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  1. JTR Captivator & Crown 2000W Amp Pkg Deal 1350.00 Firm
  2. A1UC


    SOLD http://www.crutchfield.com/p_033DBT3313/Denon-DBT-3313UDCI.html?showAll=N&search=Denon_DBT-3313UDCI&skipvs=T' target="_blank" class="bbcode_url">
  3. Monster Cable 1 Dual Banana Speaker Cable Adapters - 2 Pair I used them for 3 days I have 5 pr total
  4. A1UC

    WTB Turntable

    Is that glass smoked ?
  5. A1UC

    WTB Turntable

    Is it a nice as the one in the picture ? I might know a guy I will ask him
  6. WTB Turntable Looking for something like a VPI Scout
  7. 600.00 plus shipping If you Ebay it add 10% min fee's since the 16th almost doubled you should end up with 600.00 in pocket after sale min on that amp
  8. I figured 500 was way to much , Im looking for some garage speakers
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