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  1. Ok, after reading more reviews about the speakers I was wondering can they be used as a surround system for my TV. I will be adding a 25x20 room as a game room amd instead of buying a $1,500 Bose system could I use the khorns as the surround system? Will the room be large enough and would there be anything else I need to do this? Thanks in advance for your input. Mike
  2. Sorry, about not mentioning my location better I am located in the SF bay areain California.
  3. I posted earlier this week in regards to a set of Khorns I got in return for clearing a debt from a friend that is moving. Based on what everyone said (thanks for the information) I would like to sell the Khorns. As I mentioned they are in nearly perfect condition and sound great. I am asking $2,500. for the numbers matching set. Please see the attached photos to see their condition. I am located in Northrn California.
  4. Thanks, but on the speakers there is two serial numbers per speaker the first speaker 849 & 850 the second speaker has 851 & 852 so I am assuming that they are consecutive numbers
  5. I have a friend that owes me money and he is about to move out of the state so he wants to pay me with a set of corner horns. What I would like to know is the realistic value of the horns and if I should do the trade. The speakers have been in his garage for at least 5 years covered under a blanket they are in almost perfect condition and I have hooked them up and they do sound great. The set of speakers serial numbers are i cosecutive order from 8727849 to 8727852. He owes me approximatly $2500. Does this sound like a smart trade, all help is appreciated.
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