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  1. A little prog spinning earlier Enthusiasts will know his name and achievements Artist - Jon Anderson Title - Olias Of Sunhillow Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Jon-Anderson-Olias-Of-Sunhillow/release/1267887
  2. A slipknot cover O’Keefe music school kids
  3. I forgot to add the album ID link Yes it’s a gatefold cover https://www.discogs.com/John-Coltrane-A-Love-Supreme/release/594243
  4. Love the Dick Dale story and Fender guitars
  5. Still on a jazz / jazz fusion weekend Now spinning an album from a French artist - more known for his work on film projects The European members may know more about him Artist - Michel Colombier Title - Michel Colombier Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Michel-Colombier-Michel-Colombier/release/3443481
  6. @Schu Devo had a jam session with Neil Young back when he was recording Hey Hey MyMy
  7. I’m spinning this amazing album And thought to share and post it here -
  8. Saturday night jazz session is in order A classic album that is just mesmerising Artist - John Coltrane Title - A Love Supreme
  9. I have an art collection I like mostly impressionist works A rough number is just over 20 pieces I even have a Salvador Dali ( signed limited print )
  10. Can’t go wrong with a little King Crimson in your life
  11. I played this video for my wife as she played the Accordion and she said it’s just wonderful Nothing pretentious about it Enjoy
  12. I own an acoustic 6 string guitar that I don’t play 🤔 Think I’m more suited as a listener or perhaps a percussionist ? It’s about 40 years old A Fender F35
  13. This album came after Silk Degrees American artist from Ohio Artist - Boz Scaggs Title - Down Two Then Left Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Boz-Scaggs-Down-Two-Then-Left/release/1048889
  14. At least the robots are playing real instruments
  15. That is Godzilla’s ghost
  16. The build by @sootshe is in this thread https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/108425-la-scala-bass-reflex-mod/
  17. The speakers are so heavy and hard to move if required So I came up with a solution that works for me as my speakers rest on carpet So I have permanently positioned 4 of those furniture sliders on each corner of the base for each speaker that were advertised on TV sliding heavy furniture and even cars They work a treat and have saved my back on several occasions 🤘
  18. Thanks for the mention I’m not sure about who actually designed the lower bass cabinet for the La Scala However what I do know is - the original build on my speakers was done by member @sootshe For my part I actually measured the bass cabinet and uploaded those measurements for others to follow
  19. Just spinning this album from the past And members should not miss out on Automatic Man
  20. An album from 1976 This band of great musicians only released 2 albums and disbanded It’s sometimes jazzy, hard rocking, funk and progressive Artist - Automatic Man Title - Automatic Man ( self titled) Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Automatic-Man-Automatic-Man/release/1329568
  21. Early bird catches the worm 🪱
  22. I thought that it was as a complete unit But the Rabco arm is not Micro Seiki https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_reviews.php?make=Micro+Seiki&model=MD-700
  23. The Rabco arm is an add on I’m fairly sure the Micro Seiki TT originally had a normal tube tone arm or none at all to allow the user to choose the arm they needed
  24. That looks great @MicroMara If the price is right I would consider it It looks to be a great setup especially with the Rabco Servo Control, Parallel (Linear) Tracking tone arm with Minimal Lateral Tracking Error
  25. Once an audiophile uses a tangential arm - one hardly ever goes back
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