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  1. That is correct, top, bottom, back, sides, edges, risers all with new Hickory / Pecan veneer.
  2. Original motor board, raw birch. I removed the Velcro pads and the adhesive residue. The backs are the original pieces, but new veneer applied.
  3. Sorry, no plans for Vegas. Are you coming to Barrett Jackson, Waste Management Open, Super Bowl?
  4. $SOLD$ - On the way to McKinney, TX Klipsch Cornwall / Cornscalas. Purchased locally from the original owner, consecutive serial numbers: 29W717 and 29W718 1981 Vintage with K-77-M, K-51-V and K-33-E drivers Beautiful condition, new Hickory wood veneer finish. Original glass tops included. Converted to Cornscalas approximately 12 months ago. Replaced original 600hz horn with the 400Hz Fastrac from Fastlane Audio. See details here: http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/fastrac-cornwall.html Other additions / improvements: 1. New Type B Crossovers from Bob Crites: http://www.critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html 2. Rebuilt Risers, original dimensions to accommodate Ernie Ball Pop Out casters. No intrusion to the speaker cabinets for installation. Speakers can be used with or without casters. More info here: http://www.amazon.com/Ernie-Ball-P06.../dp/B001FQ74FW 3. Installed new speaker terminal cups with 5-way binding posts 4. New speaker grill cloth, the original Klipsch Heritage #17 fabric More Photos: http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/st...ornwall?sort=3
  5. Did you find the II's to have more bass especially upper bass/ lower midrange? Seems fuller to me in room than the older h-700's I been testing. I think the h700's have incredible open highs though which really make it hard for me to decide which I like better. I could ramble on for hours about the two not gonna I been going nuts trying to figure out which I like better. I would need to have the two side by side to make that call. I may get around to that this weekend. I may be inclined to say the IIs have an overall "fuller" presentation.
  6. Spent some time with the Heresy II last night. Although I did not directly compare to the Heresy, I would say they are nearly the same - both very good. Bass response for the Heresy II are at least the equivalent of the Heresy. I have the Heresys on 14 gauge sand filled square tubing stands (THESE> standard). Really well made stands that place the Heresys at the ideal height with right amount of rake (tilt). Placed this way, I find the bass response to be more than adequate. In fact, I think the bass response of the Heresy is better than the specs suggest (good reason to quit reading) and play deeper than many other speakers claiming lower frequency responses.
  7. I'll will pick up the Heresy II in a couple of hours and maybe have the chance to compare them to the Heresy this evening.
  8. You're not comparing apples to apples anyways. Look at the +- number. Thanks for pointing that out. I recognized the +/- number but did not give it any significance. I'll do some research to determine what the +/- number means.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm likely to buy the Heresy IIs without consideration of the specs. I'm surprised that the published specs list the Heresy at 13Hz lower than the IIs.
  10. I have a pair of Heresy (1979) and very pleased with them. Locally, a pair of Heresy II (1988) became available and I am considering picking them up. I looked at the specs for the Heresy and Heresy II (from the Klipsch site) and saw the following regarding Frequency Response: Heresy 50Hz - 17kHz (+ -) 5dB Heresy II 63Hz - 20kHz (+ -) 3dB Are these correct? Does the Heresy actually have deeper bass as the specs suggest? Frequency response for the Heresy III is listed as 58Hz - 20kHz (+ -) 3dB. In the Heresy line-up, the Heresy has the deepest bass, followed by the II then III?
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