoX870. With SERIOUS punch in from a single 10" bass. What do you guys think of that mix.?
  8. Hi, again. Taking this thread up one more time. What would be a good 2 channel tube amp, if I use it as a PA. Budget still about 2K. I've tried a Vincent tube amp. Didn't lift up soundstage much. Heard the Preamp in my Onkyo isn't the best. Anyone tried the Anthem reciecvers.? Perhaps a mix with Anthem and a tube amp or other suggestions.
  9. Not sure i agree on that;-). After played some hours they plays better and better:-D. Is there something i should be aware of when bi-amping? Because on klipsch.com in the spec it's written that they could be bi-amped,bi-wired but the owners manual has nothing about bi-amping. What should i relate to? Thanks hope they will be THE speakers for many years.
  10. Yup, i own a pair. But they are brand new and haven't played for very long time. So i don't think it's necessery to do the mod. Was just curious to know. Btw - how many hours should they play before they are in top condition and not expect more of them?
  11. Has anyone tried the Dean mod the new RF-7 II. Will it get the same results and impressions with the new crossover or isn't that different from the original one? I have no technical insight to understand how it works, but will RF-7 II be even better with the tweak? Thanks Kristian from Denmark
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