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  1. After searching a bit online, wondering if the Polk OWM3's could work. Don't need the base as the sub takes care of it, and these look like they would disappear in to the Living Room. Also I see that some people use them on top of the fronts as ATMOS heights. Thanks for the replies and I will see how it goes with my search.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought about those, but they are hard to find and over my budget. $100 to $150 is what I have available. Not much for Klipsch, but with sales at Frys at times and Ebay doable I think.
  3. So, my ancient Polk surrounds died at the same time with heavy static coming from the woofers. touching them fixes, then back again. They were made for surround and fastened to my side walls as upper surround speakers for more than 25 years. Since then I have RB3's as front L/R and RC3 center. Along with an SVS sub next to the sofa (yes it works amazing there and that location was selected due to multiple options not sounding as good). I'd like to match the surrounds in timbre as much as I can, and considered replacing the Polk surrounds with the cheaper T15's since I like that they just "hang" on the wall with a single screw. Is there a Klipsch option that also can "hang" on the wall easily? I see the R14S, but not sure if I want to go that route as I liked the directional sound from the older Polks. Suggestions?
  4. I bet you're right. I want to go with more direct sounding surrounds though for future upgrade to Atmos. I think I'll wait for a deal on the RB-41's used. After the holiday there may be ton on craigslist or ebay I think due to everyone upgrading or receiving gifts. Thanks again for the honest opinions.
  5. thanks. I had guessed that, but didn't have the time today to research it further. I was actually tempted to go with RB-81's and replace the RB-3's, move them to the back, but they're just too big to wall-mount for my wife to like it. I wonder if the RP-15M is much better. Klipsch has a 50% off on their site today I see, and those are on sale in addition to 50% off. Thanks again, loving that Klipsch sound since I switched from B&W 2 years ago.
  6. I see the amazing deals this holiday season. Need a surround pair to match closely with my RB-3's. I received some advice awhile back on here to go with RB-41's. But the R-14M's are really on sale lately. Thoughts? I'd like to jump on a deal this evening if I can. Going without surrounds for too long now since my old ones died.
  7. Great suggestions... I will keep searching for a pair of used speakers for a good deal. Very helpful to know what will match closely with what I currently have. I was able to get the RB-3 pair and RC-3 for $150 total and absolutely love them. In a way I'm glad my old Polk surrounds have fallen apart, as I can now get a matching system, and maybe add a module in the future for the ATMOS. thanks again,
  8. Thanks again for the input. I've been reading up, and it might be best to go with something directional rather than dispersed for when I upgrade to ATMOS. I'll need to check out the features of smaller RB speakers that can be wall mounted where it won't matter about any potential back port it may have.
  9. Thank you for your comment. Can you tell me where the 10 series was noticeably weak? I was leaning towards that speaker due to it's small size and ease of installation. If it's bass, I plan on keeping the receiver setting at "small" and have my sub handle it. I look forward to hearing further about this item.... thank you again
  10. Slowly I've changed my system to Klipsch, and the last items are the surrounds. My old Polks are beginning to fall apart, meaning it's time to match up with the Klipsch I've added to the system via garage sales. My neighbor has a RS-10 for sale, and the sizing appears to be pretty good for what I have available. How tonally matched are the RS-10 to the RB-3 and RC-3? I've also considered RB-10's instead since they can easily be re-purposed in some other system. I also have a pair of older B&W 601's but they simply are much too big to hang on my wall and not have my wife kill me. comments are appreciated
  11. Updating the thread: I decided to take apart everything in the speaker enclosure and underneath and hidden in the crossover was a loose wire. I soldered it back and it works! Now I have 2 working RB-3's and LOVE THEM! Stil trying to calibrate as hard rock music a little muddy sounding compared to the old B&W's, but dialogue is crisp. So thank you for the time and help here, it got me thinking to just remove everything, and there it was, hidden. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. I've written Klipsch and will also call Monday afternoon about it. If it's just a cap, I would not know how or what to replace to be honest. I'll see what they charge. When I first thought it was the woofer, they had told me it was $35 to replace it plus shipping, but then I realized I could test the woofer by moving it to the other enclosure and that's how I narrowed it down to the crossover.
  13. I'm fairly new to the Klipsch community. I own a RC3 that replaced an old CC by B&W, and now I'm replacing my 601's to the RB-3's. I bought my friend's old RB-3's for $100, but one appears the crossover is blown. The tweeter works, and when I move the woofer to the other enclosure, it works. Can someone direct me to where I can buy a replacement crossover? If this is the problem (I believe it is since the woofer works in the other enclosure), Thanks!
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