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  1. A quick update The Audio Technica ATML170 cartridge repair to original specifications is now complete and will be posted ASAP The technician said it has “30dB separation and on testing sounds fab too.” In 4 days time I will be departing for a 14 day holiday / vacation, It’s on a cruise 🚢 to New Zealand If it’s not to cold as it’s now Autumn here, and New Zealand is cold for someone that lives in the tropics 😎I am going to wear my Ohio state football T shirt just in case I bump into like minded fans from the US On past cruises my wife and I visited the jazz blue room nightly for coffee and live jazz so will do that again and will post photos if time permits I have internet so will check in regularly and although I won’t be spinning vinyl I will be entertained by your posts
  2. Very informative video on several prog musicians ‘Albums bands and collaborations
  3. Sunday evening Prog An album that some say surpassed the debut album and I would personally give this album very high marks Artist - King Crimson ‘Title - Larks Tongues In Aspic
  4. Moving on to another Fripp collaboration This time with a hybrid techno synth / jazz rock improvisation Its a record release that grows on you the more one listens to it ‘’Artist - Andy Summers, Robert Fripp ‘Title – Bewitched
  5. A very influential album full of sensual auditory pleasures in an experimental form The music creeps up on you to first hold onto to ones thoughts and only stops when the track finishes What a wonderful feeling Artist - Fripp and Eno Title - No Pussyfooting Looks like it will sting like a bee 🐝
  6. I agree with this comment - as long as the job can be done without damage then it’s OK Using gum glue for me was a decision made after experiencing issues with PVA glue not releasing its bond and I had to soak the record over night to remove the glue, and that took about 30 min for one side (lucky it was a test record)
  7. Locally in AU it’s studymate gum glue https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/clear-gum-glue-125ml-ssjbgum125#features For the US ‘It’s clear Gum Glue - not PVA Available in any school or craft supply outlet *** @Marvel Yes it sounded much better
  8. @MicroMara That is an amazing playlist and one that I would choose as well
  9. OK now that we have had some side splitting laughs This is a new Tubular Bells LP that sounded dull even after ultrasonic cleaning So I decided to give a gum glue clean - Have a look at the colour of the glue on a white background
  10. Tip time ‘Give the record a glue clean And the best glue to use is “ Gum Glue “ not PVA
  11. We were not affected as the distance to the storm in Victoria is from my location is Canada to Mexico However in the period of Christmas and New Year 23/24 we had the same thing happen in our area but about 70 miles from us ( storm epicentre Gold Coast Queensland )
  12. This album just arrived in the mail It was on pre order and it arrived earlier than expected A half speed mastering of Wings - Band On The Run 50th Anniversary
  13. A quick update on my broken cartridge the Audio Technica ATML170 @MicroMara would be interested in this development I have found a local (well the same state) technician to replace the broken canterlever with a new boron one and new diamond tip to original or better specs So hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks
  14. This video will make you happy Young musicians starting a jazz journey
  15. I am currently watching the Super Bowl 2024 down under So I will claim my hall pass for a while
  16. Continuing on with a sample of Genesis members solo work 1) Peter Gabriel. - SO 2) Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep’s Day 3) Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling
  17. I am continuing with solo albums from Genesis members (posted Phil Collins earlier) Today 2 albums 1) Steve Hackett – Voyage Of The Acolyte 2) Anthony Phillips- 1984
  18. Hope all goes well George ‘You know that you are in the right place and activity when I say that record spinning does not put any kind of heavy strain on your body. KEEP IT UP
  19. Artist -Phil Collins Title - Face Value
  20. This is for the Maracas on top of the La Scala’s A song by Peter Allen When my baby When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio De Janeiro, my-oh-me-oh I go wild and then I have to do the Samba And La Bamba Now I`m not the kind of person With a passionate persuasion for dancin` Or roma-ancin` But I give in to the rhythm And my feet follow the beatin` of my hear-eart Woh-ho-oh-oh, when my baby When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio De Janeiro
  21. For practical reasons - and please note that every cartridge sounds different from another. So finding the one that suits one’s system one’s ears and music genre is part of that journey Now for practical reasons It can take a while to set up a new cartridge or to swap over from MM to MC ect So it’s prudent to use and pre set an MM on one tonearm and an MC on the other, giving one more time to enjoy music
  22. I went by the (STA 69 1672 PR) number on the lower part of the label and cross referenced with the photo But you are correct that the inscription on the dead wax is the most accurate way to find the exact pressing
  23. A quick spin of a 12” single Artist - New Order Title - Blue Monday
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