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  1. i have replaced my audio research vs110 power amp which was driving my hersey 3 with a vintage radford sta25 mk3 although the AR has better control at the top and bottom end it carnt match the radford in the midrange,the vocals are stunning with a allmost 3d soundstage,it seams to me that the klipsch like vintage amps,are there any klipsch owners who are running vintage amps with theres ?
  2. some good advice thanks,managed to get a rell strata for £100 local should do the trick I hope
  3. im driving them with a dnm 3c pre into audio research vs110 power,there is plenty of punch to the sound but would like to fill the bottom end out a bit...
  4. my per amp hasnt got a sub or extra output so what would i do to connect a sub ?
  5. I like the idea of two small subs such as klipsch sw350,as I have never had a sub before dose it get its signal from the pre amp main output ?
  6. no budget really,would two smaller subs be better than one large sub ?
  7. what is the best subwoofer to march heresy 3 ? im not looking for lots of deep bass just want one to flesh out the soundstage and add a bit of weight to kick drums etc,jimmy hughes reviwed the heresy 3 alone with a klipsch RW10d but could I get away with something smaller ?
  8. Is there any klipsch owners use there speakers with decware amps ? I feel the idea of low power set through my heresy 3 would work well ? do any guys here use decware amps and how do they sound ? thanks
  9. Is there any owners of heresy III who use them bi wired If so is there any improvements or just a change to the sound,is it worth the extra outlay for more speaker cable ?
  10. Having living with my h3 for a few weeks Im suprised that a loudspeaker costing less than 2k can sound as open live and dynamic as them,I carnt think of any speaker near the price which would come anywhere near them in these areas,I think the retail cost is very cheap for the amount of speaker you get alone with there performance,is the reson the cost is low because the basic design has been around for so long ?
  11. what modifcations have do to the H3 ?
  12. I had my stands made by a local metal fab shop to my spec,they weigh around 30 kilos each I too have spikes on the bottom plate but blue tack on top plate for the speakers to sit on,for me the stands made a big improvment to the soundstage etc,it still suprises me how good the heresy are with vocals !
  13. dougie834

    heresy III on stands

    heres my heresy III on stands,sound great
  14. I have been living with my heresy III for a week and Im quite happy with them excellent midrange etc, I am waiting for a pair of steel speaker stands to arrive but have them on breeze blocks at the moment about 17 inch high,I found that when they were sat on the floor on there slanted plinths that the sound had no real soundstage but was much better off the floor there is a loss of some bass but not to much,is it true that the heresy mid and treble give more output(louder) than the bass to sound more balanced on the floor ? as there dose seam a bit more presence on the mid and treble areas while on stands,do any of you guys use them on stands ? thanks
  15. will post some pics soon as I get my camera ,there black thanks thanks for the reply's lads
  16. Hi this is my first post so go easy on me I have just bought a pair of heresy III which I like a lot,with them having 99db sens is there such thing as using an amp with too much power ? the power amp I have is audio research vs110 which is 100 watt per side, is this too much ? i know at low volume there will be just a few watts or so being used so is the extra power a waste ?,i only play music at a lowish volume I notice a lot of heresy owners use SET amps with them are these low power amps as good as they say... oracle delphi mk4 morche up4 audio technica oc9 DNM 3c/twin audio research vs110 klipcsh heresy 3 (on steel stands) thanks
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