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  1. I think the size of the RC64ii makes it tough for some, it would be for me. I like dual 6.5's, but dual 8's would be great IMO, little more grunt. Hard to beat a bstock 64ii for $899 right now.
  2. I wont be going atmos, at least not any time soon, so the 7702 makes sense.
  3. They pretty much run $1999, and I paid that (no deal). I do know if you call some retailers, like AVS, you can get a better price over the phone.
  4. Well, thru wheeling and dealing, and a potential upcoming swap, this is what the final system could be compared to the start. Component---Start---Finish Preamp---4520ci---AV7702 Amp---XPA3---Model 7500 Center---RC62ii---RC7 Fronts---RC82ii---RF7ii I imagine the speaker changes, when finished, should make for an interesting listen.
  5. Id take the bigger woofers on a center.
  6. Looks like I may have a deal worked out to get an RC-7 to go along with my RF7ii's. Fun!
  7. Well, in the last week I have dropped about $4900 LOL. I hope so! In all seriousness, I am glad I am about where I wanted to be a few years ago with my system. Definitely blessed to hit the deals I have, plus make quick sales on the gear I am swapping out.
  8. Well, I couldnt help myself, been wanting to buy this for awhile... Will have to find a new home for the 4520ci soon. Marantz - 11.2-Ch. 4K Ultra HD and 3D Pass-Through A/V Preamplifier - Black Model: AV7702
  9. Think I fixed the cord issue. Figured out it was a IEC C19, so I have this one on order: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0093WFTYS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. So, what you gonna sell these for
  11. LOL, I hope so. Just checked on the RF7ii coming to me and it lost 2 days in Utah for "weather". Killing me!
  12. The new beast to power the 7ii's
  13. My luck continues. 7500 was getting setup this morning, and the seller sent me the wrong power cord... I can't win this week. XPA-3 is going out today, so Im on 4520 power for now
  14. ok dillema in my head solved. If your running 10 db hot subs and listening at reference you should be seeing 125 db. So your numbers reflect more of 10 below reference which is TOTALLY different and EXACTLY where I listen at. Makes much more sense to me now 117 db in a 5,300 cubic foot room is still no joke, although I'm curious about what frequency that is more than the total spl. I'd have a hard time believing that two $800 15's would do that at 20 hz in a room that size. No, they are much lower at 20hz. That is just overall db achieved during those scenes by the meter. That was my basis for comparison, how did each exact scene "improve" in spl with the changes. That is also measuring the WHOLE system running. Only changes were the subs though in those measurements, I just think it is cool my system hits 115db during a cool movie scene, but that is from my car audio days LOL. Also, the big bass hits in those scenes are what drove the db's up, not the fronts/center sounds.
  15. Yepp, subs are set around -8db by audyssey, and I boost both to +2.
  16. Outlaw 7500 just showed up. Thats a damn monster...
  17. Cool, with the Outlaw 7500 I will be tinkering, I sure am crossing them lower than 80hz though!
  18. WOW, so you run the 7's on full range, not small and 40 or 60?
  19. http://www.amazon.com/Galaxy-Audio-CM140-Checkmate-Microphone/dp/B0007XH9PY
  20. IMO, any reference II setup applies, granted the RF-7II is probably ideal for 2 channel. Most of my use is blu-ray concert/movie and HDTV. I do listen to 2.2 music, but it is rare.
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