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  1. I have noticed in our new house with the speaker so close - the living room is 14x18 with the speakers about 10 feet from the couch - the sound seems somewhat "dull" or "empty" compared to before unless I turn it up pretty loud. maybe that is due to the lower power from my Denon vs the QSC amp from before? Currently I am using the back 2 channel from the Denon to power the outdoor speakers, I guess I could try to biamp the 20s to improve the sound but wouldnt that make it hard to get the center channel level to match?
  2. very nice indeed. my KLF20s are too much for my wife so I have a long time before I could pull off your system in plain view! I bet it sounds great. what wires are you using?
  3. hey all - 1st thread. a bit of a background I have been an avid home and car audio person for nearly 15 years. I have been a Klipsch fan for nearly the whole time also. I have all Klipsch including my outdoor speakers. I simply love and respect very loud and very clear sound so 8 years ago I got my 20s. they were perfect for the situation (college). I had them powered with a 250/channel QSC amp and they played so loud that I never considered a sub. I had to reglue the back panel like many others have done and I put some foam inside but the drivers sound perfect anyway flash forward to life after college I am now looking at these beauties powered by my Denon AVR2805 but no real way to let them sing (since I have a 2.5 year old). I have a nice SVS subwoofer to fill in the lows now but it is like I have a Corvette driving them around town. They want to sing like before So I am considering replacing with either the RF52s, RF62s or another brand...I used to have the KLFC7 center but it was too big so I sold it a while ago and got the 52 series center speaker. I really do not want to part with my 20s but they deserve to play like they should and I wont have that option until we get another house. Hopefully I can get some help here to see how other people have handled the situation. I am considering downsizing to the RF 52s or going with another brand all together.
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