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  1. I haven't given much thought to adding absorbers/ diffusors but I do want to do something in regards to insulating the sound and bass. In my current house I'm renting, the bass travels through all the walls and will be rattling shit on the walls in our bedroom and bathroom. Super irritating. I originally wanted to build or find a house for sale with a full basement so that I could turn that into my theater. I'd assume a basement would provide much better insulation for the sound but I couldn't find any existing homes for sale that fit my criteria, and it was another 50k to add a basement to the floor plan we ultimately chose. Anyways, as for the ceiling hight, I don't know for sure. I'd assume either 8 or 9 feet. Most likely 8 though. And on the side walls it's probably 5.5-6ft until you hit the 45 degree slants. Luckily half the bonus room is above the garage so I'm hoping that'll help reduce the bass felt/ heard throughout the rest of the house. I couldn't actually soundproof anything as the overall budget of the house before all the "upgrades" were right at the max I could be approved for a loan. I don't have any knowledge or experience with the "mirror test" but I have an idea as to what it is. Soundproofing my house to the best of my ability will surly be a priority though. But I'd almost need someone who knows what they're doing, test the room for the acoustics and how and where the absorbers and diffusers should be located. I'll be sure to do a lot of research on it though and I'm sure I'll have to consult you all with more questions I have in that regard. Also, since the bonus room sits half over the garage, the garage has to be completely finished to meet the builder codes so the bonus room will be fully insulated on all sides. I know that won't eliminate any of the bass but that's better than nothing. lol The floors will be carpeted too. I'm not sure if that makes any difference but there's that, too.
  2. I just got back from showing my wife what my plans were for the "bonus room" aka theater. She loved what my intensions are so I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop as far as the build goes. I woulda taken a few more pictures tonight but it was too dark for any good photos to come out. I did however find a picture of the floor plans I'd taken a few weeks ago so hopefully this will give you guys a better idea of what I'm working with. The vertical dotted lines on the right side of the room indicates where the ceiling slants at a 45 degree angle to meet the wall. This is where I plan on locating my screen. I'm thinking of something between 130-150in with the RF-7 II's flanking the sides. I'm still leaning towards the tensioned retractable screens for the exact reason stated above ^^^^^. Just to keep it out of the way from people when not in use. That's also good to know that it'll take at least 3 people to mount it. I haven't considered if I'd want to hang a TV behind the screen for the same reasons as stated above either. In time though I probably will as it makes perfect sense. Ok, here's the plans...
  3. Hahaha I was so pissed when Rutger's finally got on the board with a minute left in the game. lol Yea it was a complete blowout but after a season of crappy play, the Buckeye's needed to win like that. Too bad it was to Rutgers. haha. I hate how pathetic their schedule is. I'm living in North Idaho where there's absolutely no Buckeye fans. Really sucks because I love College Football way more than the boring NFL and since all college teams in this area have notoriously sucked throughout the history of their programs, there's just no fans of College Football up here, let alone fans of Ohio State. Both of my parents are Ohio State Alumni's and my brother went there for a year but couldn't hack it. lol. Also, A.J. Hawk is my second cousin but sadly, I don't personally know him. I met him once when he originally committed to the Buckeye's many years ago at a family reunion. So I've grown up a Buckeye. Basically all of my relatives live in Lima, Toledo and Cleveland. Anyways, I hope with J.T. Barrett now at the helm, we can finally return to the high level of play we ended last years season with! Go Bucks!
  4. Totally forgot to hit the "attach this file" button once I chose the picture.
  5. Thanks for the incredible amount of info on the Seymour screen's! I think that's the route I'll be taking then as I loved basically everything you said. Especially if it's been approved by Klipsch engineers! haha. Well I'll keep you guys updated with how the project goes. I ran smurf tube from the center of the ceiling where the projector will be mounted and ran it down the wall with the window on it. So it'll be located on the right wall when looking at the projector screen. Next I'll need to locate where I want the surrounds located and how I want them wired. I hope everyone's enjoying their weekends! Just two and a half hours till the Buckeyes kickoff!!!! Attached is a pic of the wall where the window is located. I wish I had a wider angled camera because looks like the room is really small but it's not.
  6. Holy crap man! I'm just now checking this thread for the first time today, assuming there wouldn't be very many, if any, new posts, but man was I wrong. haha. Thanks for all your suggestions! Ok, not even sure where to begin. lol. For the room itself, the entry door is centered on the room. When you open the door there is a window centered on the opposite wall. That wall is 19ft in length. Both the left and right walls are 14ft in length but if you look closely at the very first picture posted in this thread, you'll see that at about 5.5ft, the wall slants 45 degrees and meets up with the ceiling. My original idea was to place a retractable screen in front of the window so that when the screen isn't in use, we could still see outside and what not. But the only problem with locating the screen on that side is that it only leaves me 14ft of space before the door. So if I were to put a couch or something up there, there'd be almost no room to get around the couch when entering the room. I hope I'm easily explaining this to you all. I should just record a quick video and post a link to it. I may do that in the near future. Anyways... Because of the tight fit I'm now thinking about relocating the screen to the left wall where the slanted part of the ceiling is. Being that it's slanted, the screen would actually have to stick out away from the wall by an estimated 2-2.5ft. I haven't measured it yet so I'm not 100% sure on what the distance would be. So that's another reason why I think a retractable screen would work to my benefit. Just to make it easier to get behind it and create less of a chance of snagging the screen and tearing it or something when I am behind it for whatever reason. As far as the aspect ratio goes, I have no idea what I'd want. lol. I love watching football (GO BUCKEYES) and I love movies. Both are shot in different aspect ratios so as of now I'm completely torn. I also may entertain an acoustic fabric or whatever it's called just incase I need to locate the center channel behind the screen. I hope I don't have to though because I love looking at that massive center channel! Sometime this weekend I'll make it a point to head back over to the house and try and take a few more photos of the room as it get's sheet rocked. Oh yea, and if I do use the left wall as the location for my screen instead of in front of the window, I can turn the giant walk-in closet on the opposite end of the room into a bar later down the road. Anyways, I'm just thinking out loud right now. Alright, thanks again for all the info and tips you guys have given me. This is a decision that'll most likely take a few weeks to decide on. I have another 6 weeks until my house will be ready to close on! I can't wait!
