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  1. My other 2 brands are dead quiet
  2. all I did was plug it in nothing hooked up
  3. 2xUPA-1 wouldnt be bad either there are a few around for sale in the 550 a pair range
  4. Anyone use a Panamax M5400-PM Mine has a hum this cant be normal
  5. Thats fair , I have 3 new UMC-1's in the garage I tried them before the new FW and had nothing but problems . Im going to try another one maybe this weekend since I am downsizing
  6. Also the 5508 is pretty much the top pre pro unless you go to anthem mcIntosh , but once the 1000.00 mod is done on the 5508 its just as good as anthem and McIntosh so why spend the money on the anthem and McIntosh
  7. I noticed you are using a UMC-1 I have to ask your thoughts on that unit
  8. If you listen to music more I would buy the 7005 , If you are more into HT go with a Onkyo PR-SC5508 or Integra 80.3 Stay away from Emotiva Processors unless you want stress
  9. 7's can run on 20 W I run mine off a XPA-5 200W and Im more than happy If I was you I would keep the XPA-3 and buy a XPA-2 for the 7's if money is a concern sell the XPA-3 and buy a XPA-5
  11. I have not seen my ups driver at my shop for 9 months we got into it real bad his boss had to come down and the cops , now I use Fed Ex and I would still like to smash the UPS driver . Funny thing he was wrong and got his butt chewed out , I thought he was going to get fired . We didnt like each other and he would make sure my packages came last at the end of the day even tough he dropped off at the shops on each side of me , he is a fricken dick I only use Fed Ex now and have a great driver goes way out of his way for me even
  12. My stuff wasnt double boxed either
  13. For Sale: Paradigm Servo 15a subwoofer Price ? Is it black
  14. RF-7II A STOCK 2200.00 DELIVERED RC64II A STOCK 800.00 IF YOU BUY THE TOWERS - 900.00 BY ITSELF RF-7II B STOCK CHERRY 1900.00 A PAIR DELIVERED Is what I got for an email a few days ago - sound_distributors
  15. Vanns said they dont look at #'s which I understand but that far off is unreal 050027 vs 260062 210035 diffrence
  16. yeah I just off the phone with Klipsch asked them about it also they said 1 was shipped in feb the other in august
  17. The only thin that bugged me was the serial #s were way off 050027 vs 260062 I feel thay should of been a bit closer and one box was really faded like it was sitting there for a long time
  18. decent price I paid 3200 but got 200 off for a mark I found so total was 3000 also from vanns
  19. Did you just get the RF-7ll's
  20. Yeah me to , everyone wanted them for nothing . I want to buy a pair of salk song series http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=140.0 I want the ribbon tweeter upgrade http://www.salksound.com/songtower%20images.htm
  21. Thought you sold your speakers ? Jason
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