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  1. I have the other 2 Robert Plant – Pictures At Eleven Robert Plant – The Principle Of Moments
  2. This post is like a milestone moment ‘Just like the spaceX booster rockets landing
  3. I know this is long but it’s also brilliant Just playing this opera on LP x4
  4. I am going classical this evening 4 LPs for Tchaikovsky- Queen Of Spades
  5. I knew I liked you from your first post But now I like you more 🤘
  6. I have an Aust first pressing of Hotel California But no Marvin Gaye But over 50% of my collection is progressive rock
  7. Yes I have the limited edition Gold box only released in Australia *** Still Sealed *** 1986 And almost all the reissued Monos https://www.discogs.com/release/2266194-The-Beatles-The-Beatles-Collection
  8. This is my Aja And this pressing is extremely good https://www.discogs.com/release/6260980-Steely-Dan-Aja
  9. If you count my collection it would be over a thousand so I’m keen to see some gems 💎 from you
  10. Welcome to the vinyl spinning thread Stay a while - spin and post away your vinyl collection
  11. ‘Nice hat He is welcome to join the Full Range hat club 🤘
  12. I know the humans that live in a subtropical climate feel the cold more than others That being said it is currently 13 C or 56 F in Brisbane but feels colder due to wind sheer Now I am posting while wearing a snow jacket the snowboarders use This brand https://xtm.com.au/collections/mens-snow-jackets
  13. Just spun the album Now sing along with this tune
  14. Back to spin this artist again A hugely successful album and pretty much everyone has a favourite track or 2 from this album Artist - Boz Scaggs Title – Silk Degrees
  15. That’s the cartridge that I am currently using - the Stanton 981 HZS But I have 3 other Stanton’s as well
  16. From the master of soft rock Just wanted to chill put after a long work day Artist - Boz Scaggs Title - Down Two Then Left
  17. Yea Gotta give this 2 thumbs thumbs up Psychedelia at it’s best
  18. That vid is not available to me but I know the song Family Snapshot Peter Gabriel Track 5 on Peter Gabriel III: Melt
  19. It’s a task with a high degree of difficulty In the interim you can get the book, and as a teacher she would appreciate it
  20. If it’s to listen to the content The best option and my advice is to find the archive recordings and download them then burn to CD Next best is to down load from YouTube and again burn to CD https://archive.org/details/78_the-land-of-the-lost-part-1_isabel-manning-hewson_gbia0210879a
  21. The NRL is heading back to Las Vegas in 2025! In what is set to be a super Saturday of Rugby League, you’ll enjoy 4 back-to-back games including opening-round clashes between the Penrith Panthers and Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, as well as the Canberra Raiders versus the mighty New Zealand Warriors. You’ll also watch Super League sides Wigan and Warrington play, and enjoy the International Women’s game between the Aussie Jillaroos and the UK Lionesses.
  22. I have no clue about the local customs and lingo Just as long as Ohio win the football 🤘
  23. A recent purchase Next up a half speed 2LP at 33 1/3 speed remaster Artist - Peter Gabriel Title - US
  24. I think the cat is going to play the piano
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