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  1. Chris Rea was actually a very good lead guitarist A lot of his solos were muted down so much in the mixing process that they almost disappeared
  2. Wow - just - wow I don’t want to be jealous but I’m borderline on this - you are a very lucky son of a gun
  3. Right - let’s get down to business A album that just about every man and his dog knows It’s a replacement album for a worn out original Edit - I should note that it’s a 2 LP release @33.3 rpm Artist - Dire Straits Title - Brothers In Arms Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/17050458-Dire-Straits-Brothers-In-Arms
  4. Those neighbour's are keepers 😎🤘😎
  5. An RCM is a great investment I use 2 RCMs First the Ultrasonic bath Then the vacuum suction for further cleaning if required and rinsing and drying The difference it makes to cleanliness and sound retrieval is amazing
  6. Lots of flooding 2 months ago but luckily we’re we’re not affected But the rain has returned and hasn’t stopped With this current weather system - North of the state it’s torrential rain and flooded in many areas
  7. It’s a wet Saturday and it’s been raining non stop for 2 weeks So will be playing all these Vangelis records in no particular order over the weekend RIP Vangelis
  8. I O my old mate I’m a honorary Ohioan now
  9. A native Australian tree We use the oil from the leaves for colds in steam machines
  10. Fans of Genesis would love to see this documentary Album covered - Nursery Cryme
  11. Actually Donovan and Bob Dylan had an artistic rivalry back in the day So in hindsight Dylan and his management have had a greater success
  12. Just had a Vangelis check in the collection I have 8 titles of Vangelis and collaborations with Jon Anderson
  13. That is very sad to hear of the passing of a great and much loved artist
  14. Did you know that it was recorded at EMI’s studio in Nigeria Just before they were to depart for Lagos Nigeria 2 band members quit a guitarist and his drummer and Paul played most of the instruments
  15. I only personally liked - Band On The Run
  16. My knowledge base without looking it up is that 2 versions were produced One for the English - International market And one for the American market They had different covers and track order changed I think the very first 1967 release was a Mono pressing
  17. Rock it out Janis She was special just like Mama Cass Elliot
  18. Re - Grand Funk Railroad Nice muscle tone on those bodies Photoshop of old 😎
  19. This is a replacement copy of my over played US 1967 pressing The new record is also a US import Its a 200 gram Hendrix Family release from 2014 And thank god that they used a quality archival sleeve Very nice pressing and to my ears pretty faithful to the original if you are looking for a replacement copy Artist - Jimi Hendrix Experience Title - Are You Experienced Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/6170798-The-Jimi-Hendrix-Experience-Are-You-Experienced-
  20. I have a handful Van Der Graaf Generator on CD And 3 on vinyl - They are Pawn Hearts 1988, Godbluff 1975, Still Life 1976
  21. That is one of many of his solo works - I have almost all his output on CD He is also a founding member of the band - Van Der Graaf Generator
  22. It’s been many years But I put on a CD just to see if the CD player still works 🤪 Peter Hamimil - Future Now https://www.discogs.com/master/34088-Peter-Hammill-The-Future-Now
  23. Regulars of this thread I present to you a piece of music that was released about 1969 And sounds fresh today - encompassing many genres as it progresses it’s almost 20 minutes So grab a drink, turn down the lights and enjoy a truly beautiful piece of music Enjoy - Colosseum- Valentyne Suite
  24. We have had many great drum covers on this thread But this drummer is a master in his own right - he can hear or read the music once and play it faithfully Enjoy sampling Larnell Lewis Search him out for more
  25. I have had only one listen and enjoyed it For more critical reviews I would recommend you visit and read them on this link http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=73949
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