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  1. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Hinges/chain or framing brackets I think.
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I think I'll go with the hinge and hanging wires. I like simple. If it looks cheap I can build a wedge later. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. I have a pair of RS-35's that I want to use as rear speakers. They need to be angled down but they don't have any threaded inserts. all they have is a keyhole mounting bracket. Does anyone have ideas as to how to mount these at an angle?
  4. Klipsch website indicates that the RS-35 speakers have two K-137 tweeters. I have three RS-35 speakers and they all have K-129 tweeters in them. However, they all show signs of being replaced. Most of these tweeters are blown and I need to replace. Anyone know the correct tweeter for these speakers, I find it hard to believe that all six tweeters were replaced with the wrong one, especially since they are from two different sources.
  5. . I had to send the RS-62's back. One of the speakers was playing at only about 25% of the volume of the other one. But you are right, the sound of the good one was phenomenal. I am now looking to find another pair, did you have any luck with this search? I'm giving up on Ebay, all the speakers I have received are defective.
  6. scrappydue, thanks for your input. I really think something is wrong with these, bought them on Ebay so that is always the risk. The RS=35's pack a much bigger low and mid range punch than do these.
  7. Thanks for answering. Yes the sub does take all the lows, I was just comparing the RS-62 to the RS-35. The RS-35 has much more mid and low definition. The RS-62 is amazingly clear and crisp but seems like it's lacking some mid punch. I'm taking them to the dealer this week to have them listen to them.
  8. Thanks, I'll do that on Monday. It looks like you have some RS62's. Are these speakers missing the low end. I have a pair of RS-35's and they are much more powerful than the 62's. I don't know if that's by design or not. The 62's appear to have good high and moderate mid range but completely lacking on the low end.
  9. Bought a used pair of RS-62's and they are missing the keyhole brackets. Does anyone have a pair laying around, I think they probably are generic and fit many different size speakers. They do have threaded inserts which would probably mount them more securely anyway. Any ideas on where I may find some brackets. Also, these speakers have very little low end sound and I don't know if that is generic to these speakers. They sound pretty "tinny" when I hooked them up to make sure they work. The RS-35's have much more bottom end to them
  10. I bought a pair of RS62's (not the II's) on Ebay a few days ago. I'm pretty sure after buying them that they will be way too big for my application so I will probably be looking at selling them. They are supposed to be in great condition but I haven't received them yet.
  11. Thanks. I saw these also, not in as good a condition as I would like and I don't know how hard/easy to replace the cloth grills. I actually purchased a couple of RS62's from Ebay last night in a drunken stupor not knowing whether I would find any good condition speakers. Very good price but I didn't realize how huge those speakers are.
  12. Thanks, I'll keep them in mind, they're a little bigger than the 35's. How much do you want for them? I live in VA, where would they be shipped from?
  13. Thanks Bill, I talked to this man and he decided he really didn't want to sell them. I'll keep my eye on Ebay, that's where I found the one I have, didn't want to buy only one but I figured my odds were improved to buy one now and wait for one or two to surface.
  14. Seeing your photos has retrained my thought process when it comes to black speakers. When I see an ad for black Klipsch speakers, I usually skip right over it. Not anymore. I sent you a PM about an amp. Bill If Do it. I've never organized my cables until we built the HT and had the false wall. Funny how I decide to organize when I have everything hidden behind the cabinet. LOL I went as far as to route all my power cables one direction and my signal cables the opposite direction. If you ever want to upgrade your RS-35's I am looking for a set to complete a surround system in a new house.
  15. Need one RS-35 but willing to buy a pair if necessary in excellent condition. Have two RF-35's, RC-35 and 1 RS-35.
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