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  1. I prefer it off with some tweaks, I have a dedicated theater. Just added a row of seats and 8 more panels to the room and it sounds insane. I am not saying it sounds bad with it on, but more dynamic and crisp, not muffled with it off. It took me 6 years to come to this conclusion though lol! I do like its delay/distance settings I do like its sub distance measurements I do not like the curves it gives you but understand why it does. This is a large room Just added another row of seats 6 more panels on the ceiling
  2. 100% correct, treating my room made the biggest difference. I just don't like what audyysey does to my sound anymore. It sounded good, but much better off and tweaks with tone controls.
  3. I ordered a Mic, going to get measurements Abe and go from there.
  4. I agree with most of this, mine is for theater only, rarely any music. Audyssey does sound good...but it can be much better. I am like you, 100's of hours of tweaking
  5. I have a 4311ci and (2) emotiva XPA-5's the EMO gear does have xlr outputs balanced/not balanced ect.
  6. Okay I must not be understanding this lol You measure all speakers with rew, but how do you get that curve to the speakers? Wouldn't I need a Equaliser for each channel to implement it?
  7. Exactly what I have done, I use audyssey flat, no DEQ turn sub up +6Db. I have done over 200 calibrations at least, have a $500 mic stand. I even have a screw in rear wall so I can attach a tape measure to go get Mic exatly where my ears are. I then put laser on center channel exactly in middle of tweeter and positing mic so laser is on mic. When doing calibration I turn off TV, HVAC, lights ect. No noise what so ever. My positions as of now are 2ft apart in the following since I have 3 seats, but adding another row this week MLP 2nd seat 3rd seat Then move mic in front of those 3 spots 18" Then 2 measurements 35% in for surrounds in rear. Last night I turned it all off and went into tone settings and set the following Bass +2db Treble -1db It sounds world's better, not even in.same league. I heard detail in "tron" that I have never heard, the bass was much tighter. 5 people said with it on the system seemed muffled, all preferred off and I have to agree. Does it sound good with audyssey flat? It certainly does, can it sound better....god yes!
  8. 100% agree with this, I love rew but finding a 11 channel pre-amp is hard. I think I have no choice but to us audyssey pro since that will plug directly into my Denon 4311ci. I found a audyssey pro for $380.00. I will also use rew to see what's going on in room ect but use audyssey pro for the curves. I don't think REW is made for 11 channel systems as most pre-amps I have found are 7-8 channels.
  9. Looking into REW, so rew just measures room, finds acoustic issues ect, still need audyssey pro to really calibrate it? Regular audyssey of course wont cut it.
  10. EXACTLY! with audyssey the sound seems to loose dynsmics, like its being clipped or toned down. Subs have to be trimmed up since you loose that boost. You will also loose surround volume to.
  11. I have to agree
  12. Glad I am not the only one
  13. Its not crazy treated, its the 1st refections on sidewalls, reflections on ceilings, reflections on front wall. Rear wall if course has absorbtion and diffusion. Corners fully treated with tri-trap bass traps. Its treated but not overly treated, each panel id needed. I agree 100% with you that a lot of people just put panels everywhere and they have a dead room.
  14. Lol!!