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  1. jeah he kinda, but it could have come to my mind instead of boasting about this on a forum i could have looked at the back of the sub and came to the conclusion earlier
  2. Oh, yes... and i was so glad that the sub is repaired and while testing it with some frequencies and the problems occured i was just angry!
  3. Just to close this one. The guy repairing it didn't put in all screws so the air came out of all the open holes in the back of the sub. He just put 2 screws to hold the electronic unit in place. It's funny because instead of just looking at the sub i jumped to conclusions that the guy messed up the repair. Well, next time i know better
  4. Hey, why not the Klipsch RP-140SA? They are Atmos Speakers. Why do they have to be in the ceiling when you can just put them on your RF7. They look pretty cool
  5. Hey guys, It's pretty hard to get older klipsch equipment around here and some weeks ago i was lucky to finde some so i bought a used RC-64 II and the RS-62 II to extend my setup of two RF-62 and a RW-12D Sub. Does it make sense to replace the RF 62 with the RF 62 II not for aesthetics (the RF 62 II speakers are more bronze in color), but for sound? or maybe even upgrade to the RF 82 II? I wonder how you guys think about it.
  6. The Couch is against the bottom Wall. Left next to it about 2 feet away is a side board which takes up some space. Thats why stands wont work. I guess next time it makes more sense to draw the complete Room. Sorry
  7. Because it looks like SH*t and my girlfriend would hang me I guess She already is not amused about the big *** speakers, hehe.
  8. The problem is the massive entertainment center you bought that is apparently longer than 15', not the speakers. Without it, you could do this, which of course is not to scale but you get the idea. The heavens would align and the home theater gods would smile. Short of this, we're just picking the lesser of a few evils. No it wouldn't been possible because at the bottom there is a door that i forgot to draw
  9. The other thing working against you with the back wall situation is that you're going to get strong reflections off that side wall from the outside horn, while the other speaker's opposite side is firing off into no-mans land. Could still sound lopsided regardless of the previously mentioned angles of the inside horns. so what should i do? just sell them and don't even try it? Hmmm..
  10. I angled the center upwards. The floor stands are not angled because they are at ear height. I think angling the RS-62 doesn't make sense? Or did i get you wrong?
  11. Well, thanks! I guess i have to go with it and just mount them behind me and see how it works out. If it sounds very bad i can still sell them, right? unluckily i couldn't fit direct firing ones next to the listening position because the couch is completly in the corner of the room and there is no more room next to it. My better half would have killed me
  12. Oh yes you are right I forgot about it. I bought the rs62 with the center speaker. The guy sold it together for a very good price over here. Unfortunately Klipsch is not that available over here.
  13. Hey guys, just want to get some suggestions from you where i should put my RS-62 II speakers in this room: As you can see on the picture the room is not a perfect square. It is a living room combined with our dining room. Do you think the RS-62 II would fit better directly behind the listening position against the backwall (grey boxes on the picture) or mounted to the side of the room (orange boxes). I am a bit concerned when mounting them to the side that because of the different distance to the listening position (and to the front speakers) the sound would be bad? I really don't know because i am new into 5.1 home theater . Unfortunately i cannot try the different position because i don't have high enough stands to put them this high on the positions or any other means
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    From the album: room

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  16. Just for update purposes: I put the RC 64 II on the ground and it works just fine! I am happy
  17. Hey Guys, i finally got my Klipsch RW 12D repaired (blown sub amp had to be replaced). Now i have the following problem. When the sub plays frequencies below 35 Hz there are extreme - wind like(chuffing)? - noises coming from within the sub. The bass is not played correctly. A bit of air comes out of the back from the sub where the electronics are. I also checked if the port tube is loose, but it isn't so this doesn't seem to be the problem. Does anyone know what this could be? I hope you can understand what i mean. English is not my native tongue. If you need some clarifications i try to elaborate.
  18. Hey, Thanks! But the TV Wall will look like this. It is specially designed to look like this it is asymmetrical.
  19. This is what i got from official klipsch support: "The RP440c would fit into your system without any issues. It uses the same style of drivers and tweeters that the Reference IV series uses" This is quite interesting
  20. I think personally that it would fit (optically) the best beneath the space below the TV on the floor angled up. The center would take too much of the low Board and my AVR would nearly fit next to the center. I can Test it in about one month though because that is when I moved... i am just reeling in suggestions.
  21. Hey guys! Tomorrow i will be purchasing a RC 64 (yay finally found one in good condition and price over here) Now I have a question where it would make the most sense to put it on this TV Wall: http://www.hardeck.de/out/pictures/master/product/1/15100005_n.jpg (The picture Shows just a sample not the actual Wall in the apartment of course. The wall in my apartment is completly open to the left side but to the right side there is a wall (approx 3feet next to the panel) The front speakers are next to the end of the wall of course. I don't know if the mounted Panel will hold the center and the TV so I am thinking to put the center below the Panel where the TV is on the ground(angled to the listening Position) or on the Lowboard next! to the tv. If I put the center on the Lowboard it would be really in the "center" of the whole TV Wall but not beneath the TV. What do you guys think about this?
  22. Hey Guys, in my new appartment i am not able to put a center speaker directly beneath / infront of the TV: It is possible to put it on the ground though and angle it to the listening position. Another possible solution is to put the center on a lowboard NEXT to the TV (it would be about 50cm above the ground and around 50 cm next to the TV) What do you think about this? Would it be a big problem putting the center on the ground?
  23. unluckily in germany you don't see them that often
  24. It looks like the RC 62 and RC 62 MK 2 are now not available anymore. My dealer offered me the RP 440 C or the RP 250 C. In conjunction with the RF-62 do you think this works? I don't have a very good AV - Receiver and i don't know if it can handle the RP 440 C. It is the Onkyo TX-SR508. by the data sheet it states at power output at 6 Ohm it has 130 W for the Center. For dynamic power 100 W at 8 Ohm.
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