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  1. I should clarify that I was listening with 2 speakers, just had the mono switch 'on'. I assumed that was understood, but thought I should mention that. Sorry if that created some confusion.Happy jammin'.
  2. Thanks for the responses. It is just another dimension to experiment with in Hi-Fi. Fun stuff! I agree with Schu, my experience exactly-flat yet detailed.
  3. I have a question regarding stereo or mono. I was doing some listening over the weekend and unbeknownst to me at the time I was listening in mono and it amazingly sounded very good. The lyrics sounded more detailed. Anyone else experience this? Thanks and happy jammin'.
  4. Hello all, before everyone gets all bent out of shape over another Sansui thread, I tried posting on "exclusively sansui" to no avail. So in a short explanation can anyone tell me their opinion on which I should choose in terms of sound quality. Pairing with K-horns. Thanks and sorry about the Sansui topic again, but I like your advice! Just to add, I did all kinds or research on the "net" about these two amps but would like someones personal experience/input or if someone has a tube route/idea I might enjoy I'm open for opinions for about the same amount of cost. Don't know anything about tubes so don't know value or cost of them just the little that I read. Thanks
  5. I have a mint condition power amplifier for sale. Purchased new in 1990, has had minimal usage. Comes with original owners manual and literature. Location is Midwestern Iowa..
  6. Was wondering what makes more difference in sound reproduction,the pre-amp or the amp when using separates? If its the pre can I pair a tube pre with a Adcom 555 and get good results? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have a nice looking pair of consecutively numbered Oiled Oak Heresys. They have been re-capped. Sound nice and have perfect black grilles.and badges.Have always been taken care of in a non-smoking, no pet environment. I would rate them 8/10. Would like to trade for a 9090 or something similar in the Sansui line.Thanks
  8. Sorry I brought the topic up! Didn't think it would disgruntle some folks! I am new to the vintage gear and just wanted some input from veteran users of some of their equipment. My first pieces were some Sansui stuff and I like what I hear, so just inquiring about some other brands and view-points. I should know by now after being around different people for some fifty-odd years there will always be a small percentage of them that don't play well with others:)Just saying.
  9. Okay, thanks for all the input and happy listening!
  10. Could you pm a price please? thanks
  11. Okay thanks, what would you recommend? And BTW it is in excellent cond, no service ever done
  12. Being a Sansui guy. I have a opportunity to score a Pioneer sx780 for 150 bucks. Will I like the sound of this compared to the Sansui sound? I have never heard any vintage Pioneer before. Iknow this is subjective, but have to travel 1.5 hrs to audition so want some thoughts before I check it out. Will pair it with K-horns and Heresy's. Thanks
  13. Sansui 9090,au 9500 and 661. Components in question. Thanks
  14. Is it an expensive proposition to have this done by a professional?
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