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  1. When I was a kid (like 30 years ago), I worked at a woodshop. We did kitchen cabinets, and I did staining and top coating. My favorite for sure easy was cherry natural with the thick topcoat on it.
  2. I am definitely not a black speaker guy (I’ve owned wayyyyyy too many lmao)…. I would much MUCH rather have a really beautiful cherry wood with deep thick top coat glass any day all day …. I know where coming from and I agree.
  3. So basically, they just put them together and they skipped the regular black textured, paint part of the procedure and ship them. Is how he explained it (at least how I understood it anyways).
  4. He made it sound like they just put them together like they normally would, and then they just skip the part that they would do with the black and the other stuff.
  5. The way Cory made it sound they don’t do any what you just described with these. In fact, the exact opposite. I have nothing to go by other than what he told me, so I’m not arguing one side or the other, of course.
  6. It’s funny, even though he was talking me out of it I was still close to actually still saying “nope I still want the raw birch” lol… but then I kind of wimped out and went with the sure thing 😊
  7. Actually, never mind I just measured the la scalas are only 35 1/2 and they’re plenty tall
  8. lol…. I have been wondering if they raised up? 34” isn’t that tall.
  9. Have you seen the 396s raw birch finish in person?
  10. I know technically banana plugs aren’t the best but I’m pretty lazy 😊😏
  11. Nice…. I’ll use these probably
  12. I’ll get big rubber feet for them. Probably cost 15 bucks
  13. Thanks! So speaker terminals are the like old Heritage? I was squinting trying to see in the picture on the website….Can you take a picture of the terminals?
  14. Big knots and no consistency in the wood.
  15. The guy made it sound, and I’m not quoting word for word here but I think he said something like “ if you were to go to Menards and buy some random plywood” it would look like that. 🤷‍♂️
  16. It’s too bad they didn’t have pictures though. I would like to see what those would look like.
  17. Me personally I don’t want to lose much bang for buck (paying a lot more for a more expensive finish). So I didn’t really consider that when I read it. The raw birch was only a few dollars more so I considered that.
  18. No I didn’t ask him about that. I have carpet….but I still will probably get some rubber feet for them (from Amazon or something). What do the bottoms look like?
  19. Thats who I bought them from 👍
  20. Oh yea I saw that on there website . I didn’t notice the MDF part 👍
  21. The normal black… I asked about the plain raw birch. he said it’s pretty bad. It’s nothing like what the picture looks like and highly recommended not going that route. That’s probably what I would’ve gotten had he not talked me out of it.
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