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  1. Thanks minermark! That's what I have come up with also since I posted. Well all you La Scala brethren who may be interested feel free to make me offers and or let others in your sphere of influence know they are available also. I have a daughter that was accepted into Boston University pre-med I need all the $$$$ I can get my hands on....LOL
  2. Just pulled these off the shelves all have been tested and sound great. The split shown with carpet, cabs are not Klipch factory made, all internals are Klipsch. I'm located in Boston area. Help me set a price and I will offer to this foram first!
  3. WOW the Electro Voice Sentry's are in good shape exterior wise, if woofers and drivers for the mid and St-350 Tweet work it is a great sound system for church or small to mid size club. I worked with these back in the 70's, we used 36 of the folded horn Sub (16 per side) and modified a high frequency sub assembly made up of 1-mid horn you see with 4- St-350's 2-stacked on each side of the horn in a nice self contained case w/ lid. the name of the band was Aerosmith.
  4. I have many. And I have new voice coils to replace blown ones.
  5. DLOVE

    MWM & MWMS

    I have many of each if you are looking for these fine enclosures.
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