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  1. 1) I'll be running my new-to-me Chorus IIs with an Adcom GFA-585.....250 stated watts at 8 ohms. Is that a good match....too much.... not enough??? Any comments/thoughts on the Klipsch-Adcom marriage in general???? I got the Adcom GFA-585 just a year ago and it seems pretty solid, thought I haven't had the top off and I don't think the original owner I got it from had any work done to it? I know I might need some work to the capacitors and there are some "upgrades" out there...... 2) I really wish I had some way of measuring the wattage output on my my Adcom system. Since 1987 I had my original Adcom GFA-545 amp, rated at 100 watts, paired up with my KG4s, also rated at 100 watts at 8 ohms, I always knew that when I started to see the clipping lights flicker that was all the volume I was going to get and I backed it off a little. Particularly since my KG4s are only 4 ohms (so the amp was pushing 200 watts with them). I've only had one of the tweeters on the KG4s kick off about 5 times in 27 years. Nice feature!! Anyway, I was a little surprised to discover that I could not find on ebay/online a good looking, quality "audio output meter." While we all know most McIntosh amps have them, my Adcom, and many others, do not. Anybody ever just arbitrarily add a set of meters to an amp?? I found some basic McIntosh looking meters on ebay/on line and thought of just adding them....somehow....... Any guidance welcomed!!
  2. Hi All! This is my first post here - so I'm a newbe to this forum. Having owned a pair of KG4s since 1987, and being "brought up" on Klipsch even before that, I've recently decided to "upgrade." I finally found and got a pair of Chorus IIs driving distance from Los Angeles - first journey completed!! (Pic attached I think!) As anyone who knows these speakers knows, they are not easy to ship at 90lbs and over a yard high, a foot and a half wide, and a foot deep.....each!! I thought $600 was pretty good based on the craigslist pics, and upon inspection, they still looked pretty good. BTW - this was my first craigslist purchase as well, and I lived to talk about it. Great seller. Anyway I wanted walnut oil, but just couldn't find them out here - having said that there is a pair of WO Chorus IIs in Reno on craigslist for $600 right now. Anyway......I haven't even heard these yet!!! Once I saw them and condition they were in, I want to give him the $ and get out of there! I didn't feel like pushing him to hook them up to hear them. I spent today doing a little cleaning and firming up the bases as I did on my KG4s years ago. BTW while I did this the KG4's still really crank! They can still handle power and are just really great sounding loud speakers at 27 years old. The Klipsch SW 311 sub woofer I got last year does help out! Tomorrow the neighbors should be aware I'm home!! Looking forward to continuing to "upgrade" these with some Bob Crites "improvements." That journey begins - Stay tuned! Advice Welcomed!!
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