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  1. Thanks man yes they sound great! Got one more sub behind the couch

    3 subs ,I have 2 and my whole house shakes , for real .I dont need any tactical tranducers my subs do a good enough job of that.(Butt Kicker) Thats cool though.
    i hear you 1 of the front subs would be plenty. all personally preference. i don't have any of them cranked
  2. a great blu ray alot of people dont talk about is king kong

    terminator salvation,new start trek,sherlock holmes(one of best overall sound)district9,all the pirates,despicable me, spidermans,hulk,robin hood,casino royale,i robot,man on fire,cloverfield,both hellboy movies,kung fu panda,2012,new rambo,310 yuma,beowulf,war of the worlds,

    those are the ones i have that i would give top sound good place to look is blu ray.com befor you buy a blu ray they review all of them on pic and sound. the aboce moveis all get perfect 5s (rate 1-5 5 best) for sound i think

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