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  1. Get rid of the fireplace,(they always seem to take up the best wall). I have thought about it plenty of times , but I paid to have it put in now I have to pay to remove it
  2. What aren't your RF-7 IIs doing right to your ears? If the only descriptions you can give are that they "sound like garbage" and "something is not right", there's precious little help anyone can give you. Sound Harsh maybe not use to horns
  3. I just bought them online , could it be the Emotiva amps ? Seems like love emo amps I just know somthing is not right
  4. What speakers were you listening to before the RF7IIs? cubdog Kef Model Fours and a theta dreadnaught amp Then Kef IQ 90's
  5. I agree maybe I damaged them I used to have a good ear for detail I have been really stressed out for the last 2 months ( Kids) over 18 If the ears check out good , maybe I need meds
  6. Yes I am the org owner , I listen to them in stereo mode along with 2x VTF-15H Subs . As for the room its smaller 20x14 Im using a Integra 50.2 and a XPA-3 and listen to classic rock I dont know if this info is enough
  7. Do I need to get my ears checked because for some reason my RF-7 ll 's sound like garbage
  8. I currently own a emotiva xpa-2 and was wondering if there would be a diffrence in sound switching to a parasound 2250 I would be driving a pair of klipsch rf-7ll
  9. I was looking for some advice , Some said if you have a good Dac that you dont need to purchase an external one , I have a Integra 50.2 and a Oppo - BDP 93 can anyone tell me anything ? Also what else do I need to make this work ?
  10. Im lost , I went to there website and added the same items you bought and the price was like 600 less why was yours so high ? also if you didnt get the speakers yet refuse the shippment , you can call the shipping company and tell them dont bother . the worst newaudio can do is get you for shipping big deal . And on top of it youll have no warranty . There is no way I would take those speakers . Your also loosing a 5yr warranty . Call Mike and they ship out quick 2900 to your door with 5 yr warranty .
  11. okay but 2900 for A grade from an authorized dealer is better than 3800.00 ? and the place he bought them isnt even listed as an authorized dealer . plus I am sure he would of loved to save 900.00 or he wouldnt of posted on here asking if he got hosed . "extreme couponers" give me a break alot of people dont have 900.00 to toss out the window if you do thats great more power to you
  12. I know this is a scam ,but I had to buy them just in case lol 190576781565 Fleabay Item number: 190576781565 Item number: 190576781565
  13. I just called Acoustic Sound Design - 888-224-3663 spoke to Mike $2200 for the RF-7ll's too your door or $2900.00 with a RC-64II A Grade so yes you paid to much , and this place is authorized
  14. Like I said prices went up on Klipsch speakers. Crazy
  15. A or B stock has nothing to do with sound , "quality of sound the "B-stock"'s can produce" It is the visual part if you can even see a diffrence , I bought A stock because Im anal But mine for the 3 pcs cost me $3200.00 shipped and that was from a retail store . Now I did notice that klipsch speakers went up in price , I guess to see if you got ripped off call this guy ask him how much he will charge you for A stock and B stock if its close to what you paid then I would not worry about it . But you have to call for best price . Acoustic Sound Design - 888-224-3663. and there authorized dont buy from someone that is not and loose that 5yr warranty looking at this unless I missed somthing I think you did loose your 5 yr warranty I dont see them http://www.klipsch.com/authorized-online-dealers also I wentto there site and the total was Sub-Total: $2,957.99 plus 300.00 shipping 3257.99 which is fair how did you pay 3800.00 ? also I am sure you got A grade they have to tell you if there selling B grade if worried call Klipsch with serial # also ask if there authorized good luck hope everything works out for you
  16. I guess the only way to find out would be to order a XPA-2 they have a 30 day return if your not happy , which Im sure you will be . Also they have some XPA-2 for 699 now that have been returned and carry a full 5 yr warranty .
  17. Tobias Yes you would its well worth the cost , I just did it
  18. My next step is to pickup a pre amp since I have 2 amps now to run all my speakers , I will have to find my packed away XLR cables
  19. I was using the XPA-3 for the center and fronts , I just hooked up the XPA-2 real quick tonight after putting it back together because the person I purchsed it from didnt pack it right and the termianls got bent all fixed now . Anyway I didnt spend alot of time with it yet but I did notice a 10db vol increase and when I played some music it just sounded so much better very clear compared to the XPA-3 300w vs 200w I dodnt know if there is alot of diffrence in home theather but music wise I know it was day and night . Let me spend more time with it and I will try and explian it better .
  20. Can anyone guess what Im doing this weekend ? A XPA-2 really is a good match for the RF-7 ll what a diffrence from a XPA-3
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