  7. Ok thanks man I really like these. So do you still use a screen for your setup? If so, any tips or suggestions or is it literally just set it up, calibrate the projector (or whatever you call that) and that's it? haha sorry for all the questions.
  8. Ok I've been doing a little research and like what I see and I'm liking the tensioned screens. Would you know if there's particular materials for screens that work or don't work, or are known to be better than others and what not? I'd think that could play a role in the overall quality and resolution of the picture, but of course I don't have any experience in this department. Thanks!
  9. Honestly price doesn't really matter as long as it's "perfect" if you know what I mean. I'd like to say no more than like 3 grand being that I don't really even know how expensive they normally are. I just want something that won't ruin, distort or alter the picture in any way. This will be my first actual attempt at making a legit theater, something I've always wanted, and I'll spend whatever it takes to meet the my standard. Although I'm not too sure what that even is. lol Hahaha hockey. I don't watch that either
  10. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of building a house and I'm turning our "Bonus Room" upstairs into a dedicated theater. I currently own a pair of RF-7 II's, RC-64 II, a pair of RC-62 II's, powered by a Pioneer Elite SV-57 and a Klipsch THX Ultra2 KA-1000-THX Amp with a single KW-120 Subwoofer. Right now I'm looking into projector screens and I'm interested in the electric kind so that when I'm not using it I can retract it so it's out of the way. My question is, do you guys have any specific recommendations in screens? I've of course done some research but haven't seen anything that's really stood out. I'm thinking of a screen size around 130-140in. The wall space is approximately 14ft across and 19ft deep. Attached is a pic of the wall I plan on putting the screen on with the RF-7 II's flanking it. Thanks for any input and, Go Buckeyes!
  11. Ok, I set my subwoofers to "Plus" in the MCACC settings. I don't however have a Y sub cable and may look into that. I never used one before and everything seemed to work amazingly. Is there a benefit? I did notice after changing my subwoofers to "Plus" that my KW-120 was working but not my SW. First thing tomorrow I'll continue to trouble shoot to the best of my abilities and I'll be sure to keep you posted. Thank again for the insanely quick responses and I hope you all have an awesome weekend!
  12. I just moved from Okinawa, Japan to Camp Pendleton, CA and just received all my stuff from the movers yesterday. Naturally the very first thing I did was locate and unwrap my entire Klipsch system, TV, receiver, ect. Everything was intact to my surprise and I spent the next 6 hours finding the perfect location for my set up in the living room and began plugging things in! Now to my question... I'll be honest, I haven't done a whole lot of trouble shooting since my initial setup last night but I can not (for the life of me) figure out how to get my subwoofers working. I have the Klipsch SW-311 as well as the KW-120 with the KA-1000. For my receiver I have the Pioneer Elite SC-57. According to my receiver my subwoofer is on and my RF-7ii's and RC-64ii are all set to "Small". Both subwoofers have power and are plugged into the Subwoofer Out (1 and 2). I can't remember having to do anything else the first time I set these up. Can someone please let me a tip or two!? Thanks for any info and remember folks, Go Buckeyes!!!!! PS: If this all ends up as one giant paragraph then I don't know what the deal is because I've made two distinct paragraphs. Thanks!
  13. Just moved from Japan where my house had only tile floors to California where I'll now be setting up my RF-7ii's on carpet. I can't remember if the carpet spikes came with the speakers but either way I can't find them. Does anyone know where'd I'd be able to get two sets that fit the RF-7ii? And also, during the move one of the grills have been cracked and the fabric is even torn a bit. Do you know if I can order a new grill from Klipsch? Man I hate moving
  14. So I've always wondered but never actually asked anyone. I've always used my Playstation 3 to play Blu-ray movies but I've wondered if there are other Blu-ray players out there that are actually better than the Playstation's is? Like is there something that let's say, a Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player can do that my PS3 isn't capable of?
  15. I think those are the sickest looking stands I have ever seen. High price, but totally unique in their style. I can't agree with you more! Ever since I found these last night I keep going back to them. They're spendy though that's for sure. But I'm thinking, I've put so much money into my whole system as it is, this 400 bucks is mere chump change in comparison. So why start skimping now? haha. Well we'll see. I think the wife is still a little over whelmed with what I've transferred her living room into. Maybe I'll hold off on getting these for a couple weeks. Just long enough for her to think I'm officially out of this phase in my life. haha.
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