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    That is the main reason I started to build my own tube equipment, price. My first tube amp that I built was a Williamson Ultra-Linear clone back in 1996. As the Internet grew and more and more audio pages were added, I started to read more about single-ended tube amps. I thought it was crazy, 2 or 3 watts single-ended. I couldn't stand it so I built a pair of mono block 2A3's. To my surprise they sounded wonderful. I was hooked. Shortly after I built those 2A3's, I had to hear what 211's sounded like, so I designed and built a pair of 211 amps. 
    Too bad more people can't experience the 211 and 845, they are great sounding amps, but the high voltage and complicated circuitry definitely drive up the price. 

    You should look at the prices of Thomas Mayer builds just crazy.
    On another note : Im looking on having a 300b amplifier built next and Aric has one I really like and Im sure its excellent but I am on a kick about using 816 mercury tubes and a 10y this is been on my mind for weeks and not sure which direction I will go .

    Id like to do 300b , 10y , 816/6AX4 rectifiers along with Dave Slagle finemet iron


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  2. Are the Aric 211's worth 10k? Give us your impression of sound and build quality. 

    I honestly feel that Aric is a very good value , as for build quality very solid .
    If I had to nit pick there are 2 things I dont care for . One being the blue leds in meter , I did recommend that a switch option be added to disable the led portion. The second would be the speaker terminals but I am very fussy with this on any amp or preamp I always opt for a upgrade . Im sure Aric is willing to upgrade as do most . There are many people that wont opt for these upgrades and are more than happy with stock configuration. As for sound Its excellent no complaints , I upgraded all tubes as I always do but even with included tubes the 211/845 sounds excellent.

    Also customer service is top notch Aric always replies and is helpful.

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  3. Bought this as I was considering making the move to Roon, Instead I put Linux on my PC getting rid of windows and I am happy with the results. So I am not switching over.  Here is the info from the seller where I bought it.
    "Sonictransporter I5 music server from Small Green Computer offered by original owner.  Mine doesn't have an internal drive for music, so you would need to use an external hard-drive.   I bought this a few years ago (maybe 2016?) and used it happily for 2 years until it died.   It was sent off the SGC, who replaced a board, and returned it to me a few months later.  However, being a impatient Type-A, I splurge on a more expensive server before getting this unit back.  It's been sitting in the pictured box since then.  I verified that it powers on, is recognized by the local network, and plays tunes, so it appears good to go. 
     No cosmetic issues, and as mentioned, it was gone over thoroughly by the folks at SGC. Seller pays USPS shipping within"
    I powered it up and it seems to work as described except of course I do not have ROON..........Will sell it for 200.00 plus the fees and shipping

    Thats a heck of a deal , always liked the Sonictransporter

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