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  1. Very nice room, I did not see pic before!? Looks great
  2. I just got lighting installed (all battery, no wires) and will post better pics
  3. All panels are placed at reflection points. All functional, cosmetics came last. Agree 100% that panels make the biggest difference
  4. Exactly my feeling as well, I have a highly treated room and have experienced the same.
  5. I prefer it off with some tweaks, I have a dedicated theater. Just added a row of seats and 8 more panels to the room and it sounds insane. I am not saying it sounds bad with it on, but more dynamic and crisp, not muffled with it off. It took me 6 years to come to this conclusion though lol! I do like its delay/distance settings I do like its sub distance measurements I do not like the curves it gives you but understand why it does. This is a large room Just added another row of seats 6 more panels on the ceiling
  6. 100% correct, treating my room made the biggest difference. I just don't like what audyysey does to my sound anymore. It sounded good, but much better off and tweaks with tone controls.
  7. I ordered a Mic, going to get measurements Abe and go from there.
  8. I agree with most of this, mine is for theater only, rarely any music. Audyssey does sound good...but it can be much better. I am like you, 100's of hours of tweaking
  9. I have a 4311ci and (2) emotiva XPA-5's the EMO gear does have xlr outputs balanced/not balanced ect.
  10. Okay I must not be understanding this lol You measure all speakers with rew, but how do you get that curve to the speakers? Wouldn't I need a Equaliser for each channel to implement it?
  11. Exactly what I have done, I use audyssey flat, no DEQ turn sub up +6Db. I have done over 200 calibrations at least, have a $500 mic stand. I even have a screw in rear wall so I can attach a tape measure to go get Mic exatly where my ears are. I then put laser on center channel exactly in middle of tweeter and positing mic so laser is on mic. When doing calibration I turn off TV, HVAC, lights ect. No noise what so ever. My positions as of now are 2ft apart in the following since I have 3 seats, but adding another row this week MLP 2nd seat 3rd seat Then move mic in front of those 3 spots 18" Then 2 measurements 35% in for surrounds in rear. Last night I turned it all off and went into tone settings and set the following Bass +2db Treble -1db It sounds world's better, not even in.same league. I heard detail in "tron" that I have never heard, the bass was much tighter. 5 people said with it on the system seemed muffled, all preferred off and I have to agree. Does it sound good with audyssey flat? It certainly does, can it sound better....god yes!
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