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  1. I have had 2 diffrent sets of speakrs in this room already , last set being a pair of Kef Model Fours and they sounded super . I know why did I get riid of them " I was foolish " I really think that its I dont care for horn loaded speakers .
  2. They say some like to horns and some dont , Im going to guess Im one of the ones that dont , I dont know if its the amps so I just purchased a diffrent amp and Im going to see if it helps if not , I will be buying diffrent speakers. For HT everything is fine , for music the horns just get to me .
  3. I am wondering if I Bi Amped my RF-7ll if I would be able to tame the horns , now what I mean is use a larger amp for the lows and a less powerfull amp for the horns I just purchased a Rotle 5X200 and was going to run my fronts and center off it . But now I was thinking of Bi Amping the fronts with 2 diffrent size power amps
  4. Emotiva has the amp now , tech thinks its a DC Offset problem . Im glad somone there agrees there is a problem . Instead off telling me this is normal .
  5. I dont know for sure , I just bought a new pre pro PR-SC5508 and I might be buying a diffrent amp , so once everything is here I will work on it
  6. No Hz now , waiting for my pre amp . I had a Pioneer SC-57 before this but it used a global x over thats why I sold it Before that I was at 60Hz
  7. Im going to wait on the mid base sub , I will be getting a Onkyo Pre Pro w XT32 by the weekend I will run setup and see what happens first
  8. I spoke to HSU and they said , what it sounds like im missing is Mid Base so I am going to buy a MBM-12 Mid Base Module 2xVTF-15H 1X MBM-12 That should do it
  9. Lowest the seller will take is 1300 shipped , I spoke to him for over 1 hout today nice guy . He is so nice he almost has me buying a antham
  10. Thanks for the link on the modules , now it would be nice to know what modules are in the unit for sale . Are you going to buy this ? Im not saying I will but if I decided to I dont get in the middle of somone elses deal " unless its a real good deal " [] j/k
  11. Im trying to find the best price on a Onkyo Pre Amp 5008 Im going to stick with my Emo Amps does this T175HD AV have HDMI 1.4 ?
  12. I found a Onkyo TX-NR5008 for 1500.00 or a Denon AVR-4311CI for 1475.00 Seems like I would get alot more for my $ with the Onkyo
  13. Id like to get the Onkyo pre pro 5508 but Im afraid that the 5509 will come out as soon as I buy it . Plus I just got off the phone with Emotiva story to follow when I calm down TX-NR5009 Looks real nice
  14. Its looking more like the AVR-4311CI or a Good Pre Amp then to me , I see Onkyo new line comes with 4K Scaling but Im sure it will be yrs before thats a concern . Heres my side note , I would never buy a Pioneer product again .
  15. I have a SC-57 now and it uses Global X over , I just want to get away from this seems kind of old school to me . Going back and forth Onkyo Denon Yamaha Onkyo from what I have read has issues and runs hot Denon uses Aud XT32 and Yamaha uses Yapo Yamaha also has switching of inputs whil in standby which is nice to have Found a deal on a Onkyo Pr-SC5508 pre that would go good with my XPA-2&3
  16. Denon AVR-4311CI OR Yamaha RX-A3010 AVENTAGE
  17. Okay , I have a Cable box hooked to my AVR threw HDMI , I have a XPA-2 hooked up also . If I pull the XPA-2 off and put my XPA-3 on the noise is gone perfect no problems , I put the XPA-2 on its back . I swaped L&R speaker wires on the back of the XPA-2 and the noise goes to the right speaker . If i swap RCA cables only it stays in the left . I feel its a problem inside the XPA-2
  18. if vol is set to -80 db which is the lowest it still makes the same slight pop , now if I go down one more on the vol I get - - - - - - - what ever that is and then there is no pop when changing channels until I go up one to -80 db I also get a pop from going from -80db to - - - - - and from - - - - - to -80db I dont know if - - - - - is mute or not but is one lower than the -80db setting
  19. I just put the XPA-2 XPA-3 back in the mix now so I need to run some wires , They wont stay on there sides its just easier for me right now
  20. I have a problem it is driving me crazy , I run my cable box threw my avr " hdmi " when I change channels I get a slight static pop out of my left speaker . I tried 3 diffrent boxes and 3 diffrent avr units , today it hit me what if I remove the coax cable and see what happens " noise is gone I can go threw the channels and no noise , I hook the coax back up noise is there . I tried a monster power condtioner still dont help . Is this a ground problem ?
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