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  1. A quick afternoon spin as I’m flying to Newcastle first thing in the morning I will be visiting my elderly mum and my drummer mate to help with his Klipsch setup but I suspect that he probably needs some room treatment Artist - Supertramp Title - Crime Of The Century
  2. ‘Pretty hairy Had to look twice that they were not Yeti dancers
  3. I know you only had 4 devilled eggs ‘But if I was to visit you and play Devils advocate. I would still position myself “up wind “ 😎🤘
  4. Some say that this double album is a beautifully balanced recording and dynamically perfect Thats why many audiophiles love it Artist - Arne Domnérus Title - Jazz At The Pawnshop Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/4299981-Arne-Domnérus-Jazz-At-The-Pawnshop
  5. Just a quick heads up and I just saw a video about it A lot of audiophiles including PS audio engineers say that this album in the definitive standard of a recording that one should go by for incredible dynamic range Now I actually have this LP album and will be playing it tonight but it’s here for you to enjoy
  6. It’s a beautiful but rainy day in Brisbane So something a little up tempo is in order in the blues rock genre featuring John Wetton on vocals and Richard Palmer James Artist - Jack-Knife Title - Wish You Would Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/1856033-Jack-Knife-I-Wish-You-Would
  7. Something a little different today in the form of a Ruthless Rhymes bootleg from Germany The album is still in excellent condition and I wonder how many are still in circulation today? Artist - Peter Gabriel (Bootleg) Title - Live at the Roxy ‘I remember Mike and I had a long discussion in the past about the tracks on it ‘Side 2 has the company logo in reverse
  8. ‘I have that album Never thought I would see it spun by another enthusiast 🤘 And welcome to the vinyl spinning thread - hope you will stay and enjoy our company and sometimes quirky humour 🤪
  9. An album released in 1986 Artist - Peter Gabriel Title - So Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/379036-Peter-Gabriel-So
  10. Now Let’s - Get Down
  11. On Dave’s reply - he used a word naturally I thought there was a song in that word Enjoy
  12. Spinning some musical poetry this morning An American Prayer Jim Morrison with Music by the Doors Thanks Mike @dirtmudd
  13. I just remembered something My recollection is that he was Jewish and he sang about Jesus
  14. OK let’s travel back in time again This is a one hit wonder that was performed by a farmer
  15. It’s been to long since I spun this record and was not disappointed Artist - Renaissance Title - Scheherazade and Other Stories
  16. Even though I liked Punch Brothers the style would be more akin to Bluegrass/ Avantgarde
  17. Still listening with one blocked ear with the system turned to mono and it’s passible Electronic prog by a master keyboardist Artist - Rick Wakeman Title – The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
  18. Nah - it’s not me One can tell because I wear hats just about everywhere
  19. One of my subcontractors gave me a pink shirt. I will send you a photo on PM 🤘
  20. ‘Ahh Must have read the same post and recollected it
  21. Not sure without checking Was that cover banned for something?
  22. An iconic song that needs no introduction Enjoy 10CC
  23. I can listen in mono 🤘😜🤪 ‘How is that for a comeback 🎶
  24. Wife is at work and I am rocking it up (LOUD) with an album that I is so good and I like every song on it Be dammed the neighbours 🤘 What is your favourite song? However this may be my last spin for a while as I have a stubborn blocked ear without any pain Doctor said it is a Eustachian tube disfunction and it will pass on its own in a few weeks (I don’t believe him) ‘Anyway to explain how it happened - while swallowing water it went the wrong way and I had a massive coughing fit and that in turn blocked the ear canal (Yes I have tried several manual clinical methods to pop the ear to no avail) Artist - Black Sabbath Title - Paranoid
  25. Don’t know if I should smile or cry Lets just call it novel and never see it again
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