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  1. any info is helpfull, as i have a guy that wants to trade me for my utility trailer ($500) value
  2. i had this problem once, and believe it or not, it turned out to be a bad RCA cord
  3. absolutely an amazing purchase, and i have to agree, beautiful collection
  4. i think maybe MARVEL is right. maybe the khorns have a different bass than i,m used to. all of my conections are good, and proper, and everything in the cabinet checks out fine too. i hooked up a 20 band eq, and it helped alot. i will purchase a good 12"-15" sub, and i think all will be ok. regardless, the khorns are now part of the family. '
  5. all of my polarity seems to be correct, and on the woofers too. the bass i have is very "tight" (like comparing a 10" sub in a car to a 15" in a car). the bass i am expecting should be a much lower, more room shaking kinda bass.
  6. ok, i sealed all of my edges with pipe insul. unfortuneately, not alot of difference in bass. the bass i,m getting feels like a thump in the chest, but kinda hollow. very nice if these were a set of technics or something, but they,re k-horns. i also swithed over to another yamaha amp. its 120 per ch. its an av style "htr-6080" i do however have a blown tweeter, which i ordered a pair of k-77,s from crites, but highs are not what i,m lacking.. i would really like a deeper, more room shaking bass. any recomendations on a decent sub?
  7. so,basically the edges of the long 3-4" board running up and down, and the top wall edge of the main bin? am i getting this right?
  8. will the pipe insulation make that much of a difference?
  9. ok, awsome! i have a much better understanding of the cabinet now. thnx marvel
  10. the distortion point that i,m getting at higher volume is my little yamaha gasping for air. i will try all of the other things as well. i,ve been tweaking things all night, and its coming together for sure.
  11. is there a link that somebody has, where i can see this? i know these are not your average speakers, but would like to learn about how extreme they really are.sounds like i need to be re-educated. ok guys, teach me please
  12. things are sounding alot better. placed the k,s on the 14ft wall, night and day difference. then pulled off the wheels, and got a much deeper bass. they sound pretty good now, but nowhere close to where they should be. they do sound good enough to notice that i have 1 tweeter that is blown, so that will be replaced imediately. i start to fall in love with the sound when i get up around the distotion point with what i have on hand. i sent the guy an email for the tube amp in the link that joker posted. this is food for thought: with this cabinet being a "ported" enclosure, has anybody ever covered the rear "port" and cut out lets say 2 or 3 3" ports close to the bottom of the makeshift cover for possibly an improved bass response? has anyone tried this? anyways, i,m defineately pulling the khorns off of kijiji as we speak, the wife and i are not gonna part with them. time to add some power and some more tweaking. thnx guys
  13. i,m gonna pull the wheels off of them 2nite, as well as move then into the 2 good corners on the 14ft wall. if that dont work, i,ll try the foam technic, and if that dont work, i,ll try the false corners. please keep posting ideas, i,m sure i,m not the first k-horn guy thats going through this. i,ll keep you posted on the progress thnx in advance, colin
  14. i,m not a burnt kinda cd guy. i,ve actually done the same as mentioned above and litterally thrown out a brand new cd because the recording was crap, so i,m 100% on track with you guys on that one. my favorite recordings are anything that is x masterd like maddona or lidsay buckingham for example. they dont cheap out on quality. as for the model of yamaha i have, its a rx-v692. it has treated me well for many years, running a set of vivid,s and then later a set of cerwin vega at 15,s. i dont mind spending money if i need to, as long as i,m sure its gonna help. i am very suprised to hear that timmins has deals on anything. i deal in a lot of classic car parts and have always found that they were way off on thier prices. maybe its the recent mining boom thats got more money floating around, therfore dropping thier prices on used stuff? i,ll have to check it out
  15. the room i have is 14x21 . the k-horns are set up in the 2 corners that are 21ft apart.. i dont have 2 good corners on the 21ft configuration. i do however have 2 good corners on the 14 ft side. is that gonna be wide enough apert? i can take off the wheels if will improve the bass. i,ve held off on buying a bryston to push them, so for now i,m just powering them on a yamaha that i have on hand. advertised @ 80w x 2. the problem i am having is i have about 10% bass, and about 90% highs, which is just nasty in any room. i dont want to dump a wad of cash on a much larger amp if my room or room configuration wont work for these. i have taken the woofer doors off and checked the cond. of the woofers and they look like new. the crossovers seem to be doing thier job. i,m trying whatever i can to get these to sound good without spending any more money if i cant use them. is that amp enough to get even a taste of what these are capeable of? is my room big enough to ever get these to sound good? i really dont want to part with these if i dont need to, but dont want to keep them if i cant use them. any help is greatly aprieciated. thnx in advance, colin
  16. the guy i bought them off of had told me these were $5100. new. i removed that after seeing what they actually did cost new. i dont like to misslead anybody. i asked what they are worth to see if i over payed the $900. i dished out for them.. if you lived in sudbury, you would know that you have to ask double of what you actually want for something (just incase your next comment is all about making proffit) i dont know what i,ve done to you, thats got your claws out, but i,ll make sure i run any of my furure kijiji ads through you first. I see you edited the "5100 original price" from Kijijji ad. Seems like your taking one hell of a financial hit on these "just aquired a set of k horns". Sorry to hear you don't have the proper room for these beauties and must be frustrating to take a 3300 dollar hit just to test these out after longing for them for 25 yrs.
  17. sadly, yes it is the same room. as i hold my head down, all i can say is that, in my 14x21 room, the ultimate speakers sound like pure crap. i really dont think its the speakers. its my room. i just bought the house, so moving is out of the question. its very saddening, that i,ve wanted a pair of these for so long, and hearing them in my room for about 3 minutes is enough to want to part with them.
  18. hey there, my x-overs are ak3 and the tweeter has a square magnet, and the large horn (midrange i,m assuming) has a round magnet.
  19. unfortuneately my tags are not there. all i have is a 094 stamped into the top of the back vertical panel. i looked at the crites page but came up empty handed. i know they are older than a set of 86,s on here for sale in rhodeisland, as my tops have the older more 2 piece look. all help is welcomed. thnx, colin
  20. no, i havent heard them on a bryston 4b yet. but the price is ok on the amp. i,m located in sudbury ontario, canada
  21. i,ve been looking at a bryston 4b. i think that should cut it
  22. hello all, and thnx for having me. i just aquired a set of k horns. i have a 094 stamped into the back of each speaker. would this be the year they were built? if not, how can i tell when they were made? i have wanted a set of these for nearly 25 years, and just finally got them. any ideas as to a fair going price on what they,re worth nowadays? they,re condition is about a 6-7 out of 10. thnx in advance, colin oates
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