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  1. Next at bat, project KLF-20.
  2. Final product, bittersweet ending because i really enjoyed this project. Many thanks to all that offered your technical advice it was really helpful. Enjoy the pictures!
  3. I love the hand wiped look of Tung oil but I'm not sure how scratch resistant the oil will be. Would hate to ruin the beautiful stain work.
  4. The home stretch; crossovers complete, horns, motors, and spiders insulated. Mahogany stain applied today, new grill cloth and topcoat next weekend. Debating between lacquer and water borne urethane. And by the way, they sound AWESOME! Decided to leave ports on the rear, bass response is super, slightly reducing the cabinet volume had no negative effects. In reality the cabinet is huge so there is more than enough breathing room in there. Attached a couple pics of Norm Cerveny completing the final touches, this guy is amazing as well as some before and after shots.
  5. We have a winner. Mahogany gel stain.
  6. Do you have any pics? I may be interested.
  7. Seamless front & back baffles, also added casters that can easily pop in & out for mobility. Guessing they will weigh in around 145 pounds.
  8. Nice grain. Gonna start tuning this weekend.
  9. Veneer applied turned out nicely.
  10. Have you modeled the woofers with that much volume gone? What is your interior volume after removing about 1 cubic foot or so? It appears you are raising the box frequency dramatically.If you are using a sub for the low bass and/or not using the KLF-30 woofers, you will likely be ok. If not you will have an interesting proposition on your hands. According to my calculations the added interior thickness and bracing removes .9 cubic feet. With the acoustic dampening that I will be using will add roughly .5 cubic feet, for a net loss of .4 cubic feet. Negligible in my opinion. With proper tuning I think it will be fine.
  11. Using dowels for the baffles.
  12. Added 3/4" to the interior with center brace
  13. Cabinet takedown
  14. I'll be following this thread as I have two pairs of 30's. As far as the ports....I modified mine (super easy) after extensive experimenting with lengths varying from 5" all the way up to 18". I settled on 18" ports.....10" sticking inside the cabinet and 8" sticking out. Probably sounds strange and I was hoping something like 5" or so would be what I would settle on but the best results kept going back to the 18" port (10" in 8" out of the cabinet). Maybe it's a room thing...distance from the wall etc. but it was easy and fun to experiment with. Not to mention it improved the overall sound of the speaker. Did the longer tubes effect the bass response?
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