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  1. I use the Coffee from my player to my Pre Amp listen to SACD more and more . Some people hear it some dont but people shouldnt put other people down that do hear a diffrence or think they hear a diffrence [] If somone is happy leave them alone .
  2. Nope I really enjoy them Im happy with the gear I have now , If we end up moving one day and I get a nice room I will really be going in debt . How far do you sit from your screen
  3. Good spending money I dont have
  4. "Good to see this thread up and running again" IT SURE IS []
  5. WOW You guys are blowing up my phone the last couple days I just had to Disable my subscription to the RF-7II thread lol
  6. Thanks for the info , I sold the cards last night local
  7. I have 2 Sears cards around 200.00 on each , I would like to sell them if somone can use them . I would call and get total if somone is intrested and subtract 15% They can be used at Kmart also
  8. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=2063103&sku=S222-4625 897.00 Free Shipping $400 OFF use coupon: VYB86419 Ends Midnight 3/23 ET 897.99 Total
  9. I know its not Klipsch but I got my new center took 2 months to have built to match my L&R
  10. I use it for SACD and Im really happy with it , its a bit slower in loading then the oppo thats for sure I will enjoy it more when my new center ch shows up in the morning took 2 months to get built
  11. I have to ask , would you buy them back for what you sold them for ?
  12. If you got 700.00 you didnt get taken , if you got a little less and you didnt have to deal with shipping you did okay also . Its hard to get taken if you agree to the sale []
  13. refusals at $3,900.00 wow you got to be kidding It seems if its more than a beer and a brat its to much Keep them and enjoy them
  14. So far I like it , I am waiting for my center and surrounds then I will have a better idea .Id like to test it with all speakers without amp also .
  15. Its okay but Im looking for a tighter bass like a pair of F12's I will probally keep it anyways http://www.rythmikaudio.com/F12.html
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