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  1. I have a metal detector. I thought perhaps a visible graph or number display as to the intensity of the beep might be helpful... the signal beep that i can hear diminishes the further down the object is. The standard type DB meters can filter out or lock out the ambiant noise and should i see a small spike from the graph.... even though I cant hear it, the machine can..... Just an experiment
  2. Hi guys...., Is there is such a thing as a digital db meter that that i could plug directly into a headphone speaker jack? I do not want the external mic at all. I am trying to determine the level of sound of a beep (just a simple beep) that is being produced from the HP jack if the beep gets too quite for me to hear the digital meter would still pick it up, either a spike on a graph or a higher number on the display which of course also would also show an even higher reading or spike for the stronger signal "beeps" sounds funny but.....This is a very real question....Any Ideas?? This is a great forum with lots of knowlege....figured id try it here first Thanks in Advance guys
  3. Yes!! I Have hooked up the speaker and it truly is outstanding! HUGE Differance from the KV1 previously used as the center. Now I'm done...Wait...I need a new reciever that i can hook a new amp to. Hahaa...Never ends
  4. If anyone should be interested, this guy is selling other stuff as well...KSW12 sub/ rf7ii (http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/ele/3585216234.html) KLF 30's and 20's/ maybe woth a look...Dont even think about messin with my 64 =) MINE-MINE!! =)
  5. I cant believe it.....I just found one, called the guy and taking the ride tomorrow mornin, 600 bucks (like new cond) Probably shouldnt pass on this one. I guess it will have to do. Thanks for the responses (I still cant believe i just found one) Yippee!!!
  6. I have been searching Hi-n-Low for the elusive RC-64 "original" to match my RF-63's and as of yet no luck. It seems that the RC-64ii can be had about any day of the week though..... Shoud I continue this never ending search or just get whats available now? "Does it really matter"? Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. yea, poor choice of words....still amuzing that funny man has 7.s hahaa PS reading up a bit more today it occured to me his speakers were about 6" off the back wall...That might the boomy i heard, think i need to give em another listen.
  8. I got some feedback from you a while back when deciding on the floors and asked about the 63's. which you confirmed my choice was a no brainer..well last week i had an opportunity to purchase some rf7's for 700 dollars pair. I suppose if i had the room for them i probably would have got them, my friend however has been up my *** since i got the rf63's and not in one conversation did he not ask to buy them since then. Anyway.....i told him about the 7's and of course he jumped on that and now is the VERY PROUD owner of some rf7s...well to the point now...tonight i went over to his house to get a demo of these monsters and after listining to all kinds of music from the cd player...i came home and turned on my stereo. I am surprised to say that i actually prefer the 63's with a sub (110) to the stand alone 7's...im sure people will call me crazy here but the 7's are just so boomy and they certainly dont need a sub. (standard size livingrooms) they are very loud and also sound incredible but the 63's are so clean and crisp to me for lack of a better word and like i said the lack of boom compared the the 7's is made up for with my sub...this is my first comparison to any other speaker in the "class" and i find myself very thankful for the advice to get these speakers....so THANKS
  9. This being such an interestin thread an all I figured why not give ya's an update..... Went on over to the cable store and picked up a box with the coax and hdmi output. solved the PIP problem...of course in PIP mode. the picture is no longer in HD (whos idea at samsung was that...LetsNOT put an hdmi in option for the main source signal on a HDTV...Hmmm) Anyway its done, I can now multi-task. Play/work on the internet while listening to pandora and watch the football game. =)HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!
  10. I'll take this one step at a time to make it easier.... 1) I would like to do PIP on the samsung pn5900d when i do PIP the right side of scrteen is all static...i can choose pc, hdmi 1, 2, 3, 4, all video signals are only on left side and work now, right side of screen is just static I believe the tv is looking for a main signal which would be antenna in (screw type) on the TV.. all of the HDMI's/PC inputs would be the PIP (with cable in backround, always on) The HD box i have from comcast (RNG110)only has HDMI out, no coax out...So i have to go to tv with HDMI (1) so it doesnt recognise cable as main signal its just an option now as the what the PIP is going to be. There is no main TV signal happenin here I think i need a new box!! ???? If so, Ill take a suggestion on that. 2) NO Forget 2...one step at a time might be easier..... Before you ask No..the TV has no hd component to connect the box to, Its HDMI connections PCin and coax in
  11. Congrats!! Sounds like you got yourself a good deal...Hope ya took care of Youthman, sounds like a good friend!!!.... Enjoy!!!
  12. This Forum has been good to me with so many helpful reply's in the past i figured this might be the place to go first Here is my dilemma, I have so many Smart devices that im beginning to feel stupid!!! I am not using what i have to its potential and I'm goin crazy tryn to figure this out..... I thought i was good until i got a galaxy s3....now i know im not using my smart tv for all intended purposes....My reciever even has a network address, what the hell is that for? Cant use phone apps because its not right. I need proper hookup and networking help!!! If there is anyone who knows what he's doin (that should be easy here) is located in central NH, has the time, and wants a few extra bucks.....HOOK ME UP.... Samsung 59 plas , onkyo 609, comcast HD Box, Sam bdt210, PC, Rf-63, RB51, RS 42 SW110, KV2
  13. thanks for the update.....Ive been waiting for a reply and its good to know that i wont be getting one....Eh" mabye next time!! To the guys asking about how to put parentheses or what ever that is.... what does that have to do with my question? Cone size multiplied by pie or what ever your talking about now is more than i need to know and scrappydue You saved me BIG TIME!!!!! Thanks again for bursting my bubble =) I had no idea!!! it would have been a waste of money.......At least for a while, THANK YOU!!! Best response goes to scrappy with many close follow ups...Lil update,, My wiring was correct andi I figured out that my laptop volume was way down, I turned it to max and low and behold "wow....Thats Better" ..Until next time....."ROCK ON"
  14. yea i do so tell the whole world!!! hahaaa =) at least you got a text im still waiting for evan to call back.....waiting.....waiting.....
  15. I am no doubt a novice at best when it comes to this stuff but i enjoy it, i also appreciate all the informative responses. I wish i could afford to get a new reciever to go with my new amp....However, i just cant justify it at this time. Before my bud opened his big mouth telling me that my speakers would come alive with an amp I was quite happy with what i have, that being said...I have decided to look for a RC-64 instead, from what ive read on the subject it seems that i would be better off with that rather than an amp at this time.....Music and movies take up a pretty large amount of time so at this point i think i would be better served with the new center. Im looking if anyone is selling....Found one on craigs for 300+ship....sent email...we will c!!! Thanks again, U guys ROCK!!!! PS as far as ending.....when the pocket runs dry i guess... =)
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