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  1. If anyone is selling parts off their KLF 30. I'd like to buy a feet insert that threads up into the KLF 20 (one of my KLF 20's stripped out) and a spike/feet kit too if you have it. Thanks so much.
  2. Selling my wife's Paradigm Reference Studio 40 V2's. They have the nice real cherry wood finish on the sides.These get played about twice a year, as they sit in our living room, (where we never really venture) mostly used for decoration purposes. $450+shipping 7/10 condition on the safe side. They look and sound great. I have stands that fit them perfectly for a extra $75+shipping. I do not have the original boxes, so it might take me a few extra days to get these boxed up nicely if someone decides to purchase them. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Still available. Final reduction. $175+shipping costs.
  4. I have a Paradigm Reference Studio CC that has been only used for about a year or two since it was purchased new from the store. It has been boxed up and placed in a air and heated closet all the rest of the years. Asking $200+shipping. I can open the box and take photo's if you like. You won't be disappointed with the condition of this speaker 9/10. Will be a great deal for someone needing a nice center channel. Cost $499 new. 44721 Thanks!
  5. Only used this center for about 2 years, and it has remained in it's box in a air conditioned room closet ever since. I intended to one day put it with the Studio 40 V2's I owned, but never did. Now I have updated the studio 40 V2's, so this needs to go to I suppose. I do not have photo's at this time. However, this one is in fantastic shape. I don't recall any scratches, or marks, etc. I can check it over carefully if someone wants a absolute 10/10 condition. If you are serious buyer and require photo's, let me know. Asking $175+full shipping costs. Canton, OH 44721 Pickup is welcome. Should be a great center channel for this price. Retail I believe was $499 when I purchased it.
  6. Still looking for a stock set of spikes/inserts if anyone has them available. @Fleawatt Thanks for the link! I've actually used those before in a pair of floor standers. They are nice spikes, but looking to match my other speakers (stock spikes) if possible.
  7. Looking For KLF 30/20 spike & feet set(s). I need at least one spike/feet & insert that goes up inside the speaker. One of mine stripped out badly on both threads (spikes and inserts inside speaker). I'm willing to by just one spike combo, two, or as many as you have available to complete the sale. Thanks so much! Greatly appreciate the help on this. 44721 zip code for shipping/pickup.
  8. Lookiing for a threaded insert and threaded spike for a KLF 20. Just need one, but I will buy a entire set if someone has them for sale. One of mine stripped out and no longer will accept the spike (it also is messed up badly). 44721 Thanks so much!
  9. LF a single KLF 20. Will convert to a center channel. Any finish is fine. May also be interested in a KLF 10 or 30 if I can't locate a single 20. Thx! 44721
  10. Replied to PM's I have to put the sale of these on hold a few days. Might have talked the wife into letting me put them in the living room! I will update this thread in a few days. Thanks for the interest!
  11. Selling my home theater speakers. All in Black satin. I have replaced all tweeters with Crites titaniums. I do have all the old diaphrams in a case, and you are welcome to take those also. The old diaphrams worked fine, just wanted the crisp sound of the titanium diaphrams. 44721 zip (Canton,OH) -2 qty KLF 30 in about as nice of shape as you can get. Didn't see any scratches when I looked it over. Corners are all sharpe as well. I'd give these a easy 9/10 condition due to age. This is a later model (2001-2002), so no issue's with lose baffles and have extra bracing from factory inside. -2 qty KLF 20. When I bought these, they arrived with the back panels lose. I totally broke these apart and resealed them. I glued the front baffle too, just to make sure they would never need to be opened up again in the future. I also touched up a few small scratches with black touch up marker. Can't tell the small dots where I used it. Blends nicely. One grill is torn at the bottom left corner about a inch 1/2. I'd give these a 7/10 condition. Look excellent, unless looking very closely, then might see some rounded like corner on the bottoms, and other very small marks. -C7 center channel is in very good shape. I bought it 3 yrs ago, and it was brand new never opened. So it has little use as well. Didn't see any scratches anywhere. 8/10+ condition. I bought the KLF-30's from a long time member here about 3 yrs ago. They were excellent shape when he delivered them, and are in as good of condition as they were then. I can send photo's of anything you desire, as well as answer any questions you might have. See my feedback on audiogon(sthomas12321). I haven't sold there in a few yrs, but i have a lot of feedback. I am selling these because I simply don't have room for them. We are remodeling the room and making it into a bedroom. PM me for phone number if you desire to talk via phone or text. Here is the asking prices. Feel free to make a offer. I have the original box for the C7. All else will need picked up, or figure out a safe way to get them to you. I would love to sell them all at once, and could offer a nice deal if purchased that way! KLF 30-$800obo KLF 20-$600obo C7-$300obo Thanks for your interest!
  12. Would like to rebuild my crossovers. After I order parts, will they all just sodier right where old ones were? How do I tie the new parts to the terminal cup board? Anyone know of online step by step instructions? I'd like to keep everything on the term cups, as I dont want to remove the lower wofer again, or mount
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