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  1. Right, right. Argh, there's so many options. Say if I got 2 Heresy III's (a huge upgrade from what I currently have), would I need a new receiver? My receiver only puts out 100wpc.
  2. Wow, so you got TWO of the La Scalas for $1000? Doesn't ONE brand new La Scala cost $3500? Also, how on earth do you plan on doing 5.1 with floorstanders? You must have a large room.
  3. Thank you for the input, Islander. Yes, there is no doubt that I have a lot to learn. I was actually looking at the Reference series, basically because I could buy a complete system for the price of one Heritage speaker. Though the Heritage speakers do look nice. Would investing in something from the Heritage line fall into your first method of upgrading?
  4. All I know, is how I feel and how my pops feels. You should know, my dad was a smoker for 40 years. It took a heart attack and a stroke to convince him to think about quitting. Thank god he found ecigs, they were his HOPE. It was no longer about wishful thinking, without them, he would not have quit. THAT is the reality of the situation. If ecigs can get one person to stop smoking analog cigarrettes than they are a savior in my book. Guess what the doctor says everytime he goes for a checkup? "Your lungs sound great, Pete." All of the ingrediants in the liquid itself have been proven safe. The only things that aren't approved are the devices. This is hurting big tobacco/big pharma/health care. Yes health care, they are losing money because they want people to have heart attacks and strokes. It's sad but true, people have always prospered from tragedy. Well, I for one am not going to be another statistic. I've chosen my method, and by god it freaking works. They (FDA/big tobacco/big pharma/health care) KNOW this works. Which is why, in the first place, this is such a controversial issue.
  5. A lot of sites let you choose nic level, though a few also let you choose PG/VG levels you want. I vape 12mg 70/30 liquid from http://www.heathersheavenlyvapes.com/store3. I highly, highly recommend their Blueberry Muffin...yum I'll just remind any new or aspiring vapers out there to check out ECF (Google, first result), and tasteyourjuice.com. Educate yourself!
  6. Agree. As I previously stated, this is the problem I have with the way companies like Blu market their product. Though, these kind of ecigs are merely scratching the surface of what is possible in the realm of vaping. Disagree. Ecigs are just as effective if not more so, than patches/gum. If you can quit cold turkey, great. If not, than I believe ecigs offer the best (IMO) medium to successfully stop smoking, and/or to bring a realization that you don't need cigarettes. Like I said, it is a great first step. Fact - Nicotine is not the only addictive substance in tobacco smoking. Once you switch to vaping, if desired, it is much easier to quit. Incorrect. ProVape is proud to be the industry’s leading designer, manufacturer, and direct retailer of the highest quality, US-made electronic cigarettes. - http://www.provape.com And there are many more like ProVape here in America. I believe all the "cigarette looking" ecigs are made in China. Although Blu ecigs are manufactured in China, their juice is still manufactured here in America. Though, companies like ProVape are a dime a dozen here in America. Seriously, go google ECF and click on the first result. It will be e-cigarette-forum.com. It is a great site with all the unbiased information you could ever want to know about ecigs. They keep up with all the health related issues, as well as all the legislation. Please, take an hour or two and go read up on this before trying to convince people on your own personal beliefs.
  7. Yeah, I've read a little about that. It sure sounds like a lot of fun. Where is it going to be this year?
  8. My juice is manufactured right here in America. In fact, most all the companies are based in America. You really should read up on things before you start spewing biased garbage. We're talking about peoples lives here. Whatever it takes to get off analog cigarettes, is a step in the right direction. For some people, it's not that easy to "just quit". There are 30 - 40 year smokers out there, by the boat-load, that are finally giving up cigarettes. -"But the agency (FDA), has never presented evidence that the trace amounts actually cause any harm, and it has neglected to mention that similar traces of these chemicals have been found in other F.D.A.-approved products, including nicotine patches and gum." - NYtimes - Dr. Rodu concludes that the F.D.A.’s results “are highly unlikely to have any possible significance to users” because it detected chemicals at “about one million times lower concentrations than are conceivably related to human health.” His conclusion is shared by Michael Siegel, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. - NYtimes - "For a smoker, the health hazards of continuing to smoke greatly outweigh any potential risks of using nicotine replacement therapy". - Cancer Research UK - A recent Greek study found that e-cigarettes are no threat to the heart. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens told the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology that "Electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. ... Considering the extreme hazards associated with cigarette smoking, currently available data suggest that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful and substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health." Farsalinos and his team examined the heart function of 20 young smokers before and after smoking one tobacco cigarette against that of 22 e-cigarette users before and after using the device for seven minutes. While the tobacco smokers suffered significant heart dysfunction, including raised blood pressure and heart rate, those using e-cigarettes had only a slight elevation in blood pressure. The Greek clinical study was the first in the world to look at the cardiac effects of e-cigarettes. Another small study, also in Greece, reported earlier in 2012 the devices had little impact on lung function.[41] - A report from a UK Government advisory unit favoured the adoption of "smokeless nicotine cigarettes" over the traditional "quit or die" approach, believing this would save more lives.[42] - (This one I have witnessed personally) In an online survey from November 2009 among 303 smokers, it was found that e-cigarette substitution for tobacco cigarettes resulted in reduced perceived health problems when compared to smoking conventional cigarettes (less cough, improved ability to exercise, improved sense of taste and smell).[48]
  9. E-cigs are a great alternative! They are really starting to catch on, though I can't say I agree with the way they are marketed. That said, they are a step in the right direction. I personally use an old Lava Tube v1, and am looking to eventually get my hands on a Provari some time in the future. For anyone interested in non-biased information about E-cigs head over to http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum, it is a great site. Another must see site is tasteyourjuice.com. The owner of the site, Phil Busardo, does a top-notch job at putting things into perspective. He regularly posts video reviews of everything E-cig related. Batteries, cartomizers, devices, and juice! Not to mention, he does it in a well-done, interesting, and fun way. I recently met him at VaporCon 2012, nice guy. Must watch videos are the "Beginners guide to e-cigs" posted on January 2, 2013 and the Crab Juice video. In closing, it's great to see this thread, and that E-cigs are working as well for you as they have for myself. My quit date is April 25, 2011, and have never looked back. I have so much more endurance, and I don't smell like an ashtray. Additionally, I for one like knowing that what I am putting in my lungs can be counted on one hand, instead of ingesting who knows how many hundreds or even thousands of chemicals that are in tobacco these days. Kudos (:
  10. Wow, that sounds awesome. Thanks for the warm welcome, Bruce.
  11. I take it that's one of those mini tube amps? I have no idea how those things work lol, but in my head I see them used more for producing quality sound instead of "big" sound...am I in the ballpark? = P
  12. Well, that's a good question, that I myself don't even know the answer to. With optical out coming standard on the majority of sound cards nowadays, I would think "computer sound" is falling by the wayside as more people switch to receiver setups. Don't think anyone has surpassed Klipsch's ProMedia series as far as computer speakers are concerned, so I'd say my interest falls in the home theatre category.
  13. So I'm new to the forum, but not new to Klipsch. I'll start off by saying I am no audio expert, but definitely an enthusiast (: In the past couple months I have revived my ProMedia 5.1 system. I was debating sending it to Elliot, but decided on changing the amp myself to a 300w, mono-channel Bash, which now drives my subs. I've also converted to a 500w receiver setup which runs my sat speakers, giving me a total of 800w. This was a fun project and really reignited my love for crisp, enveloping audio. That said, I would eventually like to take my audio experience to the next level, which is where you guys come in! I am readily welcoming any and all feedback/suggestions on what a solid next step would be. Thanks! (:
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