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  1. Me to thanks again . I forgot to ask you , do these drivers have the original diaphgrams ? I heard there might be an advantage in changing the original diaphgrams to a newer one from Great Plains ? I need to do some research .
  2. Yeah think Iam gonna do both . I really want to hear these at the best they can be . I guess my crossovers might need to get touched up to ?
  3. I’ll double check but pretty sure I don’t have one of those.
  4. Thanks for the info, I was actually thinking of sending both my 416 -8b woofers to them to get re done and re magnetized . Has anyone here had this done by them ?
  5. What is the model number of the woofer your looking for ?
  6. Well guys about a week ago I posted my wtb thread not really expecting but hoping to find at least one 802-8g driver for a pair of 19’s I am redoing. Well what do you know ? khornukopia just so happened to have an immaculate pair just lying around waiting for me to make this post. So of course I jumped at the chance to buy his drivers . I had only seen that he had a good reputation on this forum but felt comfortable enough to send him the money . Well to make a long story short I feel the price was great, packing great , shipping speed superb and the drivers like I already said were in great condition . I am very happy with this transaction and especially with finding another fellow audiophile that is a man of his word.
  7. The one I do have doesn’t have that sticker it only has it’s part number stamped 33952
  8. Are they all original ? Fully functional ? Also Are they matched pairs secqential serial numbers ?
  9. Hi guys looking for a altec Lansing 802-8g driver for my model 19’s I am restoring . Please let me know what you got . Thx Joe
  10. I have a b-2 laying around that needs some work and maybe some vfets so I have been on the look out for another one that has at least one channel working . The problem is these are rare. From the little bit that I did hear it did sound very good.
  11. I posted over in alerts by mistake my listing for some nice turntables take a look and let me know if your interested.
  12. Posted this in wrong section. Can mod move it please To garage sale not alerts ?
  13. Thorens td160 audiotechnica 120e cart . Needs belt , no cover ,couple faint scratches on one side other than that great. Upgraded blue rubber mat. 400$ Realistic lab-400 turntable. Great shape no cart or head shell. All functions. 200$ free shipping U.S.
